Thursday, 6 May 2010

Non-news story of the day: Bias at the BBC

Daily Mail reports on BBC's 'journalism.'

I am not postulating a great anti-Tory conspiracy in the upper echelons of the BBC, though it is certainly the case that the Corporation faces more stringent cutbacks from the Tories than are likely under any other party, and some of its senior executives are known to be concerned about David Cameron's allegedly close relationship with James Murdoch, son of the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.
Both Murdochs loathe the BBC.
But the BBC's panjandrums hardly need encourage their journalists in what is really a natural labour of love.
It is not simply that the Lib Dems' drum, and occasionally Labour's, have been banged at the expense of the Tories.
There has been a near absence of discussion about immigration and Europe, two issues on which the Tories enjoy strong public support, and which concern many people. They are not taken seriously by the BBC.

No kidding. Next you'll be telling me The Guardian is anti-Israel...