Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Nanny State in Crisis

“I don't understand why the government doesn't just charter three or four cruise liners to bring us all home."
And really, why don't they? Given that vacationing is now considered a Human Right by the EU, it is only a matter of time before out tax money pays for little vacation vouchers to be sent to Council Estates across the UK so they too can experience this magic.

I understand being stranded in a foreign country and going to the Embassy for advice - but it is NOT (I repeat, NOT) up to the government to travel to the ends of the earth and bring you home because your flights are cancelled. This is not a war zone, and it might be inconvenient but it is not the government's responsibility. This entire fiasco is a classic example of how poorly the nanny state actually functions. They buckle under pressure and send Navy ships to pick up tourists in Spain - and now those Navy ships are adrift and waiting for instructions to return to the UK. What a joke.

Colonel Richard Kemp, former chairman of the Government's emergency Cobra committee, said: “I don’t think there was ever the intention to use these ships.
“One has got to ask whether it was an announcement made because of the general election.”
Admiral Lord Boyce, the former chief of the Defence Staff, said: “I don’t know what sort of contingency this operation qualifies for, these people are simply holidaymakers stranded abroad.
It is not a situation like the Lebanon in 2006 where people were in danger and had to be extracted from a war zone.”
A serving Navy officer said: “In my honest opinion this appears to be political gesturing as we are in the middle of an election campaign.”
Col Kemp added: “On Monday Gordon Brown made a statement saying that the ships would be diverted to move people from the Channel ports.
“Now he is saying there are ferries and these warships are on standby. I think the Government position has changed somewhat.
“I do not think it is appropriate to use British warships to bring people home, especially when there are obviously spare places on ferries.”

SMW knows several North American who were stranded in various places - one even in Libya - and they have all managed to make it back to London. It was not a smooth trip - but they used their brains and resources and got here. Seems other people are having a hard time thinking for themselves.

End note: If any of you read the name Col Richard Kemp and though it sounded for familiar, it is because Col Kemp is the awesome (totally awesome) guy who spoke out against the Goldstone Report at the UN (and other places) and testified in support of Israel. SMW thinks he is pretty awesome.