Friday, 9 July 2010

Tory MP Takes on the BBC's Propaganda

Many years ago during the Gulf War, I accused the BBC of being the Baghdad broadcasting corporation,’ he told MPs. ‘I am very concerned that there is now a similar situation with the Taliban, in that they are getting far too high a profile... "We need a much blunter, more realistic assessment. Churchill would never have put up with this kind of propaganda in a wartime situation.

Amen! Britain desperately needs another Churchill, but I fear it may already be too late.

Melanie Phillips adds:

Ah, but then we’re not at war, see. They are at war with us, for sure; but we are not with them. We call it something else, like ‘conflict’. Which is really not much more than an argument, is it. That means we don’t have to kill anyone in Afghanistan, just build roads and hospitals while they kill us.

And if the BBC had been broadcasting in World War Two in the way that it has been doing in the current war to defend civilisation, Hitler would have won.