Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nick Clegg, Britain's XFactor PM?

Chas pretty much says everything I have been wanting to say and more, so over to him:

The Winston Churchill comparison is the stuff of such lunacy it hardly bears consideration here. But Nick Clegg as the next Barack Obama? He isn’t even the next Shirley Williams. He is an intellectually feeble opportunist who owes his prominence in his party to an almost apocalyptic famine of talent in the Liberal Democrat ranks. How many great figures can you name in that party? And why, if it was a party with any real up-and-coming talent, would the bigoted likes of Jenny Tonge not have been slung out years ago?
Most of Clegg’s newly-converted fans are unable to name a single policy in the Liberal Democrats manifesto. When I hear what a great orator he supposedly is I am reminded of his toe-curling performance at the Jewish News event last year.