Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Nir Barkat takes his awesomeness to Washington

Recently SMW wrote about Nir Barkat's speech at Chatham House in London, well now he is in Washington with his tour de force (unfortunately it won't be enough force, but I am trying to enjoy the moment).

Barkat's talking points, an aide told POLITICO: The U.S. would not ask certain religions or races to stop building in a city, so it should not demand the same of Israelis in East Jerusalem.
The Obama administration's demands that Israel halt construction in East Jerusalem as a precondition for negotiations, is “setting an obstacle for peace,” the aide said.
Stephan Miller, a spokesman to the mayor, said asking for a freeze is “an illegal demand in the United States, and illegal in the state of Israel” and “Jerusalem will continue to expand and grow for the benefit of all residents equally.”