Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday Afternoon Musings...

This week has been quite busy so the posting has been a bit with it. Nobody pays me to do this : )

There have been a number of things I wanted to write about, but unfortunately SMW just has not found the time yet. As a result, I am trying to synthesize a number of things in one post. Indulge.

Earlier this week SMW was dining with some American friends (all women) and one of them announced (with disgust) that Barack Obama was going to be appearing on the view. This woman (who I believe is a Democrat) relayed the information with disgust, asking "is this what the Presidency has come to???" Everyone at the table (Republican, Democrat, Independent) was equally displeased by the news, even those who for the first 30 seconds could not believe it was true. The Presidency has turned into a popularity contest - and the President is losing. Here I was at a table of all American women (except myself) between 25-45, some married, some single, some mothers, from the East and West Coasts, all of them with well established professional careers, and they were all telling me they believed Obama going on The View was a joke. Presidential candidates go on talk shows, not presidents. Unless of course you view "The Presidency" as one big, long popularity contest. Do you ever get the impression that Barack Obama has picked on as a child, adolescent or young adult? It's hard to say since so few details are actually known about these times, except of course what Obama himself has written (and yes, I've read it). President Obama reminds me of a child who went through a bit of teasing, maybe felt like he didn't fit in as a kid, who felt like he was never getting what he deserved, what he was entitled to and vowed that one day he would 'show them'. And now he can say "look at ME ME ME, I'm the PRESIDENT. BOW DOWN America." The condescending tone, the smirk expressions, the viciousness of attacks launched by Obama's people, the "I won" attitude, the incredible amount of time devoted to golf, holidays and partying since he has taken office; all signs that the role of President is not nearly as important to Obama as the title, the perks, and the popularity. For Obama it is all about being President, not acting like one.

This week people have been talking about Britain's capitulation being complete. From a political standpoint maybe, but the masses have not yet reached that point (although they are close). SMW has been seeing more and more people in unexpected places indicating they are not happily skipping along the path to dhimmitude. Last night SMW was dining out in a neighbourhood where a woman without a niqab is the exception and I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. Although there were multiple men's bathrooms I had to walk to the far end of the restaurant to find the single woman's toilet. As I was washing my hands another infidelista came in and said to me (a complete stranger): "Do you not find it odd that there are 15 men's toilets and only one for women?" SMW smiled and laughed and then the lady added, " I guess that is because women in this neighbourhood are not supposed to be seen. How dreadful." I must admit I was very surprised that a British woman would say this to me, a complete stranger, in the middle of one of London's most notorious neighbourhoods. Perhaps there is more brewing beneath the surface here than I realize.....?

Chelsea Clinton's a vegan? Huh. All the jokes about Bill staying away from the bridesmaids are wearing a little thin.....

BP establishes $100M fund to help displaced oil workers.
BP today announced that it will establish a $100 million charitable fund to support unemployed rig workers experiencing economic hardship as a result of the moratorium on deepwater drilling imposed by the United States federal government.

The Rig Worker Assistance Fund will be administered through the Gulf Coast Restoration and Protection Foundation, a supporting organization of The Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF).

This voluntary donation fulfills the commitment BP announced on June 16 to provide $100 million in assistance as a gesture of good will for the people of the Gulf Coast region.


Alright that's all for now.