Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Bat Ye'or and David Littman

SMW will be roaming the eath in planes, trains and automobiles until June 7th. She will have much to report on when she returns.

In the meantime, for your reading pleasure please visit:

Closet Conservative
Moose and Squirrel
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Sultan Knish
Jawa Report
(Google them if you don't know them already, I have to finish packing my gear!)

Also for my Canadian readers, and my American readers who live close the Bluewater or Ambassador Bridges: Bat Ye'or and David Littman are coming to Canada! Next week!
If you live in Michigan the closest venue to you will likely be the on in London Ontario which is about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Detroit and an hour and a bit from Port Huron.
The IFPS is working hard to bring these great speakers to Canada - if you are not busy you should absolutely go see them. Why not make a day of it and check out the local area? Or an evening?

London Ontario 2 June
Event Info
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Toronto Ontario 3 June
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Ottawa Ontario 7 June
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Sex and The City 2 Anti-Muslim???

Interesting, but I find that hard very hard to believe, especially after watching the trailer, which views like an ad for UAE tourism.

Carrie Bradshaw is in trouble and it has got nothing to do with Mr Big. The much awaited sequel 'Sex And The City 2' has been accused of being "anti-Muslim" by critics who have also panned the film for lacking "script and soul."
The sequel to the 2008 hit sees the four New Yorker girlfriends travelling to the far-flung sand dunes of Abu Dhabi, but reviews say that the sojourn conjures up a "scathing portrayal of Muslim society", according to industry bible 'Hollywood Reporter'.
The Manolo-wearing, Chanel-loving fashionistas get caught up in some outrageous moments while in the Middle East, and the region's culture is depicted as "puritanical and misogynistic".
"The rather scathing portrayal of Muslim society no doubt will stir controversy, especially in a frothy summer entertainment," read the review by Hollywood Reporter.
One scene even features Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Scott) and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia
Nixon), being rescued by Muslim women who strip off their burqas to reveal the stylish Western outfits they are concealing beneath their black robes.

Uh, yeah, that sounds soooo anti-Muslim (sarc).

The Middle East is portrayed as "puritanical and misogynistic"?? I have to confess, my curiosity is piqued. Very interested to see what Debbie will have to say after she screens this movie.

Could there be a fatwa on the way for Carrie Bradshaw?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Outside Belgian Embassy in London: Shariah for Europe

"Democracy is hypocrisy: Shariah for Europe"

A video is worth a million words. Outside the Belgian Embassy in London this past Saturday 22 May 2010.

Mujahideen propaganda.

"You are attacking the Muslims globally, you are waging war against Allah"
"This is a clear attack on our honour"
"These people of the West, they like to come out naked, they like to come out nude whenever the sun comes out, .........our message to the Western people is that we are Muslims and we are not going to compromise."
"The hour will not be established until a group of Muslims conquer Rome."
The crowd cheers the death of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"WHEN WILL YOU LEARN??? WHEN WILL YOU LEARN??? STUDY HISTORY YOU KUFFAR. Study the history of the Muslim. It is the sunna of the prophet (inaudible) to send out army in the honour of one Muslim sister. Study the history of honour. Study the history of Islam. We are people who live and die for honour. We have been commanded to die......we have been commanded to die for our honour. If you continue to violate the rights of the Muslim and push the boundaries day after day, week after week, year after year, I warn you, we will come here and there will be many more of us. We are not going to lay down and take this oppression. Your democracy is nothing but hypocrisy. If we speak out against homosexuality it's called homophobic. If we speak out against any other religion it's called.....called.....religion....religious discrimination. But when you gather together and make laws to disrepect the Muslim it's called Freedom of Speech."

".....You have awoken the sleeping giant and we will roar. We will roar. We will roar. Ahmedilluallah. And the first (inaudible) nation was destroyed. Why do you think? They were disobedient to Allah and the messenger. Today nations have been disobedient to Allah. They want to take the right to the (something) away. Our sisters are praying and the Ummah is awakening. Look in the past what happened. A sister she called up.......*inaudible* he went nation after nation conquering city after city. What did he do? When he heard the call of our sister? When she was taken? Just for one sister? He went riding on his horse and he went city after city..."

And a sister speaks....

"I think all Muslims realize that this banning of the niqab is just another attack on Islam. Whether it be depicting our beloved blah blah blah in cartoons or attacking our beloved land, we can see that an attack on the Muslim woman's dress is just part of the wider plan. I have a message today for the European leaders, I have a message, a warning if you like to them. Firstly they will never ever succeed in their plan. They will never ever be able to destroy Islam. In fact we have been promised by Allah that they will be defeated. But we are ready for this. As Muslims we understand that Allah has many traditions and one of those is the tradition of sunnanananananan (sorry can't get the spelling of that one), which is, the sunna of repelling. Whereby the fullfront will rear its ugly head in the form of democracy, in the form of freedom, in the form of attacking our prophet, in the form of invading our lands. It will rear its ugly head in the form of an attack on the muslim woman and her dress. But Allah will create a situation where the huck, and the people who carry the truth, they will rise above the falsehood and and the truth will prevel and it will repel the falsehood. Allah says in the Quran that he will throw the truth on the falsehood and the falsehood will perish. So we are ready. And you, European leaders, you want to challenge the Muslim woman? Be warned. The Muslim woman's honour is something that will be protected at all costs. So you should be careful, you are playing with fire. You may ban the niqab, you may even ban the hijab, but you should know that you are fighting a losing battle, because no Muslim woman wore her niqab because *inaudible* said she could. No woman ever wore her niqab because Sarkozy said she could, or permitted it. No woman dresses the way we do because David Camerson says we can. We dress the way we do as an act of submission to our creator and will dress this way............We get fed up with hearing that we're oppressed. Let them hear my voice: We are not oppressed. We submit to the creator alone. We do not submit to the dictator, to the fascists of society, or the devise of man, woman, president, politician....If you ask me the women who walk the streets half-naked, the European women in the streets, they are oppressed. They are oppressed with all the men ogling at them. If you ask me it's the men and women who are exploited for the sexually when their spread across the billboards of Europe for *inaudible* gain are the oppressed of Europe. The only oppression I feel as a Muslim woman, the only oppression we feel is of man made war/rule (?). That is the greatest oppression. We feel that we live in a society that is riddled with oppression, if you look around us you've got pornography, rape, paedophilia, adultery, alcoholism, drug abuse....I could go on and on. This is oppression. We also feel oppressed by these governments when they raid our lands. When they invade our homes and arrest our husbands. When they kill my brothers and sisters in Muslim lands, that is oppression to us. So that was just a short message from one Muslim woman, but there are thousands, hundreds and thousands like me across the world and across Europe who will make a stand. And we will never ever remove our Islamic dress. Ever. So you have a war on your hands and if that's what you want, that's what you asked for.

