Thursday, 20 May 2010

"Race row" over dress: Give me a break!

That simple description has now caused a stir. "We talk of nude now and there is no one colour. It's politically incorrect," said Gale Epstein, founder of the US lingerie brand Hanky Panky. "There is a wide range for skin tone colours. Human skins tones are a whole colour palette unto themselves." Miss Epstein prefers to use a range of names, from "light chai" to "espresso", to describe her wares.

Well I'm kind of bummed about this because I love Hanky Panky (and it's Made in the USA!). Miss Epstein please stick to what you do best - undergarments!!

The designer - who is the one that described the dress as 'nude' - is Indian (from India, not 'Native American').
The row must be baffling for the designer in question - Naeem Khan, who was born and raised in Mumbai and now works in the US. He declined to comment yesterday but previously spoke of his delight at being chosen to make the dress for Mrs Obama.

While the debate is conducted in the US over whether the term "nude" should be consigned to fashion history, Indian designers are wondering what all the fuss is about. No kidding!!!

Vijay Arora said: "'Nude' covers an array of shades like whites, pinks, yellows, beiges, ivories and browns, so why get bogged down by terminology?"
Another prominent designer, Anjana Bhargav, said there was "nothing politically incorrect" about the term. "Every word can be used differently and, in fashion, it's the colour of your skin."