Friday, 30 April 2010

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I leave you with this food for though.

The Collapse of the Family

Step outside the comfort zone of your own community for a moment and imagine what a society would look like in which 75 per cent of all children are born outside marriage.
That's a projection by the Office of National Statistics which suggests this could become a reality in as little as five years' time.

Why my children will NEVER attend public school in the UK

Ever. (And why I now refuse to work in them.)

In one class they rioted in a particularly egregious fashion, shouting and swearing at the top of their voices and pushing the furniture out of my room. One pupil puffed cigarette smoke in my face as my desk sailed out into the corridor. In the next few years of my career — though not at my current school, I hasten to add — my pupils turned the air blue with their swearing, dealt drugs under the table, chucked missiles out of the windows, set the bins alight, stole my stuff, put ripped cans underneath the fabric of my chair, threw sharp objects at me, criticised just about every aspect of my appearance, questioned me ruthlessly about my sexuality, locked me out of the room, ripped their work up in front of my face and refused to listen to anything I said.
You may be surprised that I actually haven’t found this misbehaviour the most appalling thing about teaching — after all, kids are kids, aren’t they? It’s getting the blame for their misbehaviour that really takes the biscuit.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Do you know these bastards?

Have you seen these two, young, black men?

They mugged a 79 year old man on the Toronto subway while everyone else sat around and did nothing. Send this video to everyone you know in the Tdot. Somebody knows these guys.

Secret Service Calls in the SWAT to scare off grandma!

First: In the UK, at left-wing protests, the SWAT team comes out only as a last possible resort. Why? Aside from the fact that police here are completely emasculated and very few take them seriously, it is because the left goes completely mental when they see SWAT/riot police. Yes, they say that simply by wearing the riot helmets and shields they are antagonizing protesters. SMW has seen first hand that trotting out a few guys in blue helmets can result in chaos. But this is rarely mentioned in the media.

Next: Why, oh why did SWAT called out for these grandmas singing God Bless America? Don't tell me it is because Obama was in the building - the Secret Service men and women provide outstanding protection for the President. I have seen the Presidential motorcade (Obama's)leaving 10 Downing Street and driving around London - these guys are amazing and they certainly did not need any (visible) riot police, despite many people in the streets and surrounding area. There were cops with automatic weapons out and about, but those were local LEOs and they have to carry autos since police here do not normally carry any weapons, plus it was the G20 so this was not just about Obama.

Did the local SWAT team need a training exercise today?

After thinking about this for a bit another thought has crossed my mind. What if someone, somewhere wants a 'Tea Partier" or protestors to have an altercation with police? Lie after lie has been told about the kind of people at these events, somebody, somewhere must be salivating at the idea that a possible 'altercation' could occur with police outside of a building the President was in. And believe you me, this would get non-stop coverage on all media outlets. Fortunately, patriots are not antagonized as easily as moonbats. Even though they might think it is ridiculous, excessive, un-necessary, they know that these men are simply acting on orders to protect the President. The question is who called in the SWAT and why?

Nick Clegg, Britain's XFactor PM?

Chas pretty much says everything I have been wanting to say and more, so over to him:

The Winston Churchill comparison is the stuff of such lunacy it hardly bears consideration here. But Nick Clegg as the next Barack Obama? He isn’t even the next Shirley Williams. He is an intellectually feeble opportunist who owes his prominence in his party to an almost apocalyptic famine of talent in the Liberal Democrat ranks. How many great figures can you name in that party? And why, if it was a party with any real up-and-coming talent, would the bigoted likes of Jenny Tonge not have been slung out years ago?
Most of Clegg’s newly-converted fans are unable to name a single policy in the Liberal Democrats manifesto. When I hear what a great orator he supposedly is I am reminded of his toe-curling performance at the Jewish News event last year.

Idiocy Knows No Bounds Case Study: Yankees Assistant GM

As Obama prepared to hold the trophy, Afterman said, "Let him hold it; he may not get a chance again." The crowd assembled in the East Room laughed, prompting the grinning President to reply, "And you wonder why the other teams don't root for you."
"The minute I said that I thought, 'Man, that sounds Republican,' " Afterman said. "I wanted to retract it immediately. I am a huge supporter of the President. I supported him since he announced his candidacy."
Afterman stressed that last part several times Tuesday, noting that she is one of the few Democrats in the Yankees' front office.

So much could be said about this little exchange, but I'll just put it out there and let you mull over it. I have a feeling nobody brought Afterman her coffee this morning.

Chavez seizes private property and businesses

President Hugo Chavez has decreed the seizure of land from Venezuela's leading beer and food company and the takeover of three sugar mills in the latest government moves against private industry.
Chavez, who signed the decrees late on Tuesday, told Empresas Polar owner Lorenzo Mendoza his objections to the takeover of five plots of land in Barquisimetro city were unjustified.
"Don't provoke me, Mendoza, stay calm," Chavez said at a late-night cabinet meeting shown on live TV.
The socialist leader, who has built his political career on saying he will smash Venezuela's capitalist elite and redistribute wealth to the poor, had previously said Polar's prime land in Barquisimetro was needed for low-cost housing.

Hmmmmm. 'Don't provoke me.' A leader who built his career on saying he would smash the elite capitalists and redistribute wealth to the poor. Who wants to take from private enterprise to build low income housing. Sound familiar?

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Barbara Kay has come up with a great term!

Sex educators are pushing an ideology that is to sex what multiculturalism is to race. In fact what sex education in the schools promotes should be called multisexualism.
Multiculturalism teaches that all cultures and religions are equally worthy of respect except Christianity and whiteness. Multisexualism teaches that all sexual behaviours and lifestyles are of equal social worth, except those that refuse to detach morality from sexuality.

Great News: Hezbollah armed to the teeth

"And we're at a point now, where Hezbollah has far more rockets and missiles than most governments in the world, and this is obviously destabilizing for the whole region and we're watching it very carefully."

