Sunday, 27 June 2010

Must Watch: It's those Family Friendly G20 Protests in Toronto

Update: This footage at CTV is very telling and also a must watch. Notice the only people with enough balls to actually do anything or normal citizens, bystanders who don't want their city destroyed.
And hey - remember anti-Semitic Union douchebag Sid Ryan promising his "family friendly Labour protests"? See CUPE bag being proudly waved in front of vandalized stores at 2:48 in this video.

The Toronto Police Chief should hang his head in shame, then he should resign.
What an absolute disgrace.

No, this is not a scene from Flashpoint. It is the real deal.
Flea has an excellent round-up of Toronto being trashed by pathetic losers while Toronto's castrated police force plays the part of peaceful observer.

Michael Coren's damning indictment of Toronto Police:
The police either were not present when rioting was taking place or chose not to act. The rioters were mostly middle-class brats who would run at the first sign of determined resistance but were allowed to have their fun and because of this will repeat the violence over and over again. Police cruisers were abandoned by cops and left to burn – public money going up in smoke of course. There were thousands of armed police present with body armour, weapons and the like. Why, then, was so little done?

Chief Bill Blair should resign but surely won’t – perhaps he is too busy meeting with Gay Pride Parade organisers for next week to actually protect innocent Canadians. I cringe at the thought that these images will be shown across the world and seen in countries that still have police forces more concerned with arresting hoodlums than dealing with so-called hate crimes and appearing diverse and politically correct. If I were a cop today I’d be ashamed to wear the uniform.

PS: An idea. Tell the cops that these anarchist criminals are actually confused, gentle Polish visitors trying to find help at an airport. Not only will deadly force ensue but the police will lie about it all after the fact.

SMW has some contacts who serve on Toronto area police forces. Great guys who served in the Canadian Forces and who joined the police after tours of duty in Afghanistan. Serving in castrated forces, where you cannot actually enforce the law has led them to the conclusion that they would rather be back in Afghanistan than working as a cop in Toronto. After watching coverage of the G20 in Toronto I can see why they feel this way.


If the police refuse to protect ordinary citizens and enforce the law, it is only a matter of time before ordinary citizens choose to defend themselves. Only a matter of time.

I have never been ashamed of my country. Until today.