Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Proof Canadians are stupid

Canadians really enjoy making fun of Americans. Seriously. In some places it is almost a national past time. And that's not to say there is nothing to make fun of - no doubt we can all crack a few jokes at each other's expense. The real joke though is that Canadians particularly enjoy repeating phrases like "Americans are stupid" and "they don't know anything that goes on outside of their own country." The funny thing about this is that many Canadians know very little about what goes on in the United States. Yes, they know who the President is, they know the US has States, not provinces, and they know all their favourite American shopping centres and restaurants. But do Canadians know who controls Congress? Can they tell you anything about Nancy Pelosi or Henry Paulson? How much do they really know about American history and politics? In many cases, not much. And so you have this: Obama's popularity higher than ever in Canada. Because many Canadians do not have a clue. But they think they know alot. And they think they are better (kind of ironic since they say they hate Americans because of their 'we're the best' complex - apparently it is ok to think you are the best, as long as you don't actually say you think you are better).

Hmmmm someone who thinks they know alot, thinks they are better than everyone else and talks about Americans with a condescending tone??? No wonder Canadians love Obama.