The enabler speaks of the enabled.

Must Read: Minority Report, HRW fights a civil war over Israel

Recent disputes over Israel inside HRW have frequently involved Sarah Leah Whitson, the 43-year-old director of MENA (and one of the officials who made the controversial fundraising appearance in Saudi Arabia). Raised by a mother who had been born in the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, Whitson spent summers as a child with family in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, later studying abroad in Egypt. Following law school, she became a corporate attorney but pursued activism on the side, volunteering for, among other groups, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (where she was co-organizer of a delegation in 2002 that lobbied Kofi Annan to press ahead with a U.N. investigation of Israel’s Jenin operation) and MADRE (a women’s rights group, with which she traveled to Lebanon on a solidarity mission in 1996 after an Israeli bombing campaign). As I stepped into her office for an interview in February, I noticed that a poster for Paradise Now, a movie that attempts to humanize Palestinian suicide bombers, hangs on her door and that two photos of bereaved Gazans hang on her wall.
Go and read the WHOLE THING. It is a must read. Must!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'Die with dignity'

Then get dumped at the bottom of a lake.

At least 300 urns containing human remains have been dumped in a lake near where the Swiss suicide firm Dignitas operates, it has been claimed.
Police have launched an investigation after scores were discovered on the bed of Lake Zurich. The urns, lying in 'a big heap', bear only the logo of a cremation service thought to be used by Dignitas, the controversial organisation where more than 100 Britons have ended their lives.

Record numbers of Britons who are suffering from terminal illnesses are queuing up for assisted suicide at Dignitas. Almost 800 have taken the first step to taking their lives by becoming members of Dignitas.

Of course once Dignitas has earned their fee for killing you, your dignity is sort of irrelevant.

Nir Barkat takes his awesomeness to Washington

Recently SMW wrote about Nir Barkat's speech at Chatham House in London, well now he is in Washington with his tour de force (unfortunately it won't be enough force, but I am trying to enjoy the moment).

Barkat's talking points, an aide told POLITICO: The U.S. would not ask certain religions or races to stop building in a city, so it should not demand the same of Israelis in East Jerusalem.
The Obama administration's demands that Israel halt construction in East Jerusalem as a precondition for negotiations, is “setting an obstacle for peace,” the aide said.
Stephan Miller, a spokesman to the mayor, said asking for a freeze is “an illegal demand in the United States, and illegal in the state of Israel” and “Jerusalem will continue to expand and grow for the benefit of all residents equally.”

Canada's intrepid media just can't get George Galloway 'facts' straight

But hey, who needs facts when you can just lie and make stuff up?

It keeps getting worse....

at Ohio Homeland Security.

I wish I could say that Omar's sexual harassment stopped there. Here in the office he treats the women that work here with contempt and regularly making sexually suggestive remarks. When two women complained about his behavior, it was quickly hushed up and the women were moved to another department with better paying jobs. Omar defended himself by saying that it was a misunderstanding over "Middle Eastern customs." A CAIR attorney immediately got involved on his behalf.

Ah yes those 'Middle Eastern customs.'

Abbas has a friend in Washington......

Since 2007, US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority and to PA-controlled NGOs reached nearly $2BN, in addition to $3.7BN contributed by the US to UNRWA since 1950. Has American foreign aid to Abbas advanced moderation, the pursuit of peace and US national security interests?
On April 20, 2010 Abbas named a Ramallah street in honor of Abu Jihad, the architect of PLO terrorism during 1965-1988. For example, Abu Jihad masterminded the March 11, 1978 Israeli Coastal Road Massacre - the hijacking two civilian buses, and murder of 38 civilians, including 13 children. He also orchestrated the March 1975 Tel Aviv Hotel Savoy Massacre, murdering seven civilians.
On March 11, 2010 Abbas -controlled TV and dailies (Al-Ayam and Al-Khayat Al-Jedida) praised Dalal Mughrabi - who commanded the Coastal Road Massacre - as a martyr. On January 16, 2010, Abbas announced that a major square in El-Bireh shall be named in honor of Mughrabi. The PA also named a Hebron girls’ school, a computers center, a summer camp and a sport tournament in honor of Mughrabi.
Abbas and Salam Fayyad authorize the transfer of monthly allowances to families of Palestinian “martyrs”/terrorists. They pay condolences visits to families of suicide bombers, acclaiming them as national heroes.
Read the rest.

So this is what you have to do to get invited to Obama's White House. (Yeah relax people I know Obama is not the first President to meet with this terrorist pig.)

EU wants UK to put complete ban on spanking


The EU - taking your freedom away one spank at a time.

Suicide Bomber in Yemen was dressed as schoolboy

He was unhurt as the young terrorist lunged at his vehicle and detonated a bomb vest beneath school-style PE kit - designed to make him look like an innocent pupil out for a jog.
A terror cell linked to al-Qaeda is believed to be responsible for the assassination attempt in Noqm, a poor part of the city.
Three people - a passer-by and two security officials escorting the ambassador - were injured after the young man threw himself at the British convoy and triggered the bomb.
The terrorist was later identified as a 22-year-old high school student from the southern town of Taiz. His head was found on the roof of a house 20 yards away.

SMW knows what happens when people blow themselves up, but that last line still made my stomach lurch.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Ignatieff should write a book about names....

Since he seems to know so much about their origins and meaning.

Just because place names are French doesn’t mean current residents are (ever been to Louisiana sir?). And invoking the old Reform slogan “The West wants in” is not only condescending, but so 1980’s, it belongs in one of those “Forever Young” Diet Pepsi ads. Sorry Mr. Ignatieff, but the West is in the Supreme Court – the Chief Justice hails from Alberta, in case you didn’t notice.

The ADL confuses its mandate....

Now the ADL is going after smaller fish. I don’t mean the fact that they're on record as “delighted” by the ban on Downfall parodies (“We find them offensive,” sniffed Foxman). No, the ADL just has issued a report, calling for a “major law enforcement” operation to monitor and possibly arrest, anonymous anti-Obama commenters on obscure websites.