"this is an attack that has been going on for years. And it is an attack that you have been doing from the smallest thing to the largest thing. ..... You say women have rights to dress the way they want to, that they have the freedom to dress the way they want to. So why is it that you will not allow this woman to cover her face with this piece of cloth? Answer me why! ........"they kuffar will make their allies to one another and that you better make your allies. It is you the Muslims that must unite and stand behind one amir, for he is the shield that will protect this Ummah. And today I am surprised that there is no imam of the masjid here today. Where are the imams today? Where are those community leaders today? When we heard them on the 6th of May, or before the 6th of May, when we heard them crying and begging for the Muslims to vote and vote. .... It's going to be very difficult to remove us from here. This is our home and we're going to make this our home if you like it or not. ......No! I will do the Islamic thing and fight for my family. Look after my family in every way possible, and that is why we are here today. Because we know it's only gonna start with the niqab. ...May Allah curse those that curse our religion. May Allah course those and give the most deadliest disease to those that insult our prophet Mohammed. May Allah curse those who wish to conspire against our religion. We ask Allah to bring destruction and tyranny and disease against those in Brussels who are oppressing our Ummah. Oh allah bring victory to the Muslims.

There are other videos but no doubt you get the idea.

Canada Sanctions North Korea

Despite the stupidity of many Canadians, Canada increases its awesomeness:

In a statement issued Monday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said sanctions will include additional restrictions on trade, investment and other bilateral relations with North Korea.
Canada will be suspending high-level visits to Canada by North Korean officials.
"Canada has condemned the reckless North Korean regime for this egregious violation of international law and its blatant disregard of its international obligations," Harper said.


Busy, Busy, Busy

SMW is preparing for a two week deployment, but will have a few things to put up before she takes off.

Now where are my camos???

Sunday, 23 May 2010

BA Goes on Strike

For 5 days, starting tonight at midnight.

I can only conclude that the union and BA's employees are suicidal.

Hopefully someone, anyone, read my warnings and did not book holiday weekend travel with BA.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

If only Mark Steyn could capture Obama's "imagination"

Steyn writes:
Listen to his killer's words: "The American Jew Daniel Pearl." We hit the jackpot! And then we cut his head off. Before the body was found, The Independent's Robert Fisk offered a familiar argument to Pearl's kidnappers: Killing him would be "a major blunder... the best way of ensuring that the suffering" – of Kashmiris, Afghans, Palestinians – "goes unrecorded." Other journalists peddled a similar line: if you release Danny, he'll be able to tell your story, get your message out, "bridge the misconceptions." But the story did get out; the severed head is the message; the only misconception is that that's a misconception.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Man of the Week: Dale Peterson

When I saw Dale Peterson's ad for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries in Alabama I thought, 'Where do I send my cheque??' Then I wondered if it was for real. It is for real, and so is Dale Peterson.

Dale says, "Today's Alabama agriculture industry faces many problems. Alabama has a constantly shrinking number of farmers and ranchers who have no choice but to abandon agribusiness - because they can't make a living at it." Why has this happened? Demand continues to increase for agricultural products to feed, clothe and house the population - not only in Alabama, but also around the world. The average age of an Alabama farmer is 55. There are fewer than 50,000 farmers in Alabama, and fewer young people are pursuing farming as a means to make a living because it has become increasingly more difficult to earn a living in agribusiness.
If our country is to continue as a world leader in agricultural production - and it must - we need more farmers and ranchers. We need young people to return to farming and ranching. We need to help them be successful and able to make a decent living.
Visit Mr. Peterson's website to learn more about him, his family, and his platform.

Both my husband and I have a family history steeped in agriculture, and firmly believe that sharp decline in family farms and young farmers will have a negative impact on North America. We need to feed ourselves. Period.

Below is an interview Dale Peterson gave on Glenn Beck's radio program:

And now, what is quite possibly the best political ad ever:

God Bless Dale Peterson! Roll Tide Roll!

Today's Assignement: Compare and Contrast *updated*

*See below for update*
Abu Dhabi as portrayed in Sex and The City 2:

The real Abu Dhabi:
An 18-year-old Emirati woman has been charged with having sex outside of wedlock after reporting that she was raped by six men, Abu Dhabi’s Criminal Court was told yesterday.
The men, only two of whom were in court yesterday, are charged with raping LH in the back seat of one of the defendant’s vehicles. Both men pleaded not guilty, while L H, who has been taken into custody, also pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

The woman and one of her male Emirati friends, HA, went for a drive in his vehicle on May 2, prosecutors said. The charges allege that because she had agreed to be in the car, the two had, therefore, met to have sex.

Everyone from The Guardian to Debbie Schlussel (could you have more polar opposites?) is up in arms about SATC's portrayal of Abu Dhabi.

Dubai refused to allow the movie to be filmed there after reading the script. Abu Dhabi eventually refused as well, and most scenes were filmed in Morocco.
Come next weekend thousands of women will pour into theatres to watch this propagnda piece for the UAE. I will not be one of them.

UPDATE: Well this is interesitng - now reviewers are claiming the movie is anti-Muslim?!?!

American Government Initiates Further Controls of Financial Markets

This is a big deal. A very big deal, which is why it is sticky on top for the rest of the day. When this is signed into law it will give the government sweeping powers over multiple aspects of financial markets and commerce. This is a big deal, and not getting nearly the attention it should.

Wall Street Journal:
The legislation passed the Senate 59 to 39 and must now be reconciled with a similar bill passed by the House of Representatives in December, before it can be sent to President Barack Obama to be signed into law.
The controversial measure, supported by the Obama administration, sets up new regulatory bodies and restricts the actions of banks and other financial firms.

