Thursday, 22 April 2010

Must watch: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Yesterday Debbie Schlussel posted about the documentary 'The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan:'

For years, I’ve repeatedly written about the myth of "Islamic modesty." It’s bunk, but we somehow assign an exoticism and strange respect for devout Muslims who actually engage in some of the worst sexual, immodest practices, including using young boys as sex slaves all over the Islamic world (something I’ve also written about).

She goes on to describe the documentary as a 'must watch,' and SMW agrees. There is some seriously disturbing stuff in this documentary - and it needs to be seen.
Don't expect any outcry though - it's Muslims hurting Muslims so who cares? "Cultural differences," you know.

If you click on the link to Debbie's blog above - she has posted the link to PBS's website where you can watch it. Unfortunately due to country restrictions the link did not work for me - however it is also on YouTube (in one full clip of 52 minutes) for UK users, click here to watch.

I had a phrase in mind to describe this documentary, but my mom reads this blog so......
Just watch it.