Club K Missile System

Just what the world needs.

Will Russia help its buddies Iran and Venezuela get their hands on one of these?

Foreign Office Note on Mohammed

In preparation for Mohammed's upcoming visit to the UK, the Foreign Office issued a memo of suggested activities for the prophet while he is here. These activities included serving up large rations of streaky bacon for the homeless at a London shelter, blessing gay marriages, a night out at Stringfellow's with local religious leaders, and teaching a gymnastics class for young girls to encourage physical fitness. The FO is also considering the sale of special edition burqa's featuring Mohammed's image at souk's across London during Big Mo's visit.

Does this sound like a joke to you? No doubt you read that and thought 'Britain's FO would NEVER do this because they cower in fear of what would happen if they did.' You're right. The FO would never do this to Muslims, but they would not hesitate to issue this kind of memo about the pope.

They were furious at a 'seriously offensive' memo by Whitehall officials containing suggestions of what Benedict XVI might do during the trip - including opening an abortion clinic.
Other ideas involved getting the Pope to launch a range of 'Benedict' condoms, apologise for the Spanish Armada and bless a gay marriage. The leader of the world's one billion Catholics could also, it was suggested, back a Miss Developing World beauty contest and sing a duet with the Queen.

Look out for Catholic extremists outside Whitehall with signs reading 'Behead Infidels" and "Catholicism for Britain."

The ever amazing Melanie Phillips writes about this affair and the dumbing-down of the FO:
In any event, this doesn’t seem to have been an email which was sent around by accident. It was a document that was sent to a senior Foreign Office official, 10 Downing Street, the Department for International Development and the Northern Ireland Office.
And when you look at its covering note, it seems even less likely that it was meant as a joke. For it says these suggestions were ‘the product of a brainstorm which took into account even the most far-fetched of ideas’. In other words, however far-fetched they were, these ideas were apparently being offered for serious discussion.
This appears to have been a different kind of brainstorm altogether. For these suggestions could not have been more carefully and deliberately designed to be as offensive and insulting as possible. Something like this could not have happened in the past, when a very different type of mandarin — stuffy, upper-class, punctilious to a fault — typified the Foreign Office.
Such a type was hardly ideal. But then, like the rest of the Whitehall establishment, the FCO moved from one extreme to another.
A concerted effort began to recruit from beyond the ranks of the privileged — in other words, those who had a reliable standard of education because they had been to the best schools — in favour of those from every kind of disadvantage. For whom, of course, the standard had to be lowered.
Even among those educated at good schools and Oxbridge, however, the general collapse of educational and moral standards has meant public service is now populated by a certain type of young official who is callow, shallow and politically correct to a fault.

Hungarian Elections

With nearly all second round votes counted, conservative Fidesz had won 263 seats, above the 258 needed for the two-thirds majority, ousting the Socialists after eight years and securing a mandate to enact reforms and revive the economy.
"Revolution happened today in the polling booths," said Viktor Orban, the country's next prime minister.

Hungarian people today have ousted the regime of oligarchs who misused their power, and the people have established a new regime, the regime of national unity."
Fidesz was last in power between 1998 and 2002 and Mr Orban can now form the first non-coalition government with a two-thirds mandate in Hungary's 20-year post-communist history.
The newly formed far-Right Jobbik gained 47 seats, behind the ruling Socialist Party, who will have 59 deputies in the next parliament.
Fidesz, which led the governing coalition in 1998-2002, has pledged to reduce bloated national and local government payrolls, simplify the tax system, grant citizenship to ethnic Hungarians in neighboring countries and halve the number of parliamentary deputies.
Jobbik has used the economic crisis to revive traditional Hungarian scapegoating of Jewish and gipsy, or Roma, communities for joblessness and poverty.
It has close links with the Magyar Garda, or Hungarian Guard, a banned paramilitary group with insignia modelled on the Arrow Cross of Hungary's wartime Nazis.

Great news that Hungarian voters are turning away from socialist parties. Anyone who has visited the country in the last 10 years knows that it is still trying to scrape it's way to success after almost a century of chaos. The rise of Jobbik is cause for concern. The Magyar Garda (or its associates) are not people you want to be growing in power.

British Ambassador escapes bomb attack in Yemen

A suspected suicide bomber today attacked a convoy carrying the British Ambassador to Yemen.
One person was killed but Tim Torlot, the ambassador, escaped unharmed after an explosion was reportedly set off near a convoy taking him to work this morning.

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Getting out of the city enjoy the great weather..........bringing lots of reading.......will be back on Monday.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Russia, Terror and Georgia

Daniel Greenfield writes:

Because beyond the politics, there's the question of conscience. While the countries involved are far away, this debate carries a burden of flesh and blood. Russian propaganda claims that Georgia is in league with Muslim terrorists operating in its territory, and that Georgian leaders are actively involved in planning attacks on it. Russia has tried to sell this same line before, but it has implications far beyond plain propaganda. By promoting and distributing this claim, those who do it are providing Russia with a casus belli for invading Georgia, the next time a terrorist attack happens in the Caucasus.Do you remember Russian tanks suppressing the uprising in Hungary? Do you remember them in the streets of Prague? Do you want part of the responsibility for those tanks in the streets of Tbilisi? Do you want the Muslim butcher of Gori roaming through a peaceful city, robbing, raping and murdering? Because this is not academic. This is not just about words in which no one gets hurt and we all go home afterward.

Men of the Week: Matt Stone and Trey Parker

I do not watch South Park regularly, as I find a fair bit of it does not suit my tastes or offends me. But guess what? When I am offended by something I don't fire off death threats, nor do I actually kill people (à la Theo Van Gogh). I change the channel. There has been a time or two when I have written a letter to voice my displeasure about something or other on tv at an inappropriate time, but that is it. I do not believe in censoring people so that I can feel warm and fuzzy.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker should be commended for having the balls to stand behind their work. And so, SMW hereby names them her Men of the Week.

