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Urgent Update: Terror Arrests Tied to RS Foundation

Several weeks ago SMW broke the story about MasterCard's "halal" credit card giving money to an Islamic charity, the RS Foundation, which had very questionable ties including a director (who works for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs) who is a 9/11 Truther that hates American and promotes Sharia law. Well guess what? The RS Foundation has numerous ties to the recent terror arrests that took place in Canada. In fact, Dr. Sher who was recently hired as a pathologist at a St. Thomas Ontario hospital played in the same Muslim Ball Hockey league as Wasty and his RS Foundation cohorts. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately SMW is on the road without her computer and with very limited internet access. I will be writing more on this later but in the meantime please visit Blazing Cat Fur, Ghost of a FLea and the Jawa Report for more details on this story.

More to come.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Hitting Pause

SMW is heading out on some global adventures. She will be back with lots to report after Labour Day.

In the meantime you can visit the following to get your daily fix:
The Jawa Report

Oh la la Romania..

Romania's central bank has issued a coin commemorating Miron Cristea, the former premier who stripped Jews of their Romanian citizenship just prior to World War Two. This has a few people rather upset. After a "review" the central bank has confirmed refused to withdraw the coin.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has criticized Romania's central bank for refusing to withdraw from circulation a coin featuring an image of a prime minister who stripped Jews of their citizenship before World War II, calling the decision "insensitive" to the memory of hundreds of thousands of Holocaust victims.

The museum in Washington, D.C., said in a statement received Friday that Miron Cristea's tenure as Romania's premier from 1938 to 1939 "marked the opening of a systematic campaign of anti-Semitic persecution by successive Romania governments that resulted in the devastation of the Romanian Jewish community during the Holocaust."

As prime minister, Cristea was responsible for revising Romania's citizenship law, stripping about 225,000 Jews — or 37 percent of the nation's Jewish population — of citizenship.

Some 280,000 Jews and 11,000 Roma, or Gypsies, were killed during Romania's pro-fascist regime of dictator Marshal Ion Antonescu, who was prime minister from 1940 to 1944 and executed by the Communists in 1946.

Meanwhile, the Romanian government is very upset that France is deporting Roma who are in the country illegally. They are not French citizens and have not entered the country through legal channels. France is paying their transportation costs back to Rome (by plane) and giving each deportee 300 Euros. Naturally the Romanian government (and many others including the Vatican, shame) is crying racism. Forgive me if I find it hard to take seriously claims from Romania that France is racist for deporting illegal alien non-citizens when the Romanian bank has just issued a celebratory coin in honour of a guy who stripped Jews of their citizenship and supported the Nazi's final solution. Maybe France does have a problem with racism but this is not an example of that.

Not missing a beat, the Swedish-Minister of EU Affairs has suggested the EU might pursue sanctions against over their deportation of the Roma. Let's not worry about the fact that Swedish government has also deported Romas. What a pesky detail.


Not exactly related: A mountain by any other name...

Ground Zero Mosque Factoid

Distance from Ground Zero mosque to Ground zero: 400 yards.

Distance from the ground to the roof of the WTC towers: 454 yards.

Read the Flea!! (Click the link!)

Sperm Hunters: Isolated nutjob, or new trend?

If she thinks prenatal vitamins are expensive, wait until she has to pay her child's massive psychotherapy bill. Oh let's be real, the taxpayers are going to be footing the bills for this one.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ziyun Olam

SMW is not even close to being fluent in Hebrew, but I definitely understood what this meant. And I like it. Brought to you by fellow infidelista Closet Conservative:

So a bunch of us Canadian hatemongers were discussing how annoying the Jewish lefty "Tikkun Olam" crowd is. These are the people who think that Judaism is about 'social justice' and therefore dedicate themselves to funding every left-wing mental liberal cause on the planet.

Tikkun Olam means 'repairing the world', not screwing it up.

Making the world a better place, in other words and not actively working toward the destruction of Judeo-Christian society.

I guess they missed the memo.

Anyway, the great Kathy Shaidle said that us anti-Tikkun Olam Jews should figure out a Hebrew phrase for "destroying the world" to apply to these douchebags.

And I just came up with it....

Proof degrees can be bought, no knowledge or common sense required

This boggles the mind.

About one month ago, I wrote a test for the BC Government for one employment position, and noticed this test was using English language expression that I never heard of...

Click and read. These are the great minds coming out of Canada's universities.

Jim Cramer on Obama

This lines up with the industry gossip floating around London.
This view is not a GOP view. It is usually the view of people who voted for Obama because they hated Bush's treatment of the economy among other negatives.
In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is almost a universal belief among all of the large firms -- mutual and hedge and rTesearch -- that if this president gets his way and the House and Senate stay Democrat we are going to decline precipitously. It is so palpable that it overrides any data that could come out, whether it be earnings, or inflation, or spending, or employment itself.

But no one will say it!

