Monday, 12 April 2010

Experts want doctors to delay gender reveal for babies

When is it ok to kill your baby?

Two Canadian medical experts are calling for new guidelines that would bar doctors from telling parents the sex of their fetus until late in a pregnancy, calling it a subtle way to curb the practice of sex selection.
Writing in a major obstetrics journal recently, the bio-ethicist and doctor say physicians should delay imparting information on baby sex until it is too late for the woman to have an abortion with no questions asked.

People have abortions because it is 'not the right time' for them to have a kid, because it is 'unwanted,' because they are not happy with who the father is, because the kid might have some kind of physical or mental defect, because they 'can't afford' to have a child, because they are too young.......and all of these reasons are celebrated as a woman's right to choose. Yet if you abort your baby because it is not the gender you were hoping for it is bad, bad, bad and in some countries is causing serious demographic problems.

So, it is ok to kill your unborn child as long as you are not killing it because it is a girl/boy. Does anyone else see the sick irony that a 'woman's right to choose' has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of unborn little girls?