Oh and btw, I loved the episode with the Bear.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


"...if you haven't considered "greening your love life, you are still a total environmental disaster," according to Stefanie Iris Weiss, author of the recently released book, "Eco-Sex."

"How about going to a restaurant where you can eat a seductive menu based on organic, local food, which has produced less carbon dioxide before it ends up on your plate?" Weiss suggested.
She is hoping to steer people away from "dirty" sex toward eco-sex. That means:
• Hop on your bike for your next date and leave your car at home. (That means saying "adieu" to long-distance relationships.)
• Stop excessive spending on Valentine's Day. (It produces way too much trash anyway.)
• Wear comfy bamboo underwear.
• Don't be so keen on having babies. How about adopting a child instead or implementing a one-child policy?
Uh yeah cause the one child policy is working out so well for China.

OK I would bike for exercise. I'm not into excessive spending either. Aside from that - if any self emasculating weiner suggested any of these things to me on environmental grounds I would dump his Bamboo wearing ass on the spot (while wondering how I could have ever been stupid enough to agree to a date in the first place) then borrow my dad's pick-up, and drive to Michigan for an all day capitalist spending spree at Nordstrom's.

Actually that last part just sounds like a good idea anyway.

The Guardian Shills for ISOCs

I was radicalised by my student Islamic society. It started as an innocent means through which to meet down-to-earth and like-minded people. Then we started to break fast together in the prayer room, one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was raising money for orphans and contributing to interfaith campaigns.
Inspired by all of this, I have gone on to delve in national student policy, campaign on free speech, rally for Gaza and help shape welfare provision for students around the country.

Faisal, I have been at those rallies for Gaza where Hamas and Hezbollah flags are proudly waved - how could anyone possibly associate waving the flags of genocidal maniacs with extremism? Of course it is not likely we had a proper introduction at one of these events since you refuse to shake the hand of a woman:
Last year, a colleague of mine attended a lecture hosted by Queen Mary's ISOC. At this event, women had to enter through a separate door, were sat separately at the back, and were prohibited from vocally asking questions- being provided instead with pen and paper. The head of Queen Mary's ISOC at the time was Faisal Hanjra. He was also president of FOSIS (the 'voice of Muslim students' that claims to co-ordinate ISOCS nationwide). I met him last year at a conference. As is customary in Britain, I offered to shake his hand. However, having accepted my male colleague's hand, my gesture was refused. My hand remained awkwardly hovering in mid-air; apparently it was not fit to shake- it belonged to a woman.

It seems Faisal Hanjra (the author of The Guardian's piece shilling for ISOC's) has a lot to say about Gaza. Here is appearing on tv speaking about Operation Cast Lead (text of what he said below the video).

“Our message to the government and to the taxpayer is that the millions of pounds you are investing in all this Prevent is all a waste of money if you are not going to tackle the root cause – and the root cause has always been foreign policy. To the Muslim community it’s quite simple, there are Muslim organizations out there who have suggested that the cause of radicalization are complicated and involve economics….and they suggest that if you’re part of this organization you’re more susceptible. You know if you follow political Islam you’re most susceptible to the process of radicalization. That is utter nonsense. Every single young British Muslim out there, from whatever ideology, whatever background, is angry because of the silence of, and the complicity of the west in the mass murder of the Palestinian people. It’s as simple as that. And fundamentally it’s tragic that the government seems to only act when their interests are involved. We saw this in the Mumbai bombings, and we saw how quickly the government was out there trying to assess the situation…….but maybe the Prime Minister needs to realize that what’s happening in Gaza is going to reflect on the streets of Britain and it’s in their interest now to act.”
But hey, there's nothing to worry about.

Hanjra complains in his article that ISOC's are maliciously being linked to extremism. Yet living in a post 9/11 and 7/7 world where the threat of terrorism is very real, a different sort of radicalism pervades the discourse surrounding Muslim students today. In its most malevolent manifestation, there has been a concerted effort by some to link Isocs to extremism. These accusations have been particularly virulent following the alleged attack on a Detroit airline by a former president of UCL Isoc. Boo. Hoo.

I do agree with Hanjra's take on Freedom of Expression - but am curious to know if he actually practises what he preaches. Wondering if he has seen South Park lately...

Spending time vexing over the veil, or worrying that Muslim men aren't integrated because they keep away from wine and women, will not prevent terrorism. No kidding Sherlock. Aren't you the one who appeared on tv saying it's all rooted in Britain's foreign policy?

The same Muslims that run Isocs and those that they invite to campuses are the most vehement opponents of terrorism, publicly stating – with street credibility – that terrorism has no foundations in Islamic thought.
Really?? Would you care to provide some examples?

Charges of extremism placed on Isocs are thus incredibly irresponsible – and resistance to be warped into viewing campuses and Muslims through the prism of extremism is imperative.
No, what is irresponsible is denying that there is ANY extremism in ISOCs when they are hosting events like this.

Yet another reason why I will not have kids in the UK...

The Conservatives have claimed that two women a day were turned away from England’s maternity units last year.
Hospitals had to close their doors to 747 women because their units were too full or were short staffed, according to
data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
In total, 129 of the 148 NHS trusts that provide maternity services provided information, of which 44% (57 trusts) closed their unit or diverted women to other units on a minimum of one occasion last year.
The average was five closures per trust across the country, while fourteen trusts (11%) closed their maternity unit more than 10 times.
These figures are unchanged from 2008, when there were also five closures per trust on average.
Tories said this called into question why already overstretched services were being closed, and pointed out that women were often forced to travel up to 100 miles to other units to give birth.

Now, I know this is politics and numbers can be manipulated, but this rings true with many stories I have heard. A friend of mine who delivered a baby last summer was told by her doctor to 'bring a pillow and some extra blankets' to the hospital when she went into labour in case there was no bed for her. She left the UK and gave birth elsewhere, and she is not my only friend that left the country to delivery their child. The glories of universal health care.