It is amazing to me that no one will break ranks and say out loud what they say to me 10 times a day: "This president hates business, hates successful business people, and hates the basic way business is done in this country!"

Believe me, not only is it unspoken but it is vehemently and viscerally mutual. I can't find a business person who, privately, will say a good word about this guy or his team. He is despised. Just not openly. Never will be. Too dangerous. Seditious even.

Low cut tops the new must-have for.....


Tamil Congress Upset Illegal Immigrants Not Welcomed with Open Arms

The Canadian Tamil Congress is “deeply concerned” that Ottawa’s rhetoric about the arrival of migrants aboard a suspected people-smuggling ship could “undermine” ongoing investigations and spur “more than a backlash of words” against the Canadian Tamil community.

A spokesperson for the congress said it is calling on the federal government — particularly Public Safety Minister Vic Toews — to “exercise some caution” and avoid publicly speculating about the “possibility that Canadian Tamils are supporting the smuggling activity and perhaps may be involved in it.”

“We just don’t want this escalating to a point where there is something more than a backlash of words, something more tangible,” Manjula Selvarajah said, adding that a violent reaction against the Tamil community “might be a problem” if the congress does not take a stand.

So there you have it folks. If the government doesn't shut up already and give these illegal immigrants (who managed to pay thousands of dollars to get here) their Canadian Passports pronto there could be some kind of violent uprising against the Tamils because Canadians are inherently racist and the government is egging them on. Meanwhile, there is an uprising planned this weekend in Ottawa - in
support of the Tamil migrants. And another one in British Columbia. And how long will it be before the Gardiner is shut down again?

The threat of violent action is somewhat amusing - if anyone in Canada would get physical it would be Toronto drivers finding their lifeline out of the city blocked by hundreds of protesters for no good reason on Mother's Day - and there were zero reports of attacks when that happened. However this 'threat' fits in nicely with the narrative that Canadians are racist and is a great way to evoke sympathy and the support of elites who drop their thinking caps (if they even have one) like a hot potato at the mere thought of being accused of racism, immediately jumping on the bandwagon of the loudest, closest, non-whitey cause they can find.

Canada is a country that welcomes immigrants. Thousands of immigrants arrive in Canada every year, legally. These people establish their families, work hard and thrive in Canadian society. They did not pay thousands of dollars to get on a boat that would just "show up" on Canada's shores, expect to be taken in and given free health care, education and landed immigrant status - all on the dime of the Canadian taxpayer (which includes the many Tamil immigrants who came to Canada legally). Instead of trying to bully Canadians into silence by playing the racism and violence cards, the "Canadian" Tamil Congress should 'take a stand' and explain that if you want to live in Canada you need to abide by Canadian laws - this includes Canada's immigration policy.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hillary Duff is Married

I know it's fluff, but it's my blog so I get to pick. I have written a good deal about child stars and the slutification of young girls, girls gone wild, etc. and Hillary Duff does not fall into this category.

Here is a child star who has kept her clean image intact (yes, I am aware she is only 22). No DUI's, possession charges or vagina shots - she appears to be a rather classy act who is settling down. This weekend Hillary married Mike Comrie in a beautiful (non shotgun) wedding.

Dare I say I hope it lasts?

Hey, it's a thinking man!

Check Tim out.

"No surgery can undo damage to reputations"

This is good. Really good:

In Toronto, these are the single girls who book (half) their vacation time around the TIFF, and know what the "cool" artisanal cheese and designer wedding dress and martini flavor is now, or at least, was about a month or two ago.

In many ways, from the thank-you notes and knowledge of "finer things" arcana to their impeccable manicures, these women could be living in the 1950s.

Yet they literally, deliberately, meticulously set out to imitate characters on a TV show.

Favourite comment of the day:

"Frankly I do not see how your island stays afloat."

Soros slashes exposure to US Equities


Police Move to Ban EDL March in Bradford

Marches SMW has witnessed in London over the past three years:
-Hamas and Hezbollah fundraisers pouring through streets, calling for death to Jews and dismantling of British and American governments, total destruction of Israel
-Hizb ut Tahrir rallying for Sharia and the end of democracy in UK
-Various Islamists in front of Downing Street calling for death to infidel, implementation of sharia
-terror supporters (including Abu Hamza's son) causing thousands of pounds in damage to private property outside Israeli Embassy

The police would never think of banning these because the force is afraid to do so. The Met is Islamaphobic, not as the media describes it, but as Richard Landes describes it - the fear of criticising or standing up to Islam. However, the Met is not afraid of a group that the press is free to demonize which consists largely of British citizens. The hysteria surrounding the press coverage of the EDL is ridiculous and hypocritical. No doubt the country's elite are smugly patting themselves on the back for demonizing and ostracizing a "fascist" enemy, while not only do they fail to recognize a true enemy - they enable the enemy and some even give the enemy editorial space in their newspapers or let them give a televised Christmas address over their airwaves. The real "fascists" are the UAF, who also plan to march in Bradford and who I followed for an entire day earlier this year - where I witnessed them attack police, cheer as their peers were arrested, and then chant "F*ck the police" and "unite and fight" as they encouraged their members to attack the police. Of course, members of the press (who were present - I was standing with a number of them) neglected this in their reports of the day's events. With regards to tomorrow, the police are no doubt afraid they can't control the UAF - and that when the UAF manages to attack the EDL, the EDL will dare to fight back and defend themselves. However they can't say this from their perch on the mountain of moral quicksand.

