Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Obama Boosts the PLO

Caroline Glick:
Yet before the ink on their proclamations had a chance to dry, Obama demonstrated that their enthusiasm was misplaced. Late last week the administration decided – apropos of nothing – to upgrade the diplomatic status of the PLO mission in Washington.

From now on, the PLO will be allowed to fly its flag like a regular embassy.

Its representatives will enjoy diplomatic immunity just like diplomats from states.

Indeed the PLO delegate in Washington Maen Areikat claimed that the administration’s move equates the PLO’s diplomatic status in the US to that of Canada and states in Western Europe.

Hey I remember reading about another, er, 'political entity' that allowed the Palestinian Territories to change their nameplate to "Palestine" sans objection in order to boost it's legitimacy (and to detract from Isarel's legitimacy): the UN.