Must watch: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Yesterday Debbie Schlussel posted about the documentary 'The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan:'

For years, I’ve repeatedly written about the myth of "Islamic modesty." It’s bunk, but we somehow assign an exoticism and strange respect for devout Muslims who actually engage in some of the worst sexual, immodest practices, including using young boys as sex slaves all over the Islamic world (something I’ve also written about).

She goes on to describe the documentary as a 'must watch,' and SMW agrees. There is some seriously disturbing stuff in this documentary - and it needs to be seen.
Don't expect any outcry though - it's Muslims hurting Muslims so who cares? "Cultural differences," you know.

If you click on the link to Debbie's blog above - she has posted the link to PBS's website where you can watch it. Unfortunately due to country restrictions the link did not work for me - however it is also on YouTube (in one full clip of 52 minutes) for UK users, click here to watch.

I had a phrase in mind to describe this documentary, but my mom reads this blog so......
Just watch it.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Nanny State in Crisis

“I don't understand why the government doesn't just charter three or four cruise liners to bring us all home."
And really, why don't they? Given that vacationing is now considered a Human Right by the EU, it is only a matter of time before out tax money pays for little vacation vouchers to be sent to Council Estates across the UK so they too can experience this magic.

I understand being stranded in a foreign country and going to the Embassy for advice - but it is NOT (I repeat, NOT) up to the government to travel to the ends of the earth and bring you home because your flights are cancelled. This is not a war zone, and it might be inconvenient but it is not the government's responsibility. This entire fiasco is a classic example of how poorly the nanny state actually functions. They buckle under pressure and send Navy ships to pick up tourists in Spain - and now those Navy ships are adrift and waiting for instructions to return to the UK. What a joke.

Colonel Richard Kemp, former chairman of the Government's emergency Cobra committee, said: “I don’t think there was ever the intention to use these ships.
“One has got to ask whether it was an announcement made because of the general election.”
Admiral Lord Boyce, the former chief of the Defence Staff, said: “I don’t know what sort of contingency this operation qualifies for, these people are simply holidaymakers stranded abroad.
It is not a situation like the Lebanon in 2006 where people were in danger and had to be extracted from a war zone.”
A serving Navy officer said: “In my honest opinion this appears to be political gesturing as we are in the middle of an election campaign.”
Col Kemp added: “On Monday Gordon Brown made a statement saying that the ships would be diverted to move people from the Channel ports.
“Now he is saying there are ferries and these warships are on standby. I think the Government position has changed somewhat.
“I do not think it is appropriate to use British warships to bring people home, especially when there are obviously spare places on ferries.”

SMW knows several North American who were stranded in various places - one even in Libya - and they have all managed to make it back to London. It was not a smooth trip - but they used their brains and resources and got here. Seems other people are having a hard time thinking for themselves.

End note: If any of you read the name Col Richard Kemp and though it sounded for familiar, it is because Col Kemp is the awesome (totally awesome) guy who spoke out against the Goldstone Report at the UN (and other places) and testified in support of Israel. SMW thinks he is pretty awesome.

IMF proposes global bank tax

Watch out for this:

Last week, the French Banking Federation said banks in that country strongly opposed plans to impose a new tax on banks. "Such a tax would be unjustified and would have serious consequences for the financing of the economy and the competitiveness of companies, and would therefore impact growth," the FBF said in the statement at that time.

I'm with the FBF on this one.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Royal Pain at Disney

Um, you're telling me that security guards advising you to get changed is more embarrassing than actually parading around Disney wearing this???

The Case of the Disappearing Passports

London, Apr.20 (ANI): Expressing concern over hundreds of Pakistani passports which were lost by the British High Commission a few months ago, the association of Pakistani lawyers (APL) has asked British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to address the issue...

Where can I get one?

Proof Canadians are stupid

Canadians really enjoy making fun of Americans. Seriously. In some places it is almost a national past time. And that's not to say there is nothing to make fun of - no doubt we can all crack a few jokes at each other's expense. The real joke though is that Canadians particularly enjoy repeating phrases like "Americans are stupid" and "they don't know anything that goes on outside of their own country." The funny thing about this is that many Canadians know very little about what goes on in the United States. Yes, they know who the President is, they know the US has States, not provinces, and they know all their favourite American shopping centres and restaurants. But do Canadians know who controls Congress? Can they tell you anything about Nancy Pelosi or Henry Paulson? How much do they really know about American history and politics? In many cases, not much. And so you have this: Obama's popularity higher than ever in Canada. Because many Canadians do not have a clue. But they think they know alot. And they think they are better (kind of ironic since they say they hate Americans because of their 'we're the best' complex - apparently it is ok to think you are the best, as long as you don't actually say you think you are better).

Hmmmm someone who thinks they know alot, thinks they are better than everyone else and talks about Americans with a condescending tone??? No wonder Canadians love Obama.

Sudden worry over prepaid credit cards....

Because da Jooos (allegedly) used them!

"Onlookers were shocked" as 2 teenage girls beat man to death

This story is yet another example of the decline of British society. Last year an openly gay man was walking through Trafalgar Square when two drunk teenage girls began hurling insults at him. The man decided to respond by slapping one of them across the face. Another man, who was with the two girls, then grabbed Ian Baynham and punched him - knocking him unconscious from an injury that would eventually kill him.

Now, SMW is not going to take some pretend moral high ground here. If I was out and some guy slapped me across the face (even if I was behaving like a complete wench), I am pretty sure any and all of the men that I am friends with would respond in some way - and that the response would likely be physical. However - there is a huge difference between restraining someone and beating them to death - which is allegedly what happened.