As I have said before, I am wary of the EDL for a number of reasons, but there is something very wrong with this picture.

Full article:

A chief constable is applying for a blanket ban on marches in a city on the day of a planned protest by the right-wing English Defence League (EDL).

West Yorkshire chief constable Sir Norman Bettison said he was taking the action after considering the "understandable concerns of the community" in Bradford ahead of the event planned for Saturday August 28.

Unite Against Fascism is planning a protest in the city centre on the same day in response to the EDL demo.

Sir Norman said he will apply to Bradford Council for the prohibition. The council would need the permission of Home Secretary Theresa May to enforce the ban.

The move follows a high-profile campaign in the city to stop the EDL march, with some commentators saying they fear it could provoke a violent reaction to rival the riots which shook the city nine years ago. But the chief constable stressed that a ban on marching would not stop either group holding a static protest.

In a statement, Sir Norman said: "Having carefully considered all the issues arising from any planned or unplanned march by protesters in Bradford on August 28, including the understandable concerns of the community, I have decided to apply to Bradford Council for an order prohibiting the holding of a public procession in Bradford on that day.

"We must, however, be clear in the distinction between the application for a ban to march, and the fundamental right to hold a static protest.

"If the Home Secretary agrees to a ban, it does not prevent static, visible, demonstrations taking place. But I believe that this would be less disruptive to residents of Bradford, and would enable the force to better manage the operation. We will continue to try to talk to all those who plan to demonstrate in Bradford and advise anyone intent on causing trouble to stay away."

The chief added: "Assistant Chief Constable Mark Gilmore is in command of what is going to be a complex policing operation. He is working with colleagues in Bradford City Council and the local community to ensure that plans are in place to maximise public safety. I ask the people of Bradford to support the policing operation and avoid confrontation on the day.

"Whatever the outcome of the application for a ban, the police's role on the day will be to enable any peaceful protest to take place but we will not tolerate damage to the city, or violence."

More Updates on Editpalooza...

Updated from sure to check this out.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Nazir Ahmed Sends Support to Rally for Lady AlQaeda Aafia Siddiqui

Remember Nazir Ahmed, the British "Lord" who threatened to have 10,000 Muslims march on parliament if Geert Wilders came to show his film Fitna and who wants British Jews arrested for fighting in the IDF?

This weekend Nazir Ahmed was giving a "message of support" to London's terror sympathizers (and in all likelihood funders and would-be participants) who staged a protest outside the US Embassy that was supposed to coincide with Aafia Siddiqui's sentencing date (the date has been changed).

In Nazir Ahmed's England Geert Wilders is the Great Satan and Aafia Siddiqui is an English Rose.

Churchill's England this is not.

Daniel Greenfield on the Ground Zero Mosque

Now the money that nourished their killers, will help erect a mosque. A temple of death by the ashes of the dead. And the media is outraged that we won't allow it. That we won't stand for it. The same media that stood and grinned while Muslims burned synagogues, churches and temples. That tells us that the Muslim terrorists who try to kill us are not really Muslims. Just going through a midlife crisis, picked up some PTSD from some bad coffee or was just having a bad day. Because we are not equal. On their farm, some animals are more equal than others. Some have the right to kill, others only have the right to be killed. Some have the right to build houses of worship, others have the right to build and to burn what others labor to build. Some have the right to be offensive, others only the right to be silent.

The dead of 9/11 are silent now. Or rather they have been silenced. As countless millions have before them were silenced. With flame and sword. In mass graves and at spearpoint. Tortured and mutilated. Torn apart with bombs. The dead cannot speak out against their murderers, but we can. The dead cannot protest, but we can. It is our duty to stand up and speak out.

American Ride

Toby Keith. Loud and proud and one of the greatest supporters of American troops.

Toronto Star Using Wikipedia to Discredit Political Candidates

Never believe anything you read in The Star. Always verify.

Back to School Lists - Out of Control!

I cannot resist commenting on this:

You start wondering, ‘Is this going to affect my child’s learning?’ Which is ridiculous. But you want to meet the teacher’s specific demands,” she says. “Back in the day, I brought a pencil, a backpack and a lunchbox ... I love shopping, don’t get me wrong. But there are a million other things I’d rather be doing than searching for Duo-Tangs.”

