Friday, 7 May 2010

There are the people in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood.....

Despite the efforts of police and community leaders, life in the infamous Finsbury Park has not changed that much.

Inspector Mariner said: "All except one of the 31 people inside were Algerian. It seemed to be some sort of first port of call for immigrants arriving in Finsbury Park from abroad. One guy told us he had come into the UK on the back of a lorry three days earlier, but it was awful how these people were living. We only found out what was going on six weeks ago, when officers on patrol in the Nag's Head stopped someone and went there to check his address.
"I've been in the police for 13 years and worked in four boroughs and I've never seen anything like it. You come across similar squalor in smaller crack houses, but I've never seen anything on that scale before - none of us have."

Meanwhile nearby...

The group had been enjoying the warm weather and were dressed in casual clothes as they had a kick-around on an area of grass adjacent to Seven Sisters Road.
But the afternoon took a violent turn when the Somali friends clashed with a group of predominantly West Indian males who had not been playing football, and started a fistfight.
Then a third group, made up of about 15 young, black men, in their mid to late teens, appeared from further inside the park on foot and some on bicycles and rushed in and joined the fight.

TWO youth workers honoured for setting up a football team to keep teenagers away from knife crime were stabbed during their weekly kickabout in Finsbury Park.Omar Abdullahi and Amin Husein were among four members of the JUBBA youth team who were knifed by a gang who refused to give their ball back.
One thousand youngsters have been involved in events organised by JUBBA - including an anti-racism Kick Islamophobia football tournnament. One told the audience at the Civic Awards how his links with Jubba had kept him off the streets and kept him out of trouble, changing his life and calming hus worried mother's fears for his safety.

And not far away....
Acting Detective Sergeant Emma Bird, who is leading the investigation from Islington CID, said: "We haven't got many witnesses but as far as we know the victim was standing at the bus stop near the Planet Kebab shop at the Archway end of Junction Road when a man started insulting him. For no apparent reason, the man then attacked him, stabbing him six times in the back and once in the ear. "Police arrived to find the victim sat on the pavement drenched in his own blood and suffering stab wounds.