Friday, 18 June 2010

CBC Blasted for Fake Gaza Mortality Rate

In a June 1 report, CBC correspondent Peter Mansbridge spoke of the closure of Israel's Gaza borders and stated that Gaza currently has “an infant mortality rate among the highest in the world.”

Not only is Gaza's infant mortality rate not among the highest in the world, it's actually lower than that of many Middle Eastern countries, political commentor Barry Rubin noted in his blog. Infant mortality is significantly lower in Gaza (17.71 per 1,000 live births) than in Iran (34.7), Turkey (24.8), Libya (20.87), Iraq (43.16), and Egypt (26.2), and only slightly higher than that of Jordan (17.03), Syria (16.14), and Lebanon (16.4).

Accurate information on mortality in Gaza and elsewhere is easily available from the CIA World Factbook, published online, Rubin noted.

In response to an inquiry from the watchdog group Honest Reporting, a CBC editor said Mansbridge's statement was “an error.” The station rejected charges that the statement reflected anti-Israel bias.

A CBC anchor later read a correction, which stated that Gaza's infant mortality rate is actually ranked 109 out of 224 countries and regions worldwide.

Yes and I wonder how many people actually saw this 'correction.' The article goes on to ask where he got this information from - I'm pretty sure the answer to that is simple: he made it up.