Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Harper to take on Global Bank Tax

Please, please let Harper and his crew know that you are behind them on this one.
It is a big deal and he is going to have a major, major battle.

To my Non-Canadiain readers,
Get on the horn to your own elected officials and tell them you do not want this tax!!

A handful of Conservative government cabinet ministers will give speeches to select audiences at home and abroad Tuesday, voicing Ottawa's opposition to the push for an international bank tax that is backed by European governments.
It is a tactic Prime Minister Stephen Harper has chosen to give maximum exposure to his government's push to kill the proposed tax, which the Conservatives say will unfairly punish prudent Canadian banks.

It might sound like a good idea, as people try and spin the 'oh it's so we don't have to use taxpayers dollars for future bailouts' but it is not. Do you really want CIBC, BMO, TD, RBC, etc to be bailing out Greek banks because the EU forced every bank in the world to contribute to their slush fund? If you're answer to that is 'I don't care,' then look at it this way: This money will have to come from somewhere - do you want to pay higher bank fees so that your bank can bailout some over leveraged foreign bank that has been allowed to run wild by the EU?