She’s hardly alone. Thanks to ongoing classroom cuts, the list of must-have supplies keeps on growing – new this year at one school: photocopy paper – along with parental anxiety.

Spare me the "education cuts" business. Only in rare cases is this true. The real question is why are parents letting teachers bully them into buying a specific colour of folder for their kid??? Is their education really going to be impacted if they have a purple folder instead of a grey one? No. This is something being imposed by neurotic teachers who are probably obsessed with colour coding and organization. Obviously there are some tools kids need to learn (pencil, paper, markers, glue) - but these long lists full of ridiculous items are an unnecessary burden. These are probably the same teachers who insist kids need a SmartBoard in their classroom to learn. Yes, technology and colour coded folders are fun - but if your child has a good teacher they are simply bonuses in an already rich learning environment.

Don't waste your time searching through a dozen stores looking for a grey folder - spend some time reading with your child.

"Why Western donors are snubbing Pakistan after giving to Haiti"

Come on, you don't need to read the Globe and Mail to know the answer to this one:

Has anyone else noticed that this is Ramadan, supposedly the Muslim season of giving, and yet you don't hear of any Muslim countries sending millions of aid or thousands of soldiers to Pakistan do you? Where is the UAE? Where is Saudi? Where are the millions of dollars pouring into these charities from Muslims filled with that Ramadan spirit? (Hey maybe they should take the money they're not spending on food and donate it to earthquake relief!)

But guess who has already given millions of dollars in aid? Western countries. Not just money - last week the US deployed 1,000 Marines to Pakistan to help flood victims.

So why are Western donors snubbing Pakistan after giving to Haiti, during one of the biggest economic crisis the Western World has seen in decades when unemployment is relatively high?
Because they already HAVE given millions of dollars in relief and aid - through their taxes and they are tired of being guilt tripped into sending money to third-world corrupt countries that sympathize with the Taliban, hate America, and where there is a very good chance the money and aid will never make it to the innocents who need it most.

"Canada is becoming a staging area for imported grievances"

Although the left may have gathered by the water to sing "Tamils row your boat ashore, hallelujah," many Canadians (particularly in Toronto) were thinking: "great, another boatload of people to shutdown the Gardiner on Mother's Day."

So while the voyage of the latest Tamil migrant ship to our shores may evoke sympathy, it must be recognized for what it is: queue jumping. Instead of going through normal immigration channels, or the refugee admissions process, those aboard the Sun Sea headed for the front of the line, thanks to their wallets. Their voyage appears not to have been a harrowing odyssey, but professionally organized. While one man died before arriving, none of the other passengers appeared to be in ill health; to the contrary, they were apparently well-fed and dressed, and exhibited no serious illnesses.

Cash is the reason they are here, money possibly destined to bankroll a resurgence of the Tamil Tiger terrorists back in Sri Lanka, or at the very least line the pockets of human smugglers. Now these same migrants will be fed, clothed and housed courtesy of the Canadian people, possibly for years until their refugee claims are processed.

But the case of the Sun Sea doesn’t just highlight the fact that Canada is seen as a “soft spot” for illegal migration. It also raises a related issue: the respect that migrants show towards Canada, and fellow Canadians, after they settle here.

Increasingly, Canada is becoming a staging area for imported grievances.

SMW happened to be in Toronto when Tamils shut down parts of the city and used their kids as props to stop police from intervening (not that they would have anyway, who are we kidding here). A few weeks prior I walked by the British parliament where thousands of Tamils had gathered and were shoving pictures of mutilated children into the faces of tourists as they walked by with their own kids, while waving the flag of the Tamil Tigers. Coming soon to a city near you...

Monday, 16 August 2010

Another reason why I never give money to beggars...

I'm sure South Africa is not the only place this happens (well with the exception maybe that they were getting them from the local crèche).

Terror supporters unite in front of US Embassy in London...

Bleeding hearts for Aafia Siddiqui abound.

There was a time when rallying in support of the enemy would have been treason...

Free Child Care: The New Human Right

Hey here's an idea - if you can't afford child care you probably can't afford the child!!!!

Next up on the human rights docket: The right to a government-paid personal trainer and chef after delivery....

The Toronto Star is upset....

Why isn't Canada welcoming boatloads of illegal immigrants with open arms?

It's hysteria!!

"It is ALWAYS about the Jews..."

An American artist created a statue/sculpture memorial for Jews (including her own relatives) who were slaughtered in Lithuania during the Holocaust. Recently access to the memorial has been blocked, and the artist is questioning the motives behind this.
Article here.

