Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The War on Muffintops

Sultan Knish writes:
Seen in that light, the roots of the Obesity Obsession become obvious as class prejudice. And Michelle Obama's hectoring of Americans over obesity rings as hollow as Marie Antoinette's Let Them Eat Cake. Both represent upper class arrogance. Only the context has changed from Let Them Eat Cake to Let Them Eat Arugula. The point of such arrogance is not the actual improvement of the people that they consider the lower classes. It's about elevating themselves above them by making that mark of distinction. A particularly pathetic gesture from Michelle Obama who has no class at all, only money and status borrowed from her husband's usefulness as a political tool for the radical left and its non-profit camp followers.


The idea of class and weight is true. The idea of class and physical fitness is also true. Like most women (who are actually honest), I worry about my weight and this has led me to read various health and fitness books. Last year I read a book called 'Good Calories, Bad Calories' written by Gary Taubes. It is a looong book full of chapters about research and methodology *yawn,* but it made some very interesting points; one being the idea that physical fitness and 'working out' is all about class. Why are unfit people often referred to as couch potatoes? Because people who are overweight watch too much tv, or so the mainstream would like us to believe. Have you ever heard someone comment that an overweight person 'obviously spends too much time reading'? I doubt it. Taubes highlights this idea in a chapter of his book and discusses it in detail.

Health and fitness are all about class. In the UK (where a class system is still rigidly in place) people of a certain social strata will refuse to shop at certain grocery chains because in their eyes they are not up to snuff. If you tell people here you work-out, they will immediately ask you what gym you belong to and based on your answer will try to estimate your income level and social position.

OK I have to stop because now I want to blog about food. SMW made a recipe from the Andy Griffith cookbook for dinner tonight and it smells delicious. What could be classier than Mayberry?