Friday, 21 May 2010

Man of the Week: Dale Peterson

When I saw Dale Peterson's ad for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries in Alabama I thought, 'Where do I send my cheque??' Then I wondered if it was for real. It is for real, and so is Dale Peterson.

Dale says, "Today's Alabama agriculture industry faces many problems. Alabama has a constantly shrinking number of farmers and ranchers who have no choice but to abandon agribusiness - because they can't make a living at it." Why has this happened? Demand continues to increase for agricultural products to feed, clothe and house the population - not only in Alabama, but also around the world. The average age of an Alabama farmer is 55. There are fewer than 50,000 farmers in Alabama, and fewer young people are pursuing farming as a means to make a living because it has become increasingly more difficult to earn a living in agribusiness.
If our country is to continue as a world leader in agricultural production - and it must - we need more farmers and ranchers. We need young people to return to farming and ranching. We need to help them be successful and able to make a decent living.
Visit Mr. Peterson's website to learn more about him, his family, and his platform.

Both my husband and I have a family history steeped in agriculture, and firmly believe that sharp decline in family farms and young farmers will have a negative impact on North America. We need to feed ourselves. Period.

Below is an interview Dale Peterson gave on Glenn Beck's radio program:

And now, what is quite possibly the best political ad ever:

God Bless Dale Peterson! Roll Tide Roll!