"It will inevitably contract credit," said Sen. Judd Gregg (R., N.H.), who says the Senate bill "is probably undermining the system…probably making for a weaker system."
The Senate bill, meanwhile, includes a provision that would essentially force banks to stop "proprietary trading," or making market bets with their own capital. It would also make it more difficult for big banks to grow, by setting new limits on the amount of liabilities they can control.
If a bank does fail, both bills would give the government more power—and resources—to break up the collapsing companies. Among other things, the House bill would create a $150 billion fund, financed by big financial companies, which would be used to unwind failed firms. The intent is to prevent taxpayers from having to pay the tab.
But opponents of the measure worry that regulators might be tempted to use the fund to prop up a failing firm. So the Senate bill has provisions under which a company would be liquidated and the bill for the work would be subsequently paid by a levy on large financial companies.

For consumers, the House and Senate bills would expand protections, creating a new regulator with the autonomy to oversee a range of financial companies, from federally regulated banks to small finance companies.

A couple of amendments that many said looked promising Thursday afternoon didn't make it into the final bill, including a proposal to exempt auto dealers from oversight by the new consumer protection agency, and a proposal to limit or prevent banks from trading speculatively for their own account. And some proposals made it in but are not expected to last long. A controversial proposal slipped in a few weeks ago would potentially force banks to spin off their swaps trading desks, a lucrative source of profits for the five biggest banks, which collectively control 97% of the market in over the counter derivatives trading. That passed along with the 1,500-page Senate bill, but the measure has been criticized by members of the administration and forcefully opposed by Wall Street's powerful lobby.

An excellent opinion piece in Forbes, before the bill passed:
Little thought has been given to that question in the rush to financial reform. But Senate and House legislation would discard 200 years of bankruptcy case law, replacing it with a special, one-of-a-kind resolution authority, managed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
The agency will soon have absolute authority over failing big banks, empowered to borrow up to 90% of the assets of the companies it seizes and provide unlimited guarantees to "solvent" institutions. Click here to read the rest.

Chavez Targeting Financial Markets

President Hugo Chavez vowed Thursday to deepen a financial crackdown after raids on 15 brokerages and the arrest of four directors in the wake of the state's takeover of foreign exchange trading.

Chavez accuses capitalist speculators of undermining the bolivar and fueling one of the highest inflation rates in the world.
Critics blame him, however, for the country's economic woes, saying a complex currency system distorted the market, while socialist policies hobbled investment and production.

British Family Gunned Down in Pakistan

Coun Mohammed Sakib, Bradley ward councillor, said he knew the family well. "The parents are nice people," he said. "I came here in 1987 and they were here before me. This incident wasn't just murder, it was an honour issue.”

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Stop spending you dummies!!!!

Canadians are among the most profligate spenders in the developed world, a new report says.
Helped by rock-bottom interest rates, consumers have been borrowing at unprecedented levels and now owe a record $1.41-trillion, putting Canada in the number one spot among OECD nations in terms of consumer debt to financial assets, says a study by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.
That equates to $41,740 for every individual man, woman and child, or about 2.5 times the level of debt in 1989.
Particularly remarkable is that much of this borrowing took place over the past two years when the country was still in the grip of one of the worst economic downturns in 50 years, the report said.

This may be unheard of for the generation of 2010 but here it goes: STOP SPENDING MORE THAN YOU EARN. (Note: Don't follow the examples of world governments.)

While it may be true that hardly anybody does this anymore, you will find it very liberating. You might not be able to get the super-deluxe cable package, you might have to give up your 3 Blackberries, you might have to trade in the Envoy for a minivan, but trust me; the feeling of freedom that comes with having no debt is priceless.

"Race row" over dress: Give me a break!

That simple description has now caused a stir. "We talk of nude now and there is no one colour. It's politically incorrect," said Gale Epstein, founder of the US lingerie brand Hanky Panky. "There is a wide range for skin tone colours. Human skins tones are a whole colour palette unto themselves." Miss Epstein prefers to use a range of names, from "light chai" to "espresso", to describe her wares.

Well I'm kind of bummed about this because I love Hanky Panky (and it's Made in the USA!). Miss Epstein please stick to what you do best - undergarments!!

The designer - who is the one that described the dress as 'nude' - is Indian (from India, not 'Native American').
The row must be baffling for the designer in question - Naeem Khan, who was born and raised in Mumbai and now works in the US. He declined to comment yesterday but previously spoke of his delight at being chosen to make the dress for Mrs Obama.

While the debate is conducted in the US over whether the term "nude" should be consigned to fashion history, Indian designers are wondering what all the fuss is about. No kidding!!!

Vijay Arora said: "'Nude' covers an array of shades like whites, pinks, yellows, beiges, ivories and browns, so why get bogged down by terminology?"
Another prominent designer, Anjana Bhargav, said there was "nothing politically incorrect" about the term. "Every word can be used differently and, in fashion, it's the colour of your skin."

Confirmed: North Korea attacked and sank the Cheonan


US, UK "outraged."

When enemies feel they can act with impunity...

Obama waves the White Flag: "We are defined not by our borders"

Straight from the mouth of a President whose administration spends more time demonizing and fretting about Tea Parties than it does dealing with the countless crimes arising from illegal immigrants entering the United States of America. A President who has cut anti-terror funding to New York City. A President whose Attorney General cannot identify Radical Islam. A President who refuses to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers who engaged in voter intimidation on election day. A President who bows to America's enemies and grovels before human rights abusers.

America's President is ready to surrender his country. I hope the American people are not.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The War on Muffintops

Sultan Knish writes:
Seen in that light, the roots of the Obesity Obsession become obvious as class prejudice. And Michelle Obama's hectoring of Americans over obesity rings as hollow as Marie Antoinette's Let Them Eat Cake. Both represent upper class arrogance. Only the context has changed from Let Them Eat Cake to Let Them Eat Arugula. The point of such arrogance is not the actual improvement of the people that they consider the lower classes. It's about elevating themselves above them by making that mark of distinction. A particularly pathetic gesture from Michelle Obama who has no class at all, only money and status borrowed from her husband's usefulness as a political tool for the radical left and its non-profit camp followers.


The idea of class and weight is true. The idea of class and physical fitness is also true. Like most women (who are actually honest), I worry about my weight and this has led me to read various health and fitness books. Last year I read a book called 'Good Calories, Bad Calories' written by Gary Taubes. It is a looong book full of chapters about research and methodology *yawn,* but it made some very interesting points; one being the idea that physical fitness and 'working out' is all about class. Why are unfit people often referred to as couch potatoes? Because people who are overweight watch too much tv, or so the mainstream would like us to believe. Have you ever heard someone comment that an overweight person 'obviously spends too much time reading'? I doubt it. Taubes highlights this idea in a chapter of his book and discusses it in detail.

