Monday, 7 June 2010

Now about that Entrapment flotilla....*UPDATED*

UPDATED: Scroll down for update.
because anyone with a brain knows this has NOTHING to do with "aid."
As readers know, I have been hopping across various countries and continents over the past few weeks (including a great stop in the US over Memorial Day weekend). One morning I awoke to blasting news reports about an Isareli "attack" on an aid ship. More on this later, but at the moment let me just say that the news coverage was sickening. I guess that being overseas for the past several years has made me far too optimistic about the Canadian Press.

Wanting to know what was going on 'on the ground' in London SMW emailed a trusted friend, who sent her some excellent info.

Nothing more heartwarming than a child outside the Israeli Embassy asking 'how can you live in this world Jews?' Disgusting. (See 1:25 mark). Nice to see David Cohen though, he is one of the good guys.

I do have more to post on this, and will be doing so this afternoon (or this morning if you are in North America).

Richard Millett has posted video over at his blog of both pro and anti Israel demos in front of the Israeli Embassy. See the anti-Israel rally coverage for video of Muslimas shouting "Long Live Hamas." Perhaps more disturbing than the video though are some of the comments on this post.
Richard also has footage of Saturdays heated protests outside the Ahava store in London:
As for the anti-Israel throng outside Ahava, the protesters were there for an hour and some scuffles broke out as the protesters insisted on standing near the entrance and harassing shoppers repeatedly with cries of “shame on you” as they came out with Ahava products. One woman was separated from her husband as they each tried to escape the insults thrown at them.
Ahava’s manager was also harassed with cries of “shame” when she came out of the shop to try to have the protesters moved away from the shop front (I won’t upload footage of these incidents out of respect for the manager and the shoppers concerned).
The protesters’ songs alternated between “Israeli mud, Palestinian blood” and “From the River to the see, Palestine will be free”, which exposes the lie that they are only interested in the so-called “illegal” settlements.

Their real aim is for the Jewish state to disappear.

Finally, a very telling interview on Al Jazeera which included the ever articulate defender of Israel, Jonathan Sacerdoti. This video is a must watch.

And an interview Jonathan gave on Sky News: