Sunday, 6 June 2010

Beware of vanilla frosting!!

SMW is back in London sans Vanilla Icing for my Rainbow Chip cake mix because airport security is a crock.

It's so nice to know that a sealed container of icing is too dangerous to take on an aircraft. Yes, if I put that on someone's face they might get licked to death. As they were confiscating the icing I considered telling security that I could buy a bottle of vodka in Duty Free, smash it on the plane and use the glass shards to slit someone's throat. Or that I could remove someone's eye ball with a pen or pencil. Did they want those too? In the end I decided this would not be wise since SMW flies often and does not want to end up on the no fly list.

Without profiling and intelligence airport security is nothing.

Lots to report on from the past few weeks, will post more shortly.