Monday, 24 May 2010

Outside Belgian Embassy in London: Shariah for Europe

"Democracy is hypocrisy: Shariah for Europe"

A video is worth a million words. Outside the Belgian Embassy in London this past Saturday 22 May 2010.

Mujahideen propaganda.

"You are attacking the Muslims globally, you are waging war against Allah"
"This is a clear attack on our honour"
"These people of the West, they like to come out naked, they like to come out nude whenever the sun comes out, .........our message to the Western people is that we are Muslims and we are not going to compromise."
"The hour will not be established until a group of Muslims conquer Rome."
The crowd cheers the death of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"WHEN WILL YOU LEARN??? WHEN WILL YOU LEARN??? STUDY HISTORY YOU KUFFAR. Study the history of the Muslim. It is the sunna of the prophet (inaudible) to send out army in the honour of one Muslim sister. Study the history of honour. Study the history of Islam. We are people who live and die for honour. We have been commanded to die......we have been commanded to die for our honour. If you continue to violate the rights of the Muslim and push the boundaries day after day, week after week, year after year, I warn you, we will come here and there will be many more of us. We are not going to lay down and take this oppression. Your democracy is nothing but hypocrisy. If we speak out against homosexuality it's called homophobic. If we speak out against any other religion it's called.....called.....religion....religious discrimination. But when you gather together and make laws to disrepect the Muslim it's called Freedom of Speech."

".....You have awoken the sleeping giant and we will roar. We will roar. We will roar. Ahmedilluallah. And the first (inaudible) nation was destroyed. Why do you think? They were disobedient to Allah and the messenger. Today nations have been disobedient to Allah. They want to take the right to the (something) away. Our sisters are praying and the Ummah is awakening. Look in the past what happened. A sister she called up.......*inaudible* he went nation after nation conquering city after city. What did he do? When he heard the call of our sister? When she was taken? Just for one sister? He went riding on his horse and he went city after city..."

And a sister speaks....

"I think all Muslims realize that this banning of the niqab is just another attack on Islam. Whether it be depicting our beloved blah blah blah in cartoons or attacking our beloved land, we can see that an attack on the Muslim woman's dress is just part of the wider plan. I have a message today for the European leaders, I have a message, a warning if you like to them. Firstly they will never ever succeed in their plan. They will never ever be able to destroy Islam. In fact we have been promised by Allah that they will be defeated. But we are ready for this. As Muslims we understand that Allah has many traditions and one of those is the tradition of sunnanananananan (sorry can't get the spelling of that one), which is, the sunna of repelling. Whereby the fullfront will rear its ugly head in the form of democracy, in the form of freedom, in the form of attacking our prophet, in the form of invading our lands. It will rear its ugly head in the form of an attack on the muslim woman and her dress. But Allah will create a situation where the huck, and the people who carry the truth, they will rise above the falsehood and and the truth will prevel and it will repel the falsehood. Allah says in the Quran that he will throw the truth on the falsehood and the falsehood will perish. So we are ready. And you, European leaders, you want to challenge the Muslim woman? Be warned. The Muslim woman's honour is something that will be protected at all costs. So you should be careful, you are playing with fire. You may ban the niqab, you may even ban the hijab, but you should know that you are fighting a losing battle, because no Muslim woman wore her niqab because *inaudible* said she could. No woman ever wore her niqab because Sarkozy said she could, or permitted it. No woman dresses the way we do because David Camerson says we can. We dress the way we do as an act of submission to our creator and will dress this way............We get fed up with hearing that we're oppressed. Let them hear my voice: We are not oppressed. We submit to the creator alone. We do not submit to the dictator, to the fascists of society, or the devise of man, woman, president, politician....If you ask me the women who walk the streets half-naked, the European women in the streets, they are oppressed. They are oppressed with all the men ogling at them. If you ask me it's the men and women who are exploited for the sexually when their spread across the billboards of Europe for *inaudible* gain are the oppressed of Europe. The only oppression I feel as a Muslim woman, the only oppression we feel is of man made war/rule (?). That is the greatest oppression. We feel that we live in a society that is riddled with oppression, if you look around us you've got pornography, rape, paedophilia, adultery, alcoholism, drug abuse....I could go on and on. This is oppression. We also feel oppressed by these governments when they raid our lands. When they invade our homes and arrest our husbands. When they kill my brothers and sisters in Muslim lands, that is oppression to us. So that was just a short message from one Muslim woman, but there are thousands, hundreds and thousands like me across the world and across Europe who will make a stand. And we will never ever remove our Islamic dress. Ever. So you have a war on your hands and if that's what you want, that's what you asked for.

"this is an attack that has been going on for years. And it is an attack that you have been doing from the smallest thing to the largest thing. ..... You say women have rights to dress the way they want to, that they have the freedom to dress the way they want to. So why is it that you will not allow this woman to cover her face with this piece of cloth? Answer me why! ........"they kuffar will make their allies to one another and that you better make your allies. It is you the Muslims that must unite and stand behind one amir, for he is the shield that will protect this Ummah. And today I am surprised that there is no imam of the masjid here today. Where are the imams today? Where are those community leaders today? When we heard them on the 6th of May, or before the 6th of May, when we heard them crying and begging for the Muslims to vote and vote. .... It's going to be very difficult to remove us from here. This is our home and we're going to make this our home if you like it or not. ......No! I will do the Islamic thing and fight for my family. Look after my family in every way possible, and that is why we are here today. Because we know it's only gonna start with the niqab. ...May Allah curse those that curse our religion. May Allah course those and give the most deadliest disease to those that insult our prophet Mohammed. May Allah curse those who wish to conspire against our religion. We ask Allah to bring destruction and tyranny and disease against those in Brussels who are oppressing our Ummah. Oh allah bring victory to the Muslims.

There are other videos but no doubt you get the idea.