Health and fitness are all about class. In the UK (where a class system is still rigidly in place) people of a certain social strata will refuse to shop at certain grocery chains because in their eyes they are not up to snuff. If you tell people here you work-out, they will immediately ask you what gym you belong to and based on your answer will try to estimate your income level and social position.

OK I have to stop because now I want to blog about food. SMW made a recipe from the Andy Griffith cookbook for dinner tonight and it smells delicious. What could be classier than Mayberry?

Fatwas will be issued

No doubt.

Do you know this piece of scum who pushed a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs?

Take a good look and if you do contact the Met:

More images and details here.

Surprise (for real): UN official criticizes African politicians

"We cannot turn a blind eye to corruption, nepotism and tyranny," Ms. Migiro told the opening ceremony of the Africa21 conference called to discuss challenges facing Africa in the 21st century.

Um, actually I think that is what the UN does every day. But I digress...

"We cannot allow the will of the people to be thwarted by electoral fraud and constitutional changes of government or manipulation of the law to keep vested interests in power," said Ms. Migiro, who did not mention any leader by name.

Just for fun:

This is Chantal Biya, First Lady of Cameroon. So many things to comment on; the hair, the nails, the earrings - is this where the UN's money is going?

Apparently I'm not the only one furious....

Furthermore, the actions of the court clerk, challenging Mr Molloy in open court followed by her approach to one of the mothers, necessitates her immediate withdrawal from any court in the land.

These letters stop what little hope I have left for Britain from completely disappearing.

I believe that the magistrates' system has been brought into disrepute by her actions..
He added: ‘I am perfectly capable and will not give up my role as a magistrate. I was saying it how it is and how people will understand. It reflects how things are today, I forgot to be politically correct.'

The UK is screwed.

Can any words actually describe what a pathetic mess this formerly great country is?

Instead of dealing with real problems like this, tax money is used to pay wardens to deal with non problems like this.

Al Qaeda bomber who plotted World Cup Attack released from US custody in 2009

Obama and Holder's winning strategy:

Next month's soccer World Cup in South Africa was the target of an Al Qaeda attack according to Iraqi security personnel. The mastermind was reportedly a man who had already killed 166 Iraqis in various bombings -- after his release by the Obama administration last year.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Commission to review Human Rights Act (also known as Cultural Suicide Act)

The coalition government is to create a commission to review the Human Rights Act following a successful bid by two terror suspects to avoid deportation.
Abid Naseer and Ahmad Faraz Khan, both 23, had argued that they would face torture or death in Pakistan.

Don't get your hopes up, this will go nowhere. But people are pissed.

The question is, how mad are they and how long will it last?

Harper to take on Global Bank Tax

Please, please let Harper and his crew know that you are behind them on this one.
It is a big deal and he is going to have a major, major battle.

To my Non-Canadiain readers,
Get on the horn to your own elected officials and tell them you do not want this tax!!

A handful of Conservative government cabinet ministers will give speeches to select audiences at home and abroad Tuesday, voicing Ottawa's opposition to the push for an international bank tax that is backed by European governments.
It is a tactic Prime Minister Stephen Harper has chosen to give maximum exposure to his government's push to kill the proposed tax, which the Conservatives say will unfairly punish prudent Canadian banks.

It might sound like a good idea, as people try and spin the 'oh it's so we don't have to use taxpayers dollars for future bailouts' but it is not. Do you really want CIBC, BMO, TD, RBC, etc to be bailing out Greek banks because the EU forced every bank in the world to contribute to their slush fund? If you're answer to that is 'I don't care,' then look at it this way: This money will have to come from somewhere - do you want to pay higher bank fees so that your bank can bailout some over leveraged foreign bank that has been allowed to run wild by the EU?

Say it loud and say it proud: SCUMBAGS!!!!

Magistrate who called vandals 'scum' loses job:

Austin Molloy yesterday stood by his comments, insisting that the boys needed to realise it was wrong to have desecrated a cathedral.
Mr Molloy, a company director with 18 years experience on the magistrates bench, said he discovered he had been relieved of the chairman role when he attended Blackburn Magistrates Court on Friday.

He has not been told when he will be allowed to return.
The incident happened on Thursday during the sentencing of two 16-year-old boys from Darwen who had written racist and sexually abusive words in prayer books and damaged a priceless John the Baptist cross.
During sentencing Mr Molloy told the boys: "Normal people would consider you absolute scum."
But the court clerk challenged Mr Molloy in open court, saying he had used "inappropriate language".
She then encouraged one of the boys mothers to go ahead with her plans to make an official complaint.
Yesterday Mr Molloy, 57, from Darwen, defended his criticism of the boys.
He said: "It was a considered decision made by all three magistrates on that day.
"In my view and in the view of other colleagues, the clerk overstepped herself and overreacted quite far.
He added: "They needed to be told off. The courts need to start looking after the victims rather than the criminals.
"I am perfectly capable and will not give up my role as a magistrate. I was saying it how it is and how people will understand. It reflects how things are today, I forgot to be politically correct."

I think these kids are scum. I think their mother is scum. And I think the douchbag courtroom clerk is an oversensitive, coddled, politically correct, enabling, twit with an overwhelming sense of entitlement and a boulder size chip on her shoulder.

Sue me.

British Airways: Let them strike!

The Guardian has an article up about BA worker's human rights being violated because they can't strike or something, blah blah blah (link here if you want to see it). The main gist of their argument is that the injunction preventing BA from striking violates Freedom of Assembly. I say have at it.

Almost a year ago SMW made the decision to avoid flying BA if at all possible. After a series of cock-ups (as the British would say) I looked the girl at the ticket counter in the eye and said: 'When your company goes bankrupt and you all lose your jobs you will have no one to blame but your incompetent selves." Then I picked up my bag and headed over to the counter of another airline where I bought a new ticket and continued my journey. In the end, BA refunded my ticket, but it was too late to salvage this customer relationship.

The possible strike action has become a running joke amongst travelers. Other airlines are now taking out ads which openly mock the uncertainty that comes with booking a flight on BA. If the union wants to strike; go for it and let them deal with the consequences. If you're still booking flights with BA, well, you can deal with your consequences too.