There could very well be a good reason why the memorial is blocked (temporarily), but given the eagerness of many European countries to bury and forget the Shoah it seems reasonable that this woman is questioning the lack of access to the memorial. This country was once home to the "Jerusalem of the North," seventy years later most are unaware it ever existed. This is a posthumous victory for the Nazis.
This memorial is a symbol, a reminder that there was once a vibrant Jewish community in Lithuania. Jews thrived, loved, worshipped and raised their families in Lithuania - and although over 90% of them were killed - their lives have not been forgotten. Their memory cannot be eradicated, forgotten as though they never existed, and that is why these memorials provoke such a strong response:

Perhaps this woman will not be happy until the townspeople are forced to march by, and salute her work of art she gifted to them, daily? And the children too. Make them understand all about what happened to the Jews 50 years ago and how the art shows that.
an American woman trying to tell people in a country far away what kind of art they have to expose to people? Her personal story should remain personal and not bother all of us. we have more urgent problems than hearing that constant whine
This old bitter woman is a sad example how people abuse the Holocaust to satisfy their personal gripes and ego. The exaggerated claims and malicious accusations do not seem to be based on anything than deep running animosity towards Lithuanian people.
BUT all YOU hear over and over and OVER JEWS JEWS JEWs..Of the estimated 11MILLION who died, 6 million were JEWS..OK WE KNOW..I don't hear the 43MILLION CHINESE STILL POUNDING OVER THEIR LOSSES OR THE RUSSIANS BALKING 65 YEARS LATER! How many memorials do you actually need to satisfy you? ENOUGH ALREADY!
Sounds like this rich lady is trying to impose her will on another country altogether! Wouldn't be surprised at all if they now tear it down and toss it in the dump!
It is ALWAYS about the JEWS Oh hell they were the ONLY ones killed This is the new world you miserable bastards get over yourself !!!

For fifty years the Shoah was a non-subject in Europe. It was not until the late eighties and early nineties that the veil of silence slowly lifted and discussions of the Shoah were able to drift into a more public forum - and in many countries this was met with great resistance. Europe cannot forgive Jews for having the audacity to remember the six million souls who were hunted down and murdered in an attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish race. How dare they remember. "How many memorials do they need?" "You miserable bastards get over yourself!!!"

Recently Benjamin Weinthal wrote that 'Europe will never forgive Israel for the Holocaust," and in the political sphere this may be true. The past matters because it is being twisted, denied, contorted, forgotten and now it is being used as a tool to de-legitimize Israel. The "Holocaust Denial" movement is growing. The effort to equate Gaza with Auschwitz is not simply a propaganda move to victimize "Palestinians," it is also a way to erase the possibility of Jews as victims. 'Yeah, Auschwitz was bad but look, now they're doing it to someone else so maybe they deserved it. You know, universal karma. The Holocaust didn't happen, but whatever did happen they deserved it.' This type of rhetoric is slowly creeping into various narratives and it conveniently meshes with the needs of those who want to wash their hands of a messy past, and those who hope that history repeats itself.

For those of you interested in a brief write-up about anti-Semitism in modern Lithuania click here.

Class vs. Crass

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words!

Endnote: The poor little Obama daughter is dressed so terribly I am seriously wondering if they want her to look bad in hopes that some media outlet will pick on her, allowing them to flip the table and cry "leave our kids alone" to project the image of masculine father and caring, devoted parents (but mainly just to distract from real issues). On the other hand it could be yet another example of the total disregard this family has for the Presidency. It's a celebrity status and nothing more.

"Were you involved in this murder?"

Police work at its finest.

Friday, 13 August 2010

PreProms Dinner with a Nazi TV Executive

The anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric flowing in the streets of London is venomous. Some people take the fact that I am neither American or Jewish as a green light to spew their hatred. Carol Gould however is American and Jewish - which made her the perfect target for this vile man (via Closet Conservative):

He proceeded to spend what seemed like an eternity traducing Americans, Jews, Zionism, and Israel until I began to suspect he was a Nazi. When I attempted to defend my ancient heritage (I told him this will be the 5,771st Jewish New Year), of which I am as proud as would be a person of Egyptian, Indian, Chinese or Persian descent, he became irate. I thought he was going to strike me.

Hasbara and Israel's PR Problem

Read me:

But none of this is really the point, because Hasbara is not really the point. Israel is not suffering from a communications problem. It isn't losing the debate because it can't get around to explaining that terrorism is wrong. It's losing the debate because the media and Western governments don't agree that terrorism is wrong. They don't agree that Israelis shouldn't be under fire or that terrorists shouldn't be rewarded for killing people. The terrorists aren't scoring points because Israel isn't communicating its message.

Botox for Teens and Tweens

What could possible go wrong?

Suspects in World Cup Bombing Speak

America is evil blah blah blah.

A couple interesting notes from this:
-Note the part where a recruit says he was promised he would be sent to Dubai, but instead ended up in a training camp in Somalia. What? Al Qaeda and Al Shabaab recruiters lie? Shocker!

-The younger brother of the alleged mastermind says he had an additional bomb to detonate but when he saw the large crowds of people that had gathered he could not bring himself to detonate the bomb.

