Monday, 21 June 2010

Leicester Islamist praising death of British soldiers

The guy who runs the website, "Dawud", also runs another website called "The Leicester Islamic Way" which he says is "Our little organisations semi official blog". On that blog, Dawud has a lengthy post on a "methodology for achieving victory". Victory for whom? Why, for Muslims over the kafir US and British troops of course. While never coming out and saying who the enemy is and who "the Muslims" are, the majority of the images we see are of terrorists -- in Afghanistan and Somalia. The clear context being that this small group of "Muslims" -- the terrorists -- will gain victory over the enemy -- non-Islamists and the West, including his own country.
Rusty has many more details, check it out.

Dawud is also calling for the boycott of numerous "Zionist" companies, one being Coca-Cola.

SMW is now going to sit back and enjoy an ice cold Diet Coke.