Thursday, 29 April 2010

Chavez seizes private property and businesses

President Hugo Chavez has decreed the seizure of land from Venezuela's leading beer and food company and the takeover of three sugar mills in the latest government moves against private industry.
Chavez, who signed the decrees late on Tuesday, told Empresas Polar owner Lorenzo Mendoza his objections to the takeover of five plots of land in Barquisimetro city were unjustified.
"Don't provoke me, Mendoza, stay calm," Chavez said at a late-night cabinet meeting shown on live TV.
The socialist leader, who has built his political career on saying he will smash Venezuela's capitalist elite and redistribute wealth to the poor, had previously said Polar's prime land in Barquisimetro was needed for low-cost housing.

Hmmmmm. 'Don't provoke me.' A leader who built his career on saying he would smash the elite capitalists and redistribute wealth to the poor. Who wants to take from private enterprise to build low income housing. Sound familiar?