Thursday, 24 June 2010

TD Bank and Bud Light Sponsoring Anti-Semitic Pride Parade

[This is a Call to Action. Please read the entire post before you act.]

In previous years the Toronto Pride Parade has been littered with anti-Israel floats and displays of vile anti-Semitism (photos and video at Lumpy, Grumpy and Frumpy). In fact, several prominent individuals associated with the notorious You-need-another-Holocaust Palestine House appeared in 2009's parade.

Earlier this year Toronto voted to ban anti-Israel groups from the Pride Parade (specifically Queers Against Israeli Apartheid) due to their hate-filled message which does not comply with municipal regulations. This decision has now been reversed (full details at BCF), meaning Pride Parade will once again feature anti-Semitic terror sympathizers. And Canadian tax dollars are paying for it. Not only are your tax dollars paying for this, your bank fees are too if you bank with TD who is one of two main corporate sponsors of Pride.

Anti-Israel bigots are free to have their own parade – but not on the public dime. The City of Toronto, whose councilors already have explicitly denounced QuAIA’s “apartheid” propaganda, should prepare to cut funding. Corporate sponsors should do likewise. When the hate starts spewing, it will be a disgrace for gay pride. Let it not also be a disgrace for shareholders of some of this country’s most recognized corporations

Let the sponsors of Pride know what you think about their financial support of anti-Semitic terror sympathizers. This is not about them sponsoring a gay pride parade (completely different issue), this is about businesses sponsoring an event that prominently features terror sympathizers and anti-Semitic activists. SMW suggests that over the next few days the two main sponsors are targeted: TD Bank and Bud Light.

Contact details are listed below, make a quick phone call or send an email (I recommend the phone, but emails are good too). BE POLITE. If you bank at TD or have investments with TD, I also recommend that you contact your branch manager or broker - not because this has anything to do with a decision they made - but because they will forward your concerns on to the correct people, especially if they are afraid of losing your business.

Here is the toll-free number for TD Canada Trust: 1-800-222-3456
I do have the direct number for their Toronto switchboard, but I do not want some poor receptionist getting lambasted so I will not publish it for now.

The other main sponsor of this event is Bud Light/Labatt. Contact details below. You know the drill.

Toll-Free: 1-800-268-2337
Direct: 416-361-5050

BCF has a full list of the event's sponsors. SMW suggests that for the next couple of days you focus on TD and Bud Light, but feel free to contact all of them.