Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Blood Libel Mastercard's Charity Page Mysteriously Changing....

Not to worry. We have screenshots saved and filed for use as necessary.

Flea writes:

How is the media supposed to credit Shujaat Wasty with all the great Truthing he does as Director of the RS Foundation if their website comes over all coy on the subject? Assuming the media ever takes an interest. Imagine all that charitable work and not taking credit for it.

I broke this story on 27 July - now I realize that FoxNews and the CBC don't have SquareMileWife as their browser homepage, but other high-traffic blogs like Blazing Cat Fur, Ghost of a Flea, The Jawa Report, Sultan Knish, Moose and Squirrel and Jay Currie have also picked up this story and added their own useful information and insight. I know people with big platforms are onto this story but not running it. Why?
a) Islamic charities tied to 9/11 truthers and terrorists is so common it's not news anymore - even if the charities are funded by MasterCard.
b) The media is too busy spreading that Ramadan cheer.
c) The media is full of cowards.

I'm going with D, all of the above.