Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Motherhood is only cool if you're a Yummy Mummy

The fact that "MILF" is a widely known acronym should tell you something is wrong.

But I am deeply troubled by the way her logic reflects on the whole issue of female identity in modern Britain. For is it not the case that there are many, many young women like her for whom the whole notion of being seen as 'maternal' is to be resisted and shied away from?
Some do so in the most literal sense - delaying having children until the last possible moment, lest it should interfere with their career plans or their social lives.
Others do it in more subtle ways: they have children (and cherish them in private) yet outside of the home live in fear of being seen as 'mumsy'. (Even that word has such negative overtones.) So they do their damnedest to dress and behave in as un- maternal a manner as possible.
It is a warped world indeed when a woman would rather be seen as a sex object than as a mother.

And this is what you have today: a generation of women with fake tans, implants, bleached teeth and stiletto heels who (if they even bother with the terrible inconvenience of having a child) pay for someone else to raise their kid so they can have a career, a blazing social life and a smoking hot sex life. Did I mention that many can't cook or keep house and have massive credit card debt?

The selfishness of my own generation never ceases to amaze me. It is so easy to get caught up in this "me, me, me" lifestyle because it allows you to live with few responsibilities or consequences, and in London it seems like everyone is doing it. As a married couple under 40, SMW and her husband are often 'odd man out' in the City. Meanwhile back in Canada I was one of the oldest in my circle of friends to get married - and I was under 25! They just don't get married and have kids like they used to.

Ah no time for a big rant at the moment. Perhaps there will be more on this topic later.

If you know an awesome young mom let her know how great you think she is. Seriously.