Their comments came just after another man authorities have linked to the plot was released on bail Wednesday in Kenya. Kenyan authorities had arrested Salmin Mohammed Khamis, 34 years old, on suspicion of harboring participants in the plot—including Mr. Luyima—in his home in the coastal town of Mombasa before the attack.

Mr. Khamis was arrested in 2003 on suspicion of involvement in a plot to bomb an Israeli airliner in Mombasa and a hotel. He was later acquitted, but at the time, he gave a statement to Kenyan authorities that he was affiliated with al Qaeda and was plotting to bomb the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi. So far, authorities say he hasn't been implicated further in the Kampala attacks.

Al Shabaab had initially tapped an al Qaeda-trained fighter named Muhamoud Mugisha to carry out the Kampala bombings, said Mr. Mugira.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

1,000 Saudis and Emiratis Arrive in Pakistan to Help Flood Victims

Wait, did I say Saudis and Emiratis? I meant 1,000 US Marines.

The Fault Line in Britain's Anti-Jihad Movement

Every once in awhile I find myself having a drink and a chat with some Brits who believe the country is about to ‘surrender’ to Islam, that the government already has surrendered, and/or that England will never again be restored to the Britannia that “rules the waves.” Inevitably the conversation flows to one or two questions: What can be done to stop this? Why do current efforts seem to be having such little impact? These are reasonable questions and lead to lively debates. However after several years “on the ground” if you will, I believe there is one massive obstacle facing the counter-jihad (for lack of a better term) movement in Britain: England’s rigid class system.

For people who have never lived in the England this may sound old-fashioned or exaggerated, but allow me to assure the class system here is alive and du rigeur. Social class permeates every aspect of life here. In a brief conversation one can usually determine which strata of society an individual belongs to based on a few seemingly innocuous details: where do they grocery shop, at what gym do they have a membership, what newspaper do they read. Often these details are not necessary as a person’s accent (or dialect) is an almost instant indication of where they are from and what they do and, for potential employers, it is an instant mark for or against you. The class system is so entrenched here that it was not long ago that MI5 agents sent out on surveillance with a member of the opposite sex would be paired with someone from the opposite end of the social strata in the belief that “upper class” agents would be wary of engaging in sexual liaisons with those of the lower class. These measures have no doubt changed, but after living here for nearly five years the segregation in society is evident. In our entire stay here the only tradesperson I have met (literally) was a Canadian guy married to a British woman and we met them by chance, in a bar where my husband and I had gone to watch Canada win the World Juniors. This type of segregation also spills into the political system – and it is to the country’s detriment.

There are very few in the intellectual elitist realms of British society who understand the threat that Britain and Western civilization face. There are some, but they are few. These few are fighting their battles, doing what they can and sometimes meeting with great success. Other times they are not. They do not get much support and many of their colleagues shy away from them. There is an even smaller number of “intellectuals” or “upper class” individuals if you will in Britain who really “get it” and who speak the truth loud and clear for anyone who will listen. This second group is often shunned by the first, dismissed as being “loud and crazy” and out of touch. Sure, they might agree with some of what they say, but how embarrassing would it be if their left wing colleagues at the lawfirm/university/town hall/scotch club ever associated them with these nutters.

A third group exists – a much bigger group that I would dare to say far outnumbers the first two but who has no voice and who nobody wants: the lower and middle classes. The men and women in this group are not well-versed in classical history, the are not armed with intellectual prowess, they have never heard of Menachem Begin, never read the Goldstone Report, never spent hours pouring over transcripts of Hamas interviews at MEMRI. (They don’t have time to do this because they are working to keep a roof over their head and provide for their kids.) But they know something is wrong. They don’t want their kid’s school serving Halal only meals. They don’t want to be told they can’t eat food at their desk because it is Ramadan. They don’t understand why the police are not arresting groups of men marching through England’s streets calling for the overthrow of democracy while waving the flags of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and calling for Jihad against Britain. To them this is clearly treason. Something in their stomach twists when they see the Israeli flag being burned on High Street Kensington or watch a video of an upper class English gent telling a British Jew to “f*ck off back to Israel.” July 7 2005 is forever seared in their memory.

These people know that something in England has gone seriously wrong, and they are fighting mad about it but nobody will listen to them. Nobody will take them seriously. The only group or movement on the political platform with which they can identify is the EDL (Note: I am not going to get into debate about the EDL here, I have already written about them extensively, if you want to know what I think see previous posts) because they see the EDL as a group fighting for their cause, for England, and because the EDL does not dismiss them as ignorant c*nts who read The Star or the Daily Mirror. It would not surprise me if the EDL continues to grow in numbers as more and more people look to make their voice heard. Efforts by police and media to intimidate the EDL are likely to be met with further resolve and larger numbers.

