Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Losing Faith in the Red Cross *updated*

*Updated: see below*
Having long since given up on many (formerly) reputable charitable organizations, I was still holding out for the Red Cross. Not as an international organization (this is the organization that failed to report what was actually taking place in WW2 Concentration Camps, and has refused to admit Israel's Magen David Adom for roughly fifty years, but has no problem setting up the Red Cres. and which consistently preaches anti-Israel rhetoric), but as a group that does some great work in North America.

The faith has dwindled....

Hey, anything that keeps our enemies alive so they can get back on the battlefield:

"In the worldly eyes of the Red Cross there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, comparing training sessions for the Taliban to giving treatment to the wounded. That’s what comes from spending too much time in the finer salons of the world. There is a great deal of difference though between saving the life of someone who has been wounded in battle and training, as well as equipping, one side of that battle."
"Can you imagine the Red Cross training the Irish Republican Army back in the 1970s and sending them off to the streets of Belfast with little first aid kits?..."

I couldn't have imagined it back then, but times have changed.

Yes, the Red Cross is now training the Taliban while suggesting that Norwegian citizens who serve in the IDF be tried for war crimes.

Taliban: good.

IDF: war criminals. Get it?

UPDATE: SMW would like to extend a special welcome to employees of the American Red Cross who have been visiting this post all day. I have no doubt that many of you are amazing, hard-working, generous Americans. The problem is the American Red Cross still pays dues to the International Red Cross. I really don't have much faith in the IRC. Then again, I have to ask myself why I insist on maintaining a bit of faith in the American Red Cross when it to has steadfastly refused to stand up to the IRC's long-standing anti-Semitic policies, even when a former director was ready to take up this battle (she was then forced out, allegedly for multiple reasons).