America's Silence Speaks Volumes

With hardly a whisper of protest by the United States, the UN General Assembly yesterday bestowed a seat in the world body's Human Rights Council to Moammar Khadafy's Libya.Which is worse? That the vote was a landslide for Libyan membership? Or that America failed to raise a voice in condemnation? We'll pick silence by the U.S. because it showed a disturbingly tolerant attitude by the globe's primary hope for moral leadership.The assembly gave 155 of 188 ballots to a country where speaking your mind can be a capital offense, while also electing other tyrannies - Angola, Qatar, Mauritania and Malaysia - by even larger margins.U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice lamely sighed that the Human Rights Council "remains flawed," and she declined to say whether she had voted against Libya.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph...

Monday, 17 May 2010

Today's Economics Lesson:

The bad news is that the outburst of fiscal virtue is likely to strangle in its infancy the anemic European recovery—the EU and euro zone grew at an annual rate of only 0.2% in the first quarter, Spain's economy grew a tiny 0.1%, and Portugal's growth rate of 1% was the highest in the EU. Unlike Germany, with an export machine that will be helped by the falling euro, the drop in the euro will provide no such stimulus to the non-competitive economies on the euro zone periphery to offset fiscal tightening.
So cuts in spending and increases in taxes are likely to throw those economies back into recession. That will reduce tax receipts, further widening the fiscal deficits. Even worse, prices have already begun to fall in Ireland and Portugal, which might cause consumers, already hard hit, to rein in spending even more in anticipation of further falls in prices.
It is difficult to predict whether the euro can withstand the social tensions created by this deleveraging of public sector finances. My guess is that it will: the ruling classes have too big a stake in the European "project" to allow the euro to pass into history as an interesting experiment.

Eurocracy reigns supreme. But for how long?

Flea proves he is smarter than a 4th grader....

The calculated illiteracy of the Western world is no accident but a slaughterhouse chute for liberty.

I cannot be alone in finding the value system and worldview of the average American fourth-grader at work in an electorate prepared to make Barack Obama President of the United States, an instance of reasoning with "the intellectual sophistication of a superstitious children" if there ever was one. We are three generations into the infantilization of the West. At this rate, there won't be a fifth generation to indoctrinate.

"We can win this if our hands weren't tied behind our backs"

God bless American troops and their families.

Allow me to share the story of Opal Naylor, married to her husband for 68 years. Opal has spent the last 39 years taking care of her son, Darrell Naylor, who was rendered comatose after a landmine strike while serving in the Republic of Vietnam on April 14, 1967.

Great News: Over 50% of police are not actual police

On Saturday evening SMW and her husband were returning home and came across an intoxicated man who had assaulted a woman. When the two male police officers arrived on the scene, the woman (ie the victim) did more to detain the suspect than the 'officers.'

One force now has more civilian staff than officers. The relentless drive to replace traditional policemen and women is damaging the resilience of the service, the Police Federation warns.
The number of "unaccountable, unidentifiable" police staff has almost doubled in the last decade while officer numbers have risen by just 16 per cent, research for the organisation has found.

Just another reminder that if you cannot look out for yourself you should not be walking the streets of London.

When will Bolton run for President?

Oh if only he would.

Mark Your Calendars: Bat Ye'or is coming to Canada!

Go hear what she has to say!

The Gospel of Marci

Did you know that Frank Klees was a Baptist minister? And that he introduced a bill to certify a particular Christian college?
No? Neither did Klees!
If I were him, and had been falsely called a Baptist minister in a book, I promise you I would not stop lording it over all my friends, insisting that they call me The Reverend Ezra.
'Cause Marci said so!
'Cause it's proof of the conspiracy!
'Cause she's got to sell some books!
'Cause Random House didn't bother fact-checking her!

Miss USA funded by terror supporter

And nobody cares. Now, if she had said she believed marriage should be between a man and a woman, or that she supports Arizona's immigration law, then people would be upset. On the other hand, having your pageant bid funded by a guy who supports a group that savagely murdered hundreds of US troops? No big deal.

Debbie Schlussel reports that Rima Fakih's successful bid for Miss USA was funded by "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad.
She also notes that Farouk Shami was one of the pageant's main sponsors.
Oh and Rima Fakih won. Miss USofAllah.

Toronto Police Brainstorms Potential Victims...

But the CJC says 'No Shiksa for you!'

Friday, 14 May 2010

Man of the Week: Lars Vilks

He won't back down.

What you get is a mob deciding what can be discussed at the university," Vilks said."I'm ready to go up again. This must be carried through. You cannot allow it to be stopped," he added.

Barbara Kay is one admirable lady....

Watch her talking about feminism, university campuses, free speech, and....the librarians!
If SMW did 'Lady of the Week' she would get this week's honours.

Her talk is just under an hour, but it is worth watching. Watch it over breakfast, lunch, or when you're in that mid-afternoon lull. : )

Here is part one.

LA Times Poll Gone Wrong.....

94% vote to say that LA should NOT boycott Arizona.


Libya Elected to UN Human Rights Council

What. A. Joke.

Remember this the next time you even consider taking the UN seriously.

Here is a good interview given by Hillel Neuer about the vote - just note it is in French.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

"What was the New York Times doing while the Nazi killing machine was in full swing?"

Daniel Greenfield pens a great piece on New (and Old) Media. Here is a taster, but do go and read the whole thing.

What was the New York Times doing while the Nazi killing machine was in full swing? The same thing it's doing now while Jews are being murdered by Islamic terrorists. While a madman in Iran is building nuclear weapons with genocide on his mind. They buried the story.New Media is vital to Jewish survival, because it allows our interests to be heard, not just those of the same people who think the world would be a better place without Israel in it. While the Holocaust was happening, newspapers like the New York Times buried the news in small paragraphs on Page 19. 300,000 Jews killed here. 70,000 machine gunned there. Just numbers, statistics. Nothing anyone cared about.Instead the Times warned about alarmists who would disrupt what FDR was trying to accomplish. And the Jewish leaders listened to them. And 6 million died.

Obama to join group that blames Israel for bad Muslim-Western Relations

The Obama administration is preparing to join an international advisory group that the U.S. has largely shunned due to fears it would adopt anti-Israeli and anti-Western stances, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

The officials told The Associated Press the administration plans to announce as early as this week that it will begin a formal relationship with the Alliance of Civilizations.

True colours.

Jordanians to burn Israeli products in public purge

In addition to the dissemination of lists of Israeli-made products so that simple Jordanians can know what not to buy, a mass burning will be held this Saturday. Fruits and vegetables from Israel will be collected from the market in Jordan's capital Amman and will be publicly burnt.

