Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Is it true??? Is Target coming to Canada?

Target, the U.S. retail giant whose department stores are so coveted by Canadians they are often the sole purpose of a cross-border shopping trip, is reportedly looking at potential markets in which to open stores in this country.

Industry sources say the Minnesota-based retailer is conducting a market analysis in what could be a step closer to a long-rumoured expansion into Canada.

Well, this is certainly interesting. SMW loves Target, but wonders if this will take away from the novelty of going to Target? Bath and Body Works came to Canada but alot of people I know still go to the States to buy it. Either way, in the interim (of course that is assuming it really will come) I recommend Giant Tiger as your Canadian alternative. Hold the laughter please - find a good one (because each store does their own buying) and you will be very surprised at the stuff you can bring home from GT. I would post pictures of my finds, but then I would have to post pictures of myself......and that is not going to happen so you will have to trust me. Giant Tiger is a great Canadian company that supports many Canadian businesses and does good stuff in the community. What would be really great is if you could order stuff from Target online and have it shipped to Canada...