Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Christian Nurse Loses Tribunal

Sadly this is not surprising, as the country formerly known as "Great Britain" continues to show that only one religion is welcome here (and it ain't Judaism or Christianity).

Wearing the old uniform, the cross was visible and she wore it safely for 30 years, Mrs Chaplin said.
When a new-style uniform was introduced, there were still no issues until she was asked to remove the necklace last summer
It was suggested she pin the crucifix inside her uniform but Mrs Chaplin could not accept that.
She explained: ''I was being asked to hide my religion and my faith. I found it disrespectful.''
In September a request to keep the cross pinned outside her uniform was turned down, she said.
This answer ''confirmed to me that they simply wanted to remove the visibility of the crucifix'', she said.

Meanwhile female muslim doctors allowed to wear disposable sleeves for 'modesty':
Staff in several hospitals had reportedly refused to expose their arms for hand washing and 'scrubbing in' procedures before surgery.
New guidance from the Department of Health said staff can wear disposable sleeves which are elasticated at the wrist and elbow when in contact with patients.
The guidance also states that using alcohol gel to cleanse hands between treating patients does not contravene strict Muslim rules on alcohol.
The guidance was drawn up following meetings between the Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the NHS group and Islamic scholars, chaplains, multi-faith representatives and infection control experts.

Consider it a Happy Easter greeting from the NHS and the British legal system.

I have never worn a crucifix, but this story has me seriously considering it.