Thursday, 22 July 2010

G20 Ringleader turns herself into Police

Hours after police announced they were “aggressively looking” for a Guelph woman they say is the ringleader of vandalism and mischief at Toronto’s G20 summit last month, she turned herself in to Peterborough police.

Kelly Pflug-Back, 21, pictured, is alleged to have trashed such businesses as Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and McDonald’s and is facing six new charges.

Police said Ms. Pflug-Back, originally from Norwood, was known to them “with regards to her involvement as a demonstrator, as an activist.”

Ms. Pflug-Back was charged late last year for assault during Guelph’s Olympic Torch relay and is a self-described anti-poverty activist.

What police did not reveal is that Ms. Pflug-Back had already been arrested on June 27, during the G20, and was released on strict bail conditions. Since then, the young woman was to be in her parents’ care.

Maybe the police didn't check mommy's Facebook Page, it appears the apple does not fall far from the tree.
Kelly's Facebook page also contains a variety of informative quotes. I have screenshots of all, just in case they mysteriously disappear.

Some highlights:

The fact that our rights were violated by the police and the prison system was not a crime against us as was an assault on our ideas and our freedom of speech. This is how dissenters and activists are treated in any nation state, and KKKanada is no different. We need to speak up about how we were abused, but we also must be prepared to go through it again and again until we've won our freedom.

Freedom from what exactly? Oh right, we need to free ourselves from the "nation state." No borders, no government - that's the solution. Clearly she was not happy with police actions at the G20:

it's also an expression of how people who are non-status, homeless, racially profiled, or working in the sex trade are treated EVERY DAY by police. I am surprised that a lot of activists who talk about oppression were shocked by this treatment.

t's hard to enjoy the freedom when others are still locked up and isolated. My heart is still behind bars with all of you

Don't worry dear, if there is any justice soon you will be locked up and isolated too. Unfortunately it's more likely you will end up doing community service.

This is one of my personal favourites:

Generally, I think that homophobia and transphobia are a construct of the capitalist patriarchal society we live in, which is epitomized by the G20 summit :)

Kelly posted a link to the Pride Shame Awards, slamming them for banning Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (which as we all know was later reversed), and directly beneath this she linked to an article claiming the CIA was conducting medical experiments comparable to Dr. Mengele's.

No doubt you will be shocked to learn that she is also an anti-Semite. On May 25 she changed her status to "Genocide & juice." She also posted several anti-Israel items following the fauxtilla, and promoted the protest of Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Toronto.

She also posted tips for her "comrades" on dealing with law enforcement:

If CSIS comes to your house unnanounced, consider it harassment! Don't give them ANY info, just take their names so you can sue them if they continue to give you trouble. Then I recommend laughing at them and slamming the door.

Well we do agree on one thing, albeit for totally different reasons: PRIDE should ditch the corporate sponsors.

As far as I know, Xtra! is the only mainstream GLBTQ publication that talks about how things like the G8/G20 or the Vancouver Olympics try to push queer communities under the carpet and out of the public eye. Come on, Toronto Pride committee...ditch your corporate sponsors and remember your radical roots!!!

Kelly also promoted an event featuring famed anarchist Peter Gelderloos and his book "How Nonviolence Protects the State."

These are but a few snippets from many. Although I am glad she has been arrested this has not improved my opinion of police performance during the G20. In fact, I find it somewhat disturbing that this girl was arrested and then released on bail to wreak havoc on the city. Havoc that could have easily been stopped by police but which, for whatever political reason, they were ordered to stand by and watch.