Monday, 7 June 2010

Illegal Iranian Immigrant Caught Smuggling Sniper Rifles from Canada

Thank you Jawa Report; without you SMW would never have heard about this:

An illegal immigrant from Iran named Hamid Malekpour was discovered last month smuggling a huge load of sniper rifles and high-powered weaponry across the Canadian border into Washington State. He has since been arrested and charged with entering the country illegally with firearms and ammunition, as well as filing a false report with a federal agency.

He told Customs and Border Protection officers he was entering to pick up his wife at a Target store at a mall in nearby Bellingham. However, agents have determined the store actually closed prior to King’s arrival at the border.He presented a Canadian passport that had just been issued that morning. When questioned, he said his old passport had gone through the washing machine.
However, a subsequent search turned up his original Canadian passport, which showed no evidence of water damage and wouldn’t expire until 2013. It contained three visas for travel to Iran, two issued last year and one earlier this year.According to the passport stamps, King traveled to Iran in the spring of both years. One of the visas is so current it won’t expire until next month.
Suspicious about King’s Target and passport stories, ICE agents began tailing him when he crossed the border. They quickly determined he had lied about going to the mall, because he drove past without stopping or picking anyone up.

.50 sniper rifle? That is a very serious gun.

Please investigate.
Thank you.