Seventy-seven years ago this week another group of people gathered to publicly burn Jewish products.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

American Eagle goes......

All ways???

Men will be allowed to wear women's clothing when they work there, and women will be allowed to dress like men! Progress!
"The chain store also has agreed to train its staff on transgender issues - like which pronouns to use when referring to workers and customers."


Cross-examining the moderator, defence solicitor David Gottlieb pointed out that the pseudonym was the name used by character David Gribble in television show King of the Hill when ordering a pizza.
Mr Gottlieb said: “Gribble is a heavy smoking gun fanatic who believes any conspiracy theory available.
“Would that describe you in real life?”

Heh. Yet another reason to make a donation to Rusty and his crew at Jawa Report.

CSIS Worried about Homegrown Terror *UPDATED*

Welcome Fleas and Furballs,
*UPDATED see below*

The most worrisome terrorist trend in Canada is the increase in second- and third-generation Canadians who have become so "appallingly disenchanted" with life here they are contemplating or engaging in violence at home or abroad, the country's top spy says.
Such recruits to terrorism are relatively integrated into Canada — economically and socially — but for whatever reason, they develop connections to their former homeland and reject the essence of Canadian values, he said.

This is worrying, but not surprising. There are two prongs to this: first there are parents who are pushing extremist views on their kids at home (an entirely different issue from what I will discuss below). The second, and an area where decisive action lacks - is influence and propaganda - Do-It-Yourself Radicalization.

At some point, like most teenagers, these second and third generation Canadians take an interest in their family history. Sometimes Mom and Dad are happy to share stories, anecdotes, and their own thoughts with the kids. However there are also times when Mom and Dad are trying to forget the lives they left in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, etc. This does not stop a kid from wanting to know. Where does the child turn? The Internet, the library, the Masjid - wherever they can find someone willing to give them information, someone who can give them a sense of belonging and heritage. Most adults have a hard time figuring out propaganda from fact, myth from reality; teenagers will often go with whatever information stirs up their emotions.

It is not a secret that many teenagers are prone to the victim mentality; it's not just a societal thing, it is an age thing. How many times has your own kid told you something wasn't fair? Imagine then where all these roads meet: these second and third generation Canadians are in their library pouring over books on the Middle East - books that tell them they had a rich, amazing, history of being warriors and building up civilization. These books are in the library you say? Yes, they are and not just the public library - they are in the high school library.

Who orders the books for high school libraries in Ontario? The librarian, and sometimes teachers themselves put in special requests. This is not to suggest that there is some kind of conspiracy to fill high school libraries with propaganda (although it very well may happen given the OSSTF/CUPE connections and the number of these union members involved with the PSC). The simple fact is that generally you have one or two librarians, who cannot be experts on everything, so when they need a book on a certain subject they go online, look around, then order whatever appears to be the best. I doubt you will find very many librarians at Canadian high schools with an in depth knowledge of Saudi funded projects or anti-Western, anti-Israel academics. So the books are ordered, sometimes they are great, other times they are not, but either way some kid signs it out and takes it home to read.

After getting pumped up about their history, kids are on the internet reading that they are victims, that their great civilization has been destroyed, that nobody likes them, that everywhere they go people are judging them, that if Israel would just give up its sovereignty and America would roll over and play dead, the Muslim world would be able to rebuild its greatness, that if Jews and Christians had not messed everything up the world would be a better place. In chat forums people tell them how the West has no morals; it seems to jive with what they have been reading, and suddenly they have a cause. They are part of this great civilization, this morally superior religion that has been victimized and vilified through a terrible serious of injustices. 'Something has to be done!' the student decides. And so, the snowball begins. Devouring propaganda, hitting up the online chat forums, figuring out how to take action.

Maybe the kid starts to make some offhanded comments about Jews or Israel at school - but the teacher does not say much because they are worried about cultural sensitivities. Maybe he starts isolating himself from his friends - but they just think he is getting all religious on them.
Mom and Dad are blissfully unaware. They work 12 hour days trying to build a new life for the kids, far from the politics they left behind. Their work prevents them from spending much time with their kids, and so they do not realize that those politics were not left on the other side of an ocean, they are in their kid's bedroom.

The impact of propaganda, curriculum and literature is immense. When books are not checked, when there is no mythbusting, we lose. Big time. Many kids spend more time at school and with their teachers than with their parents. In Europe some school districts are dropping controversial subjects like the Holocaust. Yes, the Holocaust is controversial if you have a large proportion of students with a certain ethnic/religious background. I do not believe Canada's education system is broke (unlike the UK's which seems beyond repair), but if Canadians fail to take seriously what is being taught in schools, who is teaching it, and what material is made available to their kids it will allow for a continual downward slide à la United Kingdom.


Note: Before you send me hate mail saying I hate teachers and that I am accusing them of turning students into terrorists, take a deep breath and count to 10. Then reread the above. Teachers (well none that I know) are not turning kids into terrorists - what SMW is saying is that kids are trying to teach themselves and when there is no filter on the material that they have access to, when they are being taught myth over historical fact, when unions that run the school system are anti-Israel and anti Western values, it paves the way for some scary results. I know there are many incredible teachers out there, ones who teach kids to be critical thinkers and who leave their politics at home. They taught me. ; )

UPDATE: An American Case Study: Why you need to know who teaches your kids

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mayor Bloomberg in London so Boris Johnson can show him CCTV

Yes, because there are only so many t-shirt vendors to go around. New York could really use a good surveillance system to catch all those angry Obamacare opponents.

Boris Johnson is hosting Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York on a visit to London today, showing him some of the successes of London's war against crime and terrorism.
London's mayor is talking up Operation Blunt 2, the clampdown on knife crime. But there's no mention in the Mayor's press release of the fact that knife crime is up year-on-year in the capital or of the fact that eight of the 11 teenagers murdered in London since January 1 have been stabbed to death.

A wise lady once told me; "Never take advice from someone more messed up then you are."

Ten Years After Israel Withdrew from Lebanon....

Caroline Glick writes:

The withdrawal was a military defeat. It weakened Israel and strengthened Hizbullah. Without the security zone, Israel had no buffer between its civilian population and Hizbullah. For its part, Hizbullah set itself up in the IDF’s abandoned fortifications and imposed its full control over south Lebanon.Israel’s strategic incoherence and incompetence after the withdrawal was showcased just four months later. When Hizbullah forces penetrated Mount Dov and kidnapped soldiers Benny Avraham, Omar Sawayid and Adi Avitan, Barak had no idea what to do. So he did nothing. The soldiers were killed and Israel released hundreds of terrorists from its prisons to secure the return of their bodies four years later. Interestingly, the names Avraham, Sawayid and Avitan didn’t make it into Yediot’s 10-year anniversary retrospective.

