Monday, 14 June 2010

"Immodest" ads being censored in Hackney

Someone is painting over swimwear advertising featuring bikini-clad babes in London. Muslim fundamentalists are suspected in an apparent organized effort.
Note: This bus route goes through Hackney, a skizzy part of London home to many left-wing moonbats, "youths" and certain unmentionable demographic groups.

Some people might be censoring the advertisements, but after a few moments of thought SMW realized that she has been censoring herself for the past several years here. I do not go into these areas 'looking good' (let's just skip the part where I explain that I don't see myself as being drop-dead gorgeous but I know when I look 'good' and when I don't). This means no make-up, hair back or in a pony-tail, t-shirt and workout pants or jeans. Outfits that I used to run out the door in without thinking twice now sit on a backshelf in my closet. I cannot think of a single time I have gone through these neighbourhoods looking semi-decent that I have not been harassed. Never have I considered myself a floozy or risky dresser, but I now find myself thinking twice about wearing a skirt or shorts in certain neighbourhoods. My own husband remarked the other day that I was dressing 'like a nun.'

Sadly, people don't need to paint over billboards because I have already censored myself and women without the burqa have censored themselves from certain neighbourhoods. There are caf├ęs, shops and restaurants where women do not enter because it is not worth the harassment.

Mr Zedoud said: “When I heard the police station’s opening in Blackstock Road I was the most happy person in the street. It will help a lot. People stand outside the shops and bother the people going and coming.”
He paid tribute to the help he had received from police, particularly Sergeant Rob O’Connor from the Highbury West team.
“A lot has improved,” he said. “When I first came I found it very hard. It was difficult to control my own customers. I killed my business because I got all the people to leave.
“Now we have women coming in here. Business is slowly building up again. It’s quiet and nice and people can enjoy their coffee.”

Perhaps we need a city wide biking day............ ; )