Tuesday, 18 May 2010

British Airways: Let them strike!

The Guardian has an article up about BA worker's human rights being violated because they can't strike or something, blah blah blah (link here if you want to see it). The main gist of their argument is that the injunction preventing BA from striking violates Freedom of Assembly. I say have at it.

Almost a year ago SMW made the decision to avoid flying BA if at all possible. After a series of cock-ups (as the British would say) I looked the girl at the ticket counter in the eye and said: 'When your company goes bankrupt and you all lose your jobs you will have no one to blame but your incompetent selves." Then I picked up my bag and headed over to the counter of another airline where I bought a new ticket and continued my journey. In the end, BA refunded my ticket, but it was too late to salvage this customer relationship.

The possible strike action has become a running joke amongst travelers. Other airlines are now taking out ads which openly mock the uncertainty that comes with booking a flight on BA. If the union wants to strike; go for it and let them deal with the consequences. If you're still booking flights with BA, well, you can deal with your consequences too.