Ian Baynham was beaten to death in Trafalgar Square by two teenage girls and their male friend.
'However, that did not suffice. There's evidence that the females then began putting the boot into Mr Baynham as he lay unconscious on his back. He was deeply in distress from the blow.
'Shocked onlookers saw repeated stamping on his chest and forceful kicks to the head.
'He began making snoring noises, evidence of unconsciousness, and fitting on the pavement, signs of primary brain damage.
'It was obvious that Mr Baynham was critically injured.'

When one of Mr. Baynham's friends tried to help him - one of the girls attacked him as well. And this is what I try to tell people about life in the UK: You can NEVER count on other people to defend you or protect you. Trafalgar Square is one of the busiest places in London. At any given time there are hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people in it. Nowhere in the article does it mention any bystanders trying to stop two teenage girls (plus one boy) from beating a clearly unconscious man to death. This is a country that has been castrated. A country where police actually advise people NOT to intervene and help victims, because they themselves could become a victim. Sadly acts of violence in this country are so common that locals tend to walk by them without thinking twice. "Oh too bad for them, but I don't want to get involved," seems to be the common sentiment. There is also the fear of getting stabbed to death. The violent run wild in London - it was just a few weeks ago that a teenage boy was hunted down and stabbed to death in one of the city's main train stations. Witnesses reported that these gangs had been fighting in the station for a week - and the police failed to control it. We live in a society where the violent fear nothing and face few consequences. It really is a jungle out there.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Zaynab Khadr for Governor General?

BCF has an idea.

Omar Khadr trying to claim $10M from government

BCF says:

Any government that grants that little sh*t dime one deserves to be overthrown by any means necessary.

I say if the government gives him any money, little Omie K should start a hedge fund with Maher Arar.


“It took five days to organise a conference call with the ministers of transport. Europeans are still using a system that's based on a theoretical model, instead of taking a decision based on facts and risk assessment.
"This decision (to close airspace) has to be based on facts and supported by risk assessment. We need to replace this blanket approach with a practical approach."

Expecting Europeans to base decisions and facts, and take a practical approach?? Now that would be news. This whole episode is a classic example of European incompetence and reliance on the nanny state.

Important Update on Ohio's Homeland Security

Just in case you did not see the important new details below, click here to be redirected.

Young Republican Attacked and Beaten Outside Fundraiser *Updated*


The mother of one of the victims of a brutal beating in New Orleans outside of a Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) event has confirmed in a new interview that the two victims assaulted outside of the high-dollar GOP fundraiser believe their attackers were part of the crowd of protesters outside the event.
Allee Bautsch, 25, a top fundraiser for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and her boyfriend, Joe Brown, 29, were verbally assailed as they left the event, followed to their car then savagely beaten.
Bautsch’s leg was “stomped” by her assailants causing breaks in four places that required surgery, a steel rod and seven screws to reconstruct. Brown suffered a broken jaw and nose, a brain concussion and black eye.

H/T: The Snow Report

Updated: Michelle Malkin has more on this story, including an excerpt from the police report:
All of the attackers then ra away in an unknown direction. Mr. Brown then saw two uniformed Police Officers respond to their location. He requested they notify an ambulance as Ms. Bautsch was in obvious physical pain. The officers then did so. In response to Sergeant Gernon’s questions, Mr. Brown stated the majority of the protestors had left the area outside of Brennan’s about an hour prior to their leaving the restaurant. Additionally he was unsure if the attackers were the protestors. It should be noted that other than making reference to the victims being nicely dressed, along with other observations about their physical appearance, Mr. Brown did not hear them make any other comments.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Help! I'm stuck on an island with over 60 million people

Would you want to be stuck on an island with these guys?

Suddenly I realize how small this little country really is and I am finding it difficult to breath. What if I need an extraction? Will I have to swim for safety?

Please let the winds blow this ash cloud away!

Scary stuff from IBM

"...the last time IBM got into a vaguely similar business for a good cause, during the 1930s. They shipped alot of cataloguing machines to a certain government in Europe."

Saturday, 17 April 2010

No Girls Allowed!! UK Water Park goes Halal

WaterWorld, a popular UK water theme park is hosting a "Brothers Only" night for male muslims this summer (although it is not the first time they have done this). The event is taking place outside of the park's regular opening hours. Of particular note, one of the websites promoting the event is emphasizing the guarantee that there will be NO female lifeguards - only males.
Let's review: Muslims in the UK can go to a private business and dictate the sex of employees who will sevice them. No problem. However, Christians in the UK who own a private business must render services to every Tom Dick and Harry who show up at their bed and breakfast. Funny how freedom of religion works.
Also of note is a particular Islamist forum that is promoting this event. This is the same Islamist chat forum where posters are calling for the creators of South Park to be killed (because they made fun of a certain unmentionable prophet), where Anwar Al-Awlaki's sermons are posted and followed, where supporters for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui hang out, and where posters have previously praised the death of American, British and Canadian soldiers.
Nothing to see at WaterWorld folks. Move along.

Quality Education....

This is what happens when education is run by liberals and 'progessives':

Every schoolchild these days seems to be a devoted environmentalist, able to spell "sustainable" before "dog." However, much of the indoctrination about environmentalism--especially in schools--is of the passion-is-more-important-than-fact variety.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ohio Homeland Security has to destroy anti-terror brochures because they promoted terrorism *UPDATED*

It is common knowledge in our office that Omar is definitely not on our team. He hangs out with these same terror-linked groups and even brings them into meetings he arranges to give them legitimacy. But now our agency and especially our director Bill Vedra is pushing Omar out as some kind of national de-radicalization expert. It is no secret to anyone who knows him that Omar Alomari IS a radical, but he is great at playing the "moderate" when he needs to be.

UPDATE: The Jawa Report has more on this story - with an exclusive source.
The office is buzzing about comments our director Bill Vedra made at a law enforcement meeting this week in defense of our ongoing association with the Council on American-Islamic Relations. There are pictures circulating of Vedra getting cozy with CAIR officials at an interfaith forum organized by Alomari last August, even though we were already aware that the FBI had cut ties with them.
According to one of my co-workers who was in the room, Vedra explained that we continue to work with CAIR just like we meet with gangbangers, drug dealers, mafia underlings, criminal informants and other "bad guys" to gather information. He explained away him getting his picture taken with Alomari and the executive director of the local CAIR office by saying that it was an open forum and he couldn't stop anyone from attending.

