Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Five Years On: "Official" London has no plans to mark 7/7 Anniversary

Londoners will remember those killed and injured in the July 7 bombings on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

The atrocities carried out by Islamic extremists on Tube trains and a bus in 2005 left 52 innocent people dead and more than 700 injured.

No official events are planned to commemorate the anniversary, although wreaths will be laid on behalf of Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson at the Hyde Park memorial to the victims.

Many survivors and bereaved families will mark the day with private gatherings at the memorial and the sites of the four blasts. The lack of an official ceremony has upset many of those affected by the tragedy, according to Graham Foulkes, whose 22-year-old son David was killed in the Edgware Road bombing.

Mr Foulkes said: "I am very disappointed. I don't think any of us are saying we want this to become an annual major event, but I think on the fifth anniversary the least the Prime Minister could do is attend and lay a wreath. This was a national attack, and it's really disappointing. I know it's upset many people."

And with impeccable timing The Guardian has published a piece saying that the true victims of 7/7 were, of course, Muslims. And of course, this "victimization" is only going to lead to more terror:

The most challenging and disturbing aspect of Muslim life that can fuel radicalisation is an increasingly hate-filled and divisive discourse that casts Muslims as different and as the "other". This rhetoric, often traded by "experts" in anti-Muslim thinktanks, is also naively accepted by some politicians and advanced by a section of media. It gives the feeling to many British Muslims that they need continuously to prove their "oath of fealty", their love for and loyalty to the country. In spite of their repeated expression of allegiance, they feel they are going to be scapegoated anyway.

Changing such an attitude is the most important work to be done, but unless this is urgently undertaken, the prophecies of terror may be unwittingly fulfilled.

(At the original Guardian page the "prophecies of terror" is hyperlinked to Mohammed Siddique Khan's martyrdom video.) Hey and guess what? Murtaza Shibli is the former Public Affairs and Media Officer of the Muslim Council of Britain. Harry's Place has a little blurb up about the team of moonbats joining forces to support Shibli's new book.

And so, after careful reading and adaptation of Shibli's logic one can only conclude in fact that we are responsible for the 7/7 bombings - not the 4 men that got on the tube and blew themselves up. If people were more understanding, if we stopped stigmatizing, no Muslim would ever become "radicalized" and all these terror attacks would just stop happening. You see we are the stupid, racist, Westerners causing terror around the world. In fact, we are provoking it. Muslims are always the victims. There is no such thing as Islamic terror - just ask Eric Holder.


Five years ago today I was back in North America. When I woke up this is part of the note that was waiting in my Inbox:

Well The city goes from jubilation from winning the Olympic Games to horror today. There have been numerous bombs going off in the city today, a number of buses have exploded, and I think there are a lot of caualties... not exactly a fun situation to be in.... they are thinking about evacuating the building and sending us home... mind you we will have to walk as buses and the tubes are all shut down right now. Not good so I better go and see what we are going to do.

Of course my husband does not have the dramatic flare that I do, so when I ran to the tv to see exactly what was going on I was a bit surprised to see this:

I was back in London a few weeks later when second bombing attempts failed.

I am so thankful that neither my husband or I were hurt (or on the tube) when these bombings took place. But I have friends who were on the tube and who cannot wipe the smell of burning flesh from their memory. A former colleague who showed up at work on July 7 2005 in a daze, with someone else's blood on his shirt. I still ride the tube every single day, but that does not mean I never look around and wonder if the suitcase sitting by the door is full of explosives, or what exactly the guy beside me has in his backpack. When on the fifth anniversary of a terror attack that could have very possibly killed my husband, I read something that says the West is at fault for terror attacks - I get a bit upset. When I read that our attitude towards Muslims makes Islamic terrorists blow themselves up, and when it appears in The Guardian (written by a spokesperson for a group that boycotts Holocaust Memorial Day, that says 7/7 only happened because Britain was in Iraq)five years after the day that four Religion of Peace followers blew themselves and those around them to smithereens - I get very angry. I wish that I could conjure up a very witty, intelligent and devastating reply, but in this moment I only have one unelegant thing to say to the Dhimmi Guardian and the people who say the victims of terror are the cause: F*ck you.