Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dieudonné performed in London

Last Wendesday I wrote about anti-semite and Iran funded "comedian" Dieudonné's scheduled performance at the Millenium Hotel in London. After it was brought to the hotel's attention they canned the event. However, yesterday SMW received an email informing her that Dieudonné did in fact perform over the weekend in London at the Institute of Electrical Engineers. [Please do not bombard them with phone calls - I spoke a staff member from the IEE this morning who told me that they did not know that Dieudonne was the scheduled performer until the afternoon of, and that at the time they did not know who he was. The staff member then continued (without me asking) to say that had they been aware of Dieudonné's0' background' they would have refused the event.]

Seismic Shock has a good round up of some of Dieudonné's performances, go and see for yourself what a sick puppy this guy is. Dieudonné has recently released a new song called "ShoahNanas" [Holocaust Pineapples] for children, and he spoke about it on Iran's Press TV.

Nathalie Rothschild penned a piece for The Telegraph arguing against banning Dieudonne. I agree with some of what she said. I do not think someone should be banned from the UK because they are 'offensive,' however I do support the right of private businesses to refuse Dieudonné's performances. Dieudonné can come to London and spew his garbage - but private business have a right to tell him his Jew hating filth is not welcome a their venue. Rothschild argues that preventing his performance will fuel victim culture:
Finally, preventing Dieudonné from performing will only fuel the victim culture that has given rise to the culture of offence-taking, which Dieudonné himself promulgates. His main gripe seems to be that the suffering of blacks and Muslims is insufficiently respected in France, while Jews get too much airtime, sympathy and funding. He has said he will continue to tear up his children’s school books "as long as our pain is not recognised". He claims that he is seeking justice for the descendants of slavery, which he believes Jews profited from in the fifteenth century – that was before they started spreading HIV in Africa, apparently.

The problem with this is that the culture of offence taking is NOT rational. People believe they are victims because they cannot accept responsibility for themselves. Dieudonné and his fans do not need anyone to fuel their fire - they pour their own accelerants on it every day because in the culture of victimhood there is always somebody else to blame. I highly doubt that a venue refusing to host his show is what led Dieudonné to believe Jews are responsible for the spread of HIV in Africa, and I doubt that the Millenium Hotel's refusal to host him has further radicalized him. Dieudonné is a conspiracy theorist, an antisemite, a nutcase who received frunding from Iran to spread anti semitic propoganda wherever he can. Dieudonné and his fans do not need a reason or an excuse to hate - they just do. By refusing his show the Millenium Hotel sent a message that Dieudonné's hate was not welcome in their house.

SMW wants to shine a light on Dieudonné and his sick fans and is having a very difficult time finding out who is promoting Dieudonné's UK tour. If anyone has any details feel free to email me.