Thursday, 22 April 2010


"...if you haven't considered "greening your love life, you are still a total environmental disaster," according to Stefanie Iris Weiss, author of the recently released book, "Eco-Sex."

"How about going to a restaurant where you can eat a seductive menu based on organic, local food, which has produced less carbon dioxide before it ends up on your plate?" Weiss suggested.
She is hoping to steer people away from "dirty" sex toward eco-sex. That means:
• Hop on your bike for your next date and leave your car at home. (That means saying "adieu" to long-distance relationships.)
• Stop excessive spending on Valentine's Day. (It produces way too much trash anyway.)
• Wear comfy bamboo underwear.
• Don't be so keen on having babies. How about adopting a child instead or implementing a one-child policy?
Uh yeah cause the one child policy is working out so well for China.

OK I would bike for exercise. I'm not into excessive spending either. Aside from that - if any self emasculating weiner suggested any of these things to me on environmental grounds I would dump his Bamboo wearing ass on the spot (while wondering how I could have ever been stupid enough to agree to a date in the first place) then borrow my dad's pick-up, and drive to Michigan for an all day capitalist spending spree at Nordstrom's.

Actually that last part just sounds like a good idea anyway.