Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Unite (union) votes for total Israel Boycott

Last Thursday British trade union Unite voted for a complete boycott of Israeli goods and services. Its motion accused Israel of having “a policy of ethnic cleansing” and being “a terror state way beyond apartheid”.
Oh and by the way - Unite is the main union representing the complete idiots at British Airways (which I refuse to fly on) who keep going on strike.

This is disgusting. Let Unite know what you think - you can contact them at this site:
Or by phone:
020 7420 8900

BE POLITE. Don't act like a moonbat.

Two can play at this game. I strongly recommend avoiding the services and goods of any Unite Union members. I will be doing so (well I already do because I have seen this gutless anti-Semites getting their hate on at rallies in the past). For my North American readers, this might be difficult for you to determine since this is a UK union - but Unite represents a large number of British Airways employees. DO NOT FLY BRITISH AIRWAYS. This is the easiest way I can think of for you to take action.
You may also want to drop BA a note, letting them know why you will no longer be using their airline.