Viva Los 1070

Clark said the security guards then removed him and his friends from their seats, but they were later allowed to return after discussing the matter with the Suns’ security director.
They were allowed to keep their pro-1070 shirts on right-side out. Clark said he later received a call from Suns president Rick Welts, who apologized for the incident and is giving Clark four seats to the next 10 Suns games. Clark said Welts still defended the Suns’ stance against the immigration bill.
The Suns did not comment on the episode. Clark said he plans on wearing the pro-1070 again, and he might print up some more shirts to sell.

I like it.

Nazis get official victim status

Must be a tough pill for Dear Bernie to swallow.

Stop Qaddafi from joining UN Human Rights Council

The fact that it's even possible for him to get on it tells you what a sham this entire circus is.

Anyway - that's no reason to be idle on this - CLICK HERE to take action.

The elections take place this Thursday, May 13. It's not too late for the US and EU to rally 96 out of 192 UN member states to block Qaddafi. But we need to encourage them.According to the UN’s own criteria, council members “shall uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights.” Does Libya qualify?

That's a rhetorical question, right?

Monday, 10 May 2010

About that immigration law......

Check these videos out.

Shop Arizona!

Happy Mother's Day.....


In Britain you cannot have your cake, or eat it

Nurseries ban cake:

The "Pre-School Nutrition Project", which was set up by Knowsley Borough Council and Chester University, sets out strict rules for nurseries which critics claimed risk "spoiling childhood".
Sweets and cakes brought in for children's birthdays cannot be eaten in the nursery, but must be handed to parents at the end of the day.

Rest in Peace Marcin Bilaszewski

A brave young gentleman who, being a gentleman, tried to protect his girlfriend from a likely stoned psychopath outside Finsbury Park Station.

It cost him his life.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Sopranos Star says Obama is watching 'Jersey Shore' instead of taking care of America

Friday afternoon fun!!

Click on this link to see the video of Soprano's star Steve Shirripa answer a papparazzo's questions about Jersey Shore. Watch it till the end, when the pap tells him that Obama recently gave one of his famous 'shout-outs' to a Jersey Shores star, then watch Shirripa's response.

Men of the Week: SAS Soldiers

Thank God there are still some real men left in Britain.

The elite unit was pushed to the brink of mutiny after it was banned from saving the SAS soldiers captured by militants because to do so would embarrass the Government.The astonishing edict drove SAS officers close to mass resignation, according to a hardhitting report by the Tory MP Adam Holloway, a former Guards officer.The SAS Lieutenant-Colonel on the ground, believing that ‘politically motivated’ commanders in the UK were ‘unable to make rational and effective decisions’, sent in a rescue team anyway – fearful that within hours the captured men could have been spirited away or executed.

Thank you Flea for this story which lifted my spirits on an otherwise dreary post-election day.

There are the people in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood.....

Despite the efforts of police and community leaders, life in the infamous Finsbury Park has not changed that much.

Inspector Mariner said: "All except one of the 31 people inside were Algerian. It seemed to be some sort of first port of call for immigrants arriving in Finsbury Park from abroad. One guy told us he had come into the UK on the back of a lorry three days earlier, but it was awful how these people were living. We only found out what was going on six weeks ago, when officers on patrol in the Nag's Head stopped someone and went there to check his address.
"I've been in the police for 13 years and worked in four boroughs and I've never seen anything like it. You come across similar squalor in smaller crack houses, but I've never seen anything on that scale before - none of us have."

Meanwhile nearby...

The group had been enjoying the warm weather and were dressed in casual clothes as they had a kick-around on an area of grass adjacent to Seven Sisters Road.
But the afternoon took a violent turn when the Somali friends clashed with a group of predominantly West Indian males who had not been playing football, and started a fistfight.
Then a third group, made up of about 15 young, black men, in their mid to late teens, appeared from further inside the park on foot and some on bicycles and rushed in and joined the fight.

TWO youth workers honoured for setting up a football team to keep teenagers away from knife crime were stabbed during their weekly kickabout in Finsbury Park.Omar Abdullahi and Amin Husein were among four members of the JUBBA youth team who were knifed by a gang who refused to give their ball back.
One thousand youngsters have been involved in events organised by JUBBA - including an anti-racism Kick Islamophobia football tournnament. One told the audience at the Civic Awards how his links with Jubba had kept him off the streets and kept him out of trouble, changing his life and calming hus worried mother's fears for his safety.

And not far away....
Acting Detective Sergeant Emma Bird, who is leading the investigation from Islington CID, said: "We haven't got many witnesses but as far as we know the victim was standing at the bus stop near the Planet Kebab shop at the Archway end of Junction Road when a man started insulting him. For no apparent reason, the man then attacked him, stabbing him six times in the back and once in the ear. "Police arrived to find the victim sat on the pavement drenched in his own blood and suffering stab wounds.

Voters in Britain Turned Away from Polling Stations

There were also growing concerns over the number of people who were unable to vote because of queues at polling stations.
There were reports of people being turned away from as officials struggled to cope. This could lead to parties legally challenging the result.
Voter turnout was forecast to have been more than 70 per cent.

This is true. I have heard first hand accounts of dozens, if not hundreds of people being turned away from voting by election officials and police - and this is in only one consitutency - despite being in line to vote prior to 9:50pm.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

Say it again: Ground Zero Mosque.

Toronto School Board wants to digitize textbooks

Idiots. You can read all my comments in the comment section at the link.

Just the latest great idea brought to you by a 'Community Organizer.'

Viva America....er.........

Unless you're the vice-principal at Live Oak High School. Here America bad. Very bad.

Ay carumba!

Then again, he is just following Obama's example.

