Tuesday, 4 May 2010

'Stylist' publishes article about prejudice against Christians in UK

When I opened the magazine and saw this I thought 'I must be losing it.' It's real.

Unforuntatley SMW can't cut/paste or do anything with the article - but if you visit this link and go to page 34 you will see a three page article discussing prejudices faced by Christians across the UK (it's pretty light and fluffy, but it's there).

My biggest qualm with the article is this quote:
Of course, Christians in Britain don't face anything like the real dangers of imprisonment and inhumane treatment that some of their fellow believers around the world experience. However it is still remarkable that an institution that was once a central pillar of our society should now feel marginalized and discriminated against.

I guess this article was published before Dale McAlpine's arrest.

Regardless, you may want to consider dropping the staff at Stylist a note and thanking them for having the guts to feature this issue in their magazine.