Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Attention Shoppers: Ahava Alert at Ricky's NYC

SMW is a huge fan of Ahava products, not because it is an Israeli company (which is a really nice bonus) but because Ahava products are incredible. As you have read on this site numerous times over the past year Ahava is frequently targeted by anti-Israel groups, in particular the moonbats at Code Pink, as part of their efforts to delegitimize and isolate Israel.

Now Code Pink has put Ricky's NYC, a New York based beauty supply chain, in its crosshairs and is pressuring them to stop carrying Ahava products.

Well readers, what say you? I say shop!

You can visit Ricky's NYC website here and order Ahava products online for delivery by UPS. After you have placed your order click on the Contact Us icon (bottom of screen) and send Ricky's a little note telling them how much you love, love, love Ahava.

Alternately there is an online letter to the CEO you can sign here encouraging Ricky's to continue carrying Ahava products. Just remember - money talks. Buy something nice for yourself and send them a note. This will speak volumes.

Smart women like to have fun and look good. (Which is why SMW uses Ahava!)