Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"No one told face is a part" of eye contact....

You can't make this stuff up. Blazing Cat Fur has directed my attention to a letter written by Waleed AboZiad, the husband of a Québec CEGEP student at the centre of the 'ban the niqab' controversy. If I could sum it up in on word: wow.

This is worth reading for such gems as: "This is a big mistake as clothes, especially in the west, is not stable; it change every day, and if we consider clothes are affecting the cultural this mean that the cultural change each day so it is not a cultural then."

This was my favourite part:
They always teach us that eye contact is important in giving a speech, no one told that face is a part. A lot of people communicate by phone, through chat, as long as they hear each other it could happen, even by just hand movement it could be done.

Yes, 'hand movements' are always an effective method of communication. Now waiting for a campaign to allow niqab wearing students to give presentations in sign language.....