Friday, 2 July 2010

It's in the numbers.....

Not always a big numbers person but this sums up life here pretty well:

Britons are having babies later, getting married less and claiming double the welfare benefits compared to the 1970s, a report has revealed.

The number of babies born to women under 25 in England and Wales fell from 369,000 in 1971 to 180,700 in 2008.

Spending on social security benefits, meanwhile, had risen by 122% in real terms over the past 30 years - from £69bn in 1978-79 to £152bn in 2008-09.The majority of people believed it was the responsibility of the government to ensure people were financially stable in retirement, the ONS report also suggested.

In 2008, 59% of those Britons asked said the government should make sure those in old age had enough to live on.

We are also far more mobile, taking 45.5 million holidays abroad in 2008 compared to 6.7 million in 1971.