Thursday, 29 April 2010

Secret Service Calls in the SWAT to scare off grandma!

First: In the UK, at left-wing protests, the SWAT team comes out only as a last possible resort. Why? Aside from the fact that police here are completely emasculated and very few take them seriously, it is because the left goes completely mental when they see SWAT/riot police. Yes, they say that simply by wearing the riot helmets and shields they are antagonizing protesters. SMW has seen first hand that trotting out a few guys in blue helmets can result in chaos. But this is rarely mentioned in the media.

Next: Why, oh why did SWAT called out for these grandmas singing God Bless America? Don't tell me it is because Obama was in the building - the Secret Service men and women provide outstanding protection for the President. I have seen the Presidential motorcade (Obama's)leaving 10 Downing Street and driving around London - these guys are amazing and they certainly did not need any (visible) riot police, despite many people in the streets and surrounding area. There were cops with automatic weapons out and about, but those were local LEOs and they have to carry autos since police here do not normally carry any weapons, plus it was the G20 so this was not just about Obama.

Did the local SWAT team need a training exercise today?

After thinking about this for a bit another thought has crossed my mind. What if someone, somewhere wants a 'Tea Partier" or protestors to have an altercation with police? Lie after lie has been told about the kind of people at these events, somebody, somewhere must be salivating at the idea that a possible 'altercation' could occur with police outside of a building the President was in. And believe you me, this would get non-stop coverage on all media outlets. Fortunately, patriots are not antagonized as easily as moonbats. Even though they might think it is ridiculous, excessive, un-necessary, they know that these men are simply acting on orders to protect the President. The question is who called in the SWAT and why?