Herein lies the problem. The working class in England has already realized what most in the upper class do not: the time for courtesy and cocktails has passed. Let me be very clear – I am absolutely not referring to any kind of violence – I am talking about a no holds barred willingness to speak truth to power. You cannot fight political correctness with more political correctness. You cannot fight a culture of deceit and taqiyya with pretty words and peace offerings. You cannot fight terror by hoping for peace, even if it sounds pretty and just uttering the words hope and peace give you a little shiver of excitement. The working class in England (or those of it who care about this issue) is looking for someone who will tell it like it is and the upper class is looking for someone who knows how it is but doesn’t come right out and say it just in case they offend someone in the room. Their biggest fear is being accused of racism. The working class doesn’t give a damn what people think because they have lived their whole lives with people looking down their noses at them. And that is why these two never meet. But they need to. They need each other.

The anti-jihad movement needs the intellectuals that are out there fighting tooth and nail with legal motions, letters, papers, fundraisers, etc. Their resources are invaluable. Their behind the scenes work has resulted in a number of successes which most people will never hear of. However, a number of the upper echelons of this movement need to get off their high horse and get down in the trenches with the rest of the English. They need numbers. They need people who can sit over a pint with their neighbours and talk to them about issue X and why the need to visit their MP, or who they can write a letter to, or why they should shop Ahava, or what day everyone needs to show up in Trafalgar Square with their Union Jacks. They need people who are not afraid, the blood, sweat and tears type, and if they ignore and ostracise them they do so at their own peril. England needs people who are not afraid.

Stephen Harper Takes a Stand

This is very interesting. Do read it.

Almost ten years ago I was a young lass sitting in a university lecture hall watching my American history professor act out one of Andrew Jackson's famous duels. At the time Bush 43 was President and Jean Chrétien was nearing the end of his long tenure as Prime Minister. Never would I have imagined that a decade later the United States of America would have its most effeminate President ever - willing to bow, bend over and apologize to anyone with a pulse, and Canada would have a Prime Minister who steadfastly refuses to abandon Canada's allies and quietly refuses to submit.

Canada's Airport Security Gives New Meaning to Term "Open Skies"

Thanks to our politically correct, bent-over Liberal Party. I guess you can afford to be this lax when you are used to flying on private jets. Who cares if some of the little people get blown up?

Respected Middle East scholar, Daniel Pipes, witnessed beveiled folk -- whether male or female, he couldn't tell -- swanning unchallenged through Canadian boarding controls. A former U.S. Special Forces soldier reportedly saw arrogant face-veiled women "harangue" and threaten a screener with lawsuits for daring to ask to see their faces in a private room.

In these and other respects, Canadians must remember that they are the country's first and last line of defence. This means putting to work all proper means to force our political bosses, corporations and their employees to do the right thing. Necessary measures may include recourse to criminal and civil law, calls for disciplinary employment sanctions, demands for review and suspension of airport and airline licences, and boycotts of airports and airlines. And, of course, cashiering political and bureaucratic operators who put self before safety and country.

The present course is unsustainable in a dangerous world and unworthy of Canada's values and traditions. The political class seems to have faltered, and Canadians must come to their own rescue.

Amen, amen, amen!! As someone who flies regularly I find this whole story extremely disturbing - but you don't know me so why should you care? SMW is sure that everyone reading this flies themselves, or has a loved one who occasionally takes to the wide open skies. This story matters. Personally I think airport security is largely a joke anyway (we need more intelligence, profiling and "real" security screenings), but the procedures in place can and do make a difference and they need to be enforced.

Canadians: Please fire up your keyboards, pens, pencils and write to your local MPs about this issue. Write to your Conservative representatives and tell them you want them to keep this issue on the front burner. Write to your Liberal reps and tell them they have shown their total disregard for the safety of Canadians (oh yeah and they lost your vote).

Americans (and other non Canadians): Thinking about flying to Canada? Hmmmmm. Perhaps you should drop a note to the Canadian Tourism Commission (they have several offices in the States, contact details here) and letting them know that you don't want to fly in a country where people with their faces covered can walk through security without confirming their identity and hop on a plane.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Iran in the 1970s...

Iran Launches New Holocaust Denying Website: HoloCartoon


Etiquette guide for Brits as 2012 approaches

The big no-no is asking a Canadian what part of America they come from.
Canadians may take offence if labelled American. Some Canadians get so annoyed about being mistaken for US citizens they identify themselves by wearing a maple leaf as pin badge or as a symbol on their clothing.

Actually it gets better:

Remember Arabs are not used to being told what to do

Visitors from the United Arab Emirates can take great offence if you appear bossy. They appreciate being looked after by staff who have been trained to understand Arab culture. For example, it is culturally insensitive to ask an Emirati whether they want bacon with their eggs or to include a half bottle of wine with the table d'hote menu.

Oh man.

When meeting Mexicans it is best not to discuss poverty, illegal aliens, earthquakes or their 1845-6 war with America

Polite topics of conversation would be Mexican culture, history, art and museums instead.

Are you kidding me?????????

