Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Abbas has a friend in Washington......

Since 2007, US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority and to PA-controlled NGOs reached nearly $2BN, in addition to $3.7BN contributed by the US to UNRWA since 1950. Has American foreign aid to Abbas advanced moderation, the pursuit of peace and US national security interests?
On April 20, 2010 Abbas named a Ramallah street in honor of Abu Jihad, the architect of PLO terrorism during 1965-1988. For example, Abu Jihad masterminded the March 11, 1978 Israeli Coastal Road Massacre - the hijacking two civilian buses, and murder of 38 civilians, including 13 children. He also orchestrated the March 1975 Tel Aviv Hotel Savoy Massacre, murdering seven civilians.
On March 11, 2010 Abbas -controlled TV and dailies (Al-Ayam and Al-Khayat Al-Jedida) praised Dalal Mughrabi - who commanded the Coastal Road Massacre - as a martyr. On January 16, 2010, Abbas announced that a major square in El-Bireh shall be named in honor of Mughrabi. The PA also named a Hebron girls’ school, a computers center, a summer camp and a sport tournament in honor of Mughrabi.
Abbas and Salam Fayyad authorize the transfer of monthly allowances to families of Palestinian “martyrs”/terrorists. They pay condolences visits to families of suicide bombers, acclaiming them as national heroes.
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So this is what you have to do to get invited to Obama's White House. (Yeah relax people I know Obama is not the first President to meet with this terrorist pig.)