Friday, 18 June 2010

Iggy goes Wiggy

[Note: Michael Ignatieff is the current leader of Canada's Liberal Party, but he has spent most of his recent life hanging out at Harvard.]

But wait, there’s more to the Liberal goodness. They want Canada to get embroiled in Africa under UN Command. Uh, the last time I looked, the UN was controlled by the OIC, and has been too busy spewing out anti-Israel motions about how evil it is while ignoring its own atrocious human rights record within their own borders.

The Count’s vision of “…renewed focus on Africa and the empowerment of women in developing countries” is so out of step with reality that he forgets further empowering a nation like Afghanistan, whose constitution does not allow contradiction of the Quran, and therefore Sharia, would do anything but empower women; Which is something the defenders of continuing our mission in Afghanistan always conveniently fail to debate or discuss in depth.

Through the Count’s own words “a Liberal government would reallocate the $1.7 billion currently being spent each year on the Afghan combat mission. It would also ‘re-evaluate’ all major defence procurement programs.” This means the same old Liberal attitude towards the military, which would see it stripped of the modern equipment a professional soldier needs to perform his duty today and reduce the CF to a second rate force barely able to carry out peacekeeping, and certainly not defeat an enemy, such as Islamic Terrorists. I know from personal experience, the Liberals are no friend to the Military.