If, If, If and the growing 'Eurocracy'

Good read from The WSJ:

It is difficult to tell just how effective the Greece bailout will be in stemming the contagion spreading to other euroland countries. There are too many ifs. Spain's debt-to-GDP ratio is only about half that of Greece's, and it might escape further downgrading of its debt if its socialist government can be frightened out of its lethargy. But with president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero insisting the worst is over, stasis is more likely than action. Italy tapped the bond markets for €6.5 billion last week, and found investors relatively eager to buy its IOUs at rates below those on outstanding debt. If it can stick with the spending cuts engineered by finance minister Giulio Tremonti, and bring down its deficit, running at 5.2% of GDP (Greece's is 13.6%), Italy might avoid a downgrade. Portugal has tightened and accelerated its austerity program, and might avoid a further downgrade if it follows through. Ireland's economic-stabilization program and its recapitalization of its banks are deemed to be working, and if the Irish continue to remain on their couches and in their pubs rather than take to the streets, the flow of red ink might abate before the nation's debt level becomes unmanageable. And if British voters put a deficit-cutting government in place on Thursday, the nation might avoid losing its triple-A rating.
Even if all of these ifs come to pass, the world will not return to any semblance of its pre-crisis condition. The days of national fiscal policy determination are over in Europe. EU President Herman Van Rompuy is calling for the creation of an "economic government" run from Brussels, and European Commission chief José Barroso claims the Lisbon Treaty gives him the power of "economic management." National sovereignty takes another hit, courtesy of the Greece crisis and the ever-ready eurocracy.

Non-news story of the day: Bias at the BBC

Daily Mail reports on BBC's 'journalism.'

I am not postulating a great anti-Tory conspiracy in the upper echelons of the BBC, though it is certainly the case that the Corporation faces more stringent cutbacks from the Tories than are likely under any other party, and some of its senior executives are known to be concerned about David Cameron's allegedly close relationship with James Murdoch, son of the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.
Both Murdochs loathe the BBC.
But the BBC's panjandrums hardly need encourage their journalists in what is really a natural labour of love.
It is not simply that the Lib Dems' drum, and occasionally Labour's, have been banged at the expense of the Tories.
There has been a near absence of discussion about immigration and Europe, two issues on which the Tories enjoy strong public support, and which concern many people. They are not taken seriously by the BBC.

No kidding. Next you'll be telling me The Guardian is anti-Israel...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Voter Fraud in London

The thing is, there is no great outrage about this story. Yes, some people are upset, but overall there is a feeling of resignation. Why? Because most people are not really surprised by it. And if that doesn't give you a clear picture of what British politics are like today than I don't know what will.

Closet Conservative: 'Slutification of Girls Continues'

Indeed it does.

What is so rewarding about having your daughter projecting a slutty image?
Three words: Money. Fame. Money.

Everyone wants their kid to be the next Britney Spears, that is until they turn out to be like Britney Spears.

Poor Brit Brit. Flashback to when she was a teenager.

On the Pill...

Are women happier today than they were before the Pill? They should be, but, according to a 2009 study in the American Economic Journal, "The paradox of declining female happiness," "[W]omen's happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men [over the past 35 years] .... and [the decline] is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries."
How can an innovation so liberating in principle not have resulted in expanded happiness for its targeted demographic?

Geert Wilders needs someone to show him the money!

More here.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

German man marries his cat

For real. Except, well it's not legal in Germany. But, you know, it probably will be soon.

Human rights and stuff.

Will he get a widower's pension?

The number of 'near misses' keeps growing...

And nothing seems to change.

This is going to piss off a lot of people, especially Muslim countries. No, especially people in the State Department. I no longer care.
Political Islam is every bit as dangerous as Communism. This does not mean that each and every Marxist was dangerous during the Cold War, only that Marxists were much more likely to be communists with sympathies to the Soviet Union than, say, libertarians.
I'm sorry if this hurts the feelings of Muslims who are under the impression that sharia is just about marriage and banking. It's not. And I don't care how much you "reform" it. You remind me of the academic Marxists always complaining that Communism really was awesome, it was just implemented wrong. Like, every time it was tried.
Go. Read.

Men of the Week: Lance Horton & Duane Jackson

Alright, I was away on Friday so am posting this a bit late - but these guys deserve it.

Lance Horton and Duane Jackson were suspicious of a vehicle left parked in Times Square, they alerted authorities and.....yes....this vehicle had been left running with a bomb inside. You can read more about these men here. Oh, and they're Veterans!

'Stylist' publishes article about prejudice against Christians in UK

When I opened the magazine and saw this I thought 'I must be losing it.' It's real.

Unforuntatley SMW can't cut/paste or do anything with the article - but if you visit this link and go to page 34 you will see a three page article discussing prejudices faced by Christians across the UK (it's pretty light and fluffy, but it's there).

My biggest qualm with the article is this quote:
Of course, Christians in Britain don't face anything like the real dangers of imprisonment and inhumane treatment that some of their fellow believers around the world experience. However it is still remarkable that an institution that was once a central pillar of our society should now feel marginalized and discriminated against.

I guess this article was published before Dale McAlpine's arrest.

Regardless, you may want to consider dropping the staff at Stylist a note and thanking them for having the guts to feature this issue in their magazine.

"Extremism is not just running though these places of education: it is galloping

What is going on at British taxpayer-funded universities is shocking. Extremism is not just running through these places of education: it is galloping,” said Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor. “My ears are ready and waiting to hear the strongest condemnation of this behaviour both from the heads of campus and the local authorities.”

Last week Tayla Lador-Fresher gave a talk at the University of Manchester - her presentation had already been rescheduled once due to security concerns.

Protests flared up inside the Renolds Building as Lador-Fresher gave her speech and answered audience questions. Several activists in the audience stood and covered their faces with bandanas, which bore the emblem of the Israeli flag.
One prominent member of Action Palestine was cheered when he stood in front of the audience and held a Palestinian flag. He remained there for the duration of the debate.
Audience members shouted the word “rubbish” at the Deputy Ambassador when she claimed there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Chants from protestors outside could be heard in the auditorium.

However this behaviour did not stop at 'shouting:'
“When we finished I could not get out of the university building. The demonstrators saw me on the way to the car and they started running towards me.
“The security team rushed me back into the building and we were standing in the corridor for a few minutes.”
The diminutive deputy ambassador was eventually escorted through a back door to a security vehicle but the demonstrators discovered the evacuation plan and surrounded the car.
Ms Lador-Fresher said: “They were screaming and shouting. Two of them were on the bonnet trying to break the windscreen. It was very unpleasant.
“I don’t think they wanted to kill me but I genuinely believed they wanted to physically hurt me. If I had not had the police and security team I would have been beaten up.”

Dear Ms Lador-Fresher,
Never underestimate the hatred which grips your enemies.

PS - Anyone else think we should recommend twinning University of Ottawa with the University of Manchester??