CLICK HERE and go read the whole thing. Thank you to the Jawa Report and their source for getting this story out there.

Shocker: Obama gets facts wrong on Earth Day video

Can someone please tell me when he get the facts right???

"If 'Vatican' was the name of a mosque......."

Nobody would care.

Man of the Week: Dr. Rusty Shackleford

Once again it is Friday afternoon and SMW brings you the Man of the Week; a man who has not self-emascualted and stands for the forces of good.

This weeks man: Dr. Rusty Shackleford and his forces over at the Jawa Report. Day after day these guys deliver the best news that isn't being cover by, well, the 'news' media. Of particular note is the tremendous work Jawa Report has done over the past week refuting the disgusting smears and lies that US troops massacred Reuters reporters.

Jawas we salute you.

But it's art....

An exhibit featuring Nazi regalia and photos of an artist consummating his marriage to his porn-star wife has prompted the National Art Gallery to limit children's access to the showing.
Pop Life: Art in a Material World, on loan from London's renowned Tate Museum, will be the featured exhibition in Canada's premier gallery this summer.
The 11-room spectacle features work from pop artists Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and several others who were inspired by Warhol, who took subjects as banal as celebrity portraits and every day consumer goods and transformed them into works of art.
But the provocative nature of the exhibit has prompted the minister responsible for art in Canada to declare that he won't be attending the show the government has helped fund.
"I've made my personal judgment and I'm not interested in seeing the exhibition any more than I've already seen it," Heritage Minister James Moore said.

"I'm not the Minister of Good Taste," says Minister James Moore. Haha. I love it. Tell me again why our tax dollars are paying for porn to be on display in an 'art' gallery?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Afternoon Round up

Heading out for the night and out of time, so here is a quick list of things to check out:

UK bans ads showing Western Wall
UK bans ad for Israel showing picture of Jerusalem

Civil Unrest Warning Over 'Un-Christian' Rulings

Sarkozy says Europe took oath for Israel's security after WW2
Um, based on previous experience I don't really think that Jews should be counting on Europe to protect them.

Yes, Huffington Post Hates the Troops

Ignatieff Tweets

Amnesty International Hearts Jihad

SMW has never supported Amnesty International for a number of reasons and is glad to see that a few in the MSM are finally waking up to Shamnesty International.

If you give money to them - STOP.

Canada Revenue notice of suspension to charity linked to Hamas fundraising

Via BCF:

The Canadian Revenue Agency has announced that it has suspended the charity known as the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy-Canada (IRFAN/Canada-Canada) for one year for failure to comply with regulatory requirements......IRFAN/Canada is located in Mississauga, a Toronto suburb that is also home to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) in Canada, a part of the US/North American Muslim Brotherhood.
Read more.

Even more history about IRFAN (and efforts to have it suspended, ongoing for several years) here.
And guess which London Ontario MP has appeared at fundraising dinners for IRFAN? Yes, it's terror supporting, Code Pink loving Irene Mathyssen.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Holder says KSM could still be tried in New York

“Your actions have shaken my confidence in your leadership at the Department of Justice,” Sessions declared. “The course you’ve chosen on national security is steering us into a head-on collision with reality….The American people are not interested in terrorists being brought from Guantanamo to their own communities.”

Dieudonné performed in London

Last Wendesday I wrote about anti-semite and Iran funded "comedian" Dieudonné's scheduled performance at the Millenium Hotel in London. After it was brought to the hotel's attention they canned the event. However, yesterday SMW received an email informing her that Dieudonné did in fact perform over the weekend in London at the Institute of Electrical Engineers. [Please do not bombard them with phone calls - I spoke a staff member from the IEE this morning who told me that they did not know that Dieudonne was the scheduled performer until the afternoon of, and that at the time they did not know who he was. The staff member then continued (without me asking) to say that had they been aware of Dieudonné's0' background' they would have refused the event.]

Seismic Shock has a good round up of some of Dieudonné's performances, go and see for yourself what a sick puppy this guy is. Dieudonné has recently released a new song called "ShoahNanas" [Holocaust Pineapples] for children, and he spoke about it on Iran's Press TV.

Nathalie Rothschild penned a piece for The Telegraph arguing against banning Dieudonne. I agree with some of what she said. I do not think someone should be banned from the UK because they are 'offensive,' however I do support the right of private businesses to refuse Dieudonné's performances. Dieudonné can come to London and spew his garbage - but private business have a right to tell him his Jew hating filth is not welcome a their venue. Rothschild argues that preventing his performance will fuel victim culture:
Finally, preventing Dieudonné from performing will only fuel the victim culture that has given rise to the culture of offence-taking, which Dieudonné himself promulgates. His main gripe seems to be that the suffering of blacks and Muslims is insufficiently respected in France, while Jews get too much airtime, sympathy and funding. He has said he will continue to tear up his children’s school books "as long as our pain is not recognised". He claims that he is seeking justice for the descendants of slavery, which he believes Jews profited from in the fifteenth century – that was before they started spreading HIV in Africa, apparently.

The problem with this is that the culture of offence taking is NOT rational. People believe they are victims because they cannot accept responsibility for themselves. Dieudonné and his fans do not need anyone to fuel their fire - they pour their own accelerants on it every day because in the culture of victimhood there is always somebody else to blame. I highly doubt that a venue refusing to host his show is what led Dieudonné to believe Jews are responsible for the spread of HIV in Africa, and I doubt that the Millenium Hotel's refusal to host him has further radicalized him. Dieudonné is a conspiracy theorist, an antisemite, a nutcase who received frunding from Iran to spread anti semitic propoganda wherever he can. Dieudonné and his fans do not need a reason or an excuse to hate - they just do. By refusing his show the Millenium Hotel sent a message that Dieudonné's hate was not welcome in their house.

