Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Chief Inspector of Prisons in England says jail staff driving Muslim inmates to extremism

Listen to Dame Ann Owers 3 minute interview here.
Shilling and euphenisms are involved. This interview paints a different picture of her views than what Owers' report included.

Many converts, known as 'convenience Muslims', admitted they changed faiths because as a Muslim they were entitled to more time outside of their cells and offered better food.
Muslim prisoners are also excluded from work and education on Fridays so they can attend prayers.
Staff at one high security prison said non-Muslims were pressured into converting and adopting a 'strict' form of Islam.
Chief Inspector Dame Anne Owers also warned of the need for greater engagement with Muslim prisoners to prevent them turning to extremism.

There are 10,300 Muslim prisoners in jails in England and Wales. The number has increased fourfold since 1994.