Never imply Poles drink excessively


First I want to know how this cleared the "political correct" metre - seriously "Arabs are not used to being told what to do." Did this get in there by accident or is it a warning?

Finally I have to confess I think 2012 Olympics are doomed - and I say this with reference to North Americans flocking to London en masse expecting North American levels of service. Unless officials plan on importing people from the British countryside to work in London's hospitality industry, visitors are going to be extremely disappointed. But hey...nobody asked me.

British Anti-Terror Ads Banned, Police Apologize

Britain's advertising watchdog on Wednesday banned an anti-terrorism commercial that asked people to watch out for suspicious behavior by their neighbors, including keeping curtains closed and paying for things in cash.

The Advertising Standards Authority said the radio ad could cause "serious offense" to law-abiding citizens.

The ad was part of a campaign for a police anti-terrorist hotline. It described a man who "likes to keep himself to himself," doesn't have a bank card and keeps his curtains closed, before advising that "this may mean nothing, but together it could all add up to you having suspicions."

The watchdog said innocent listeners who identified with the behavior described could be offended by the implication that it was suspicious.

"We also considered that some listeners might be offended by the suggestion that they report members of their community for acting in the way described," it said, ruling that the ad should not run again.

The Association of Chief Police Officers, which sponsored the commercial, apologized to the "small number" of listeners who had been offended.

The Metropolitan Police force defended the campaign of which the ad formed a part, saying that "the behavior listed in the advert was based on trends identified by police and had been included in evidence given at recent terrorism trials."

The ads (you can listen to them here) might sound silly, but are certainly not offensive. And here we are - so afraid of offending people that nobody will bother to report legitimate suspicions. The fact that the ads were based on factual evidence given in recent terrorism trials is of little importance to those people whose feelings might be hurt. A country that believes it is more important to protect feelings than it is to protect the lives of its citizens is already lost.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Great News: Jew Hating Charity Director works for the Canadian Government


A quick review: Halal iFreedom Mastercard is in Canada. A portion of transactions on the card are donated to the RS Foundation, and Islamic charity. The RS Foundation's director, Shujaat Wasty spends his spare time spreading Blood Libels, claiming that Jews blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11. He also appears at conferences where he claims that freedom of expression is actually a pillar of fascism (not democracies), that the cartoons of Mohammed should not be published, that Shariah law should be considered in Canada, and that Canada should pass a law making it illegal to insult Muslims or Islam. Wasty also enjoys smearing US troops, claiming they will shoot "anything that moves."

And guess what................................Shujaat Wasty works for the Canadian government in the Department of Foreign Affairs as an eLearning advisor.

So who exactly is screening government employees these days? I'm available if they need help. I know a few others who might be willing to pitch in.

A big thank you to the Flea for the assist.

Blood Libel Mastercard's Charity Page Mysteriously Changing....

Not to worry. We have screenshots saved and filed for use as necessary.

Flea writes:

How is the media supposed to credit Shujaat Wasty with all the great Truthing he does as Director of the RS Foundation if their website comes over all coy on the subject? Assuming the media ever takes an interest. Imagine all that charitable work and not taking credit for it.

I broke this story on 27 July - now I realize that FoxNews and the CBC don't have SquareMileWife as their browser homepage, but other high-traffic blogs like Blazing Cat Fur, Ghost of a Flea, The Jawa Report, Sultan Knish, Moose and Squirrel and Jay Currie have also picked up this story and added their own useful information and insight. I know people with big platforms are onto this story but not running it. Why?
a) Islamic charities tied to 9/11 truthers and terrorists is so common it's not news anymore - even if the charities are funded by MasterCard.
b) The media is too busy spreading that Ramadan cheer.
c) The media is full of cowards.

I'm going with D, all of the above.

SMW is 1!!

If blog years were dog years SMW would be 7, but alas....

Some of the more popular posts from the past year, in no particular order:

All Kinds of Crazy Part One, Part Two, Epilogue

Islam on Capitol Hill Part One and Two

Canadian Living Promoting the Blood Libel Mastercard

For my birthday I would like a raise, a personal stylist, a personal trainer, a private airplane, personal bodyguards (yummy) and a luxury vacation paid for by the little people. Basically I want to be Michelle Obama.

I guess that's not really realistic, so SMW would settle for a weekly talk show and a pair of Stuart Weitzman over the knee 5050 flat boots in Cola Suede. I love these shoes.

Breaking News from the Globe and Mail:

Sports psychologist Saul Miller has heard tales of athletic abuse and heard, too, from parents wondering what they can do. For starters, Miller acknowledges, “There are a lot of people out there who are not well-balanced and when they get into a situation where their child is involved, it just spills over the top,

No kidding. People who wonder why kids today have an "it's all about me, I deserve it, you are treating me so unfairly, you'll be sorry you did this to me" attitude need to look no further than a group of unhinged parents at an amateur sporting event.