SMW wants to shine a light on Dieudonné and his sick fans and is having a very difficult time finding out who is promoting Dieudonné's UK tour. If anyone has any details feel free to email me.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

It's only ok to kill your baby when we say so...

The pro choice crowd is having a crise de conscience. It won't last.

To the “My Body, My Choice” crowd: Make up you’re frickin’ minds — you’re either pro choice or you’re not.

Nice to know I am not the only who thinks this.

Palestinians now rising from the dead....

Easter special??

Some of you might remember reading about a Palestinian boy killed by the IDF last week in news reports written by (as Kathy Shaidle says) 'your intellectual superiors' at the New York Times, CNN, BBC and various Arab media outlets. At the time Israel denied these charges.

Well blazing barnacles, he's alive!

I'm sure that the name of Muhammad Zen Ismail Al-Farmawi is unknown to most (if not all) of you. He is the 15 year old boy that a few weeks ago was reported killed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) during fighting in Gaza. Media outlets like the New York Times, CNN, UPI, BBC, and all of the Arab world's media reported that he was killed by Israeli soldiers, a charge that was denied by Israel. They all claimed that his body was not recovered due to intense fighting in the area. The Palestinian news agency, Ma'an, reported:"Muawiya Hassanein, director of ambulance and emergency services in Gaza, said Muhammad Zen Ismail Al-Farmawi, 15, was shot dead near the southeasterly border by Israeli forces, while local sources who wished to remain anonymous said the death may have been an internal matter. Hassanein said ambulances had been unable to retrieve the body because of ongoing clashes in the area, while an Israeli military spokesman said he had no knowledge of the incident."Much to the surprise of everyone (except for Israelis, I guess), the "dead" boy miraculously showed up, returned from the dead. Again, the report from Ma'an:"It turns out Al-Farmawi was among 17 Palestinians detained by Egyptian forces shortly after they infiltrated the Egyptian side of Rafah via one of Gaza's numerous underground smuggling tunnels. The detainees, among them 12 minors, were returned to security forces at the border on Friday. They had been questioned about tunnel locations, leading to at least three closures, Egyptian security sources said. Read the rest on the Zionist Federation's blog.

Another example of quality fact checking by the mainstream media.

A comment over at BCF:
With respect to SMW, i don't think it's a question of fact checking. Seems clear by now the MSM positively wants to encourage the blood libel.

Sadly it seems to be true - as long as it involves Israelis or American troops.

Nanny State plans to ban word Obese

'Cuz sombody's feelings might get hurt.

we Tank the Palestian....

Tell me again that Palestine House is taxing millions of tax dollars to teach people English.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Sultan Knish: Imposing Another Final Solution

This is a must-read. SMW spent the afternoon touring a Holocaust exhibit in London with some teenagers. The parallels drawn between Nazi propoganda and some propoganda being circulated today was very disheartening.

Never forget.

Two decades ago we were being told that it was Israeli troops in the Judea, Samaria and Gaza that were enraging Muslims. A decade we were being told that it was Jews just living in those places in their fanatical houses that was enraging Muslims. Today we are being told that it is Jews living in Jerusalem that is enraging Muslims. Tomorrow if we withdraw from Jerusalem, as we did from Gaza, and huddle in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station instead, it will be discovered soon that the only thing that will appease Muslim wrath is the handover of the Central Bus Station.

Most naive president ever???

I think so.

10 reasons why Obama is worst, er most naive, president in US history

H/T: Closet Conservative

Experts want doctors to delay gender reveal for babies

When is it ok to kill your baby?

Two Canadian medical experts are calling for new guidelines that would bar doctors from telling parents the sex of their fetus until late in a pregnancy, calling it a subtle way to curb the practice of sex selection.
Writing in a major obstetrics journal recently, the bio-ethicist and doctor say physicians should delay imparting information on baby sex until it is too late for the woman to have an abortion with no questions asked.

People have abortions because it is 'not the right time' for them to have a kid, because it is 'unwanted,' because they are not happy with who the father is, because the kid might have some kind of physical or mental defect, because they 'can't afford' to have a child, because they are too young.......and all of these reasons are celebrated as a woman's right to choose. Yet if you abort your baby because it is not the gender you were hoping for it is bad, bad, bad and in some countries is causing serious demographic problems.

So, it is ok to kill your unborn child as long as you are not killing it because it is a girl/boy. Does anyone else see the sick irony that a 'woman's right to choose' has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of unborn little girls?

Organic Food Sales Plunge


Sales of organic food, drink and other products fell by 12.9 per cent compared to last year.
The Soil Association's Organic Market Report 2010 published today showed that sales in the UK dropped from £2.1billion in 2008 to £1.84billion last year.

It is the first time the organic food market has slumped and shows that consumers now regard it as 'expensive' and 'elitist'.

What about stupid???

The decline follows a Food Standards Agency report last year that said there were 'no important differences in nutritional content, or any additional health benefits, of organic food when compared with conventionally prepared food'.

No kidding.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Have been away today. Just a quick note to say my thoughts and prayers are going out to the people of Poland.

Posting will resume Monday.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday Shopping at Mountain Equipment Co-op

Don't you Dilly, Don't you Dally, Cast your vote.......
With your wallet! Booyah!

Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) has once again become the centre of attention for proponents of a global boycott against Israel. Online voting is now taking place for members of the MEC board and anti-Israel forces are trying to ensure the election of board members who endorse the BDS movement against Israel (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions). Voting closes Friday, April 9 at 3 pm Toronto time.Late last year, many of you travelled downtown to buy Israeli products and became MEC members in opposition to a boycott attempt against MEC for selling Israeli goods. The boycott was ultimately unsuccessful and the community effort resulted in record one-day sales.

Booze Culture in the UK

This is one of those thing you have to see to believe: booze culture in the UK. There is an excellent