Friday, 23 April 2010

Russia, Terror and Georgia

Daniel Greenfield writes:

Because beyond the politics, there's the question of conscience. While the countries involved are far away, this debate carries a burden of flesh and blood. Russian propaganda claims that Georgia is in league with Muslim terrorists operating in its territory, and that Georgian leaders are actively involved in planning attacks on it. Russia has tried to sell this same line before, but it has implications far beyond plain propaganda. By promoting and distributing this claim, those who do it are providing Russia with a casus belli for invading Georgia, the next time a terrorist attack happens in the Caucasus.Do you remember Russian tanks suppressing the uprising in Hungary? Do you remember them in the streets of Prague? Do you want part of the responsibility for those tanks in the streets of Tbilisi? Do you want the Muslim butcher of Gori roaming through a peaceful city, robbing, raping and murdering? Because this is not academic. This is not just about words in which no one gets hurt and we all go home afterward.