Friday, 16 April 2010

But it's art....

An exhibit featuring Nazi regalia and photos of an artist consummating his marriage to his porn-star wife has prompted the National Art Gallery to limit children's access to the showing.
Pop Life: Art in a Material World, on loan from London's renowned Tate Museum, will be the featured exhibition in Canada's premier gallery this summer.
The 11-room spectacle features work from pop artists Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and several others who were inspired by Warhol, who took subjects as banal as celebrity portraits and every day consumer goods and transformed them into works of art.
But the provocative nature of the exhibit has prompted the minister responsible for art in Canada to declare that he won't be attending the show the government has helped fund.
"I've made my personal judgment and I'm not interested in seeing the exhibition any more than I've already seen it," Heritage Minister James Moore said.

"I'm not the Minister of Good Taste," says Minister James Moore. Haha. I love it. Tell me again why our tax dollars are paying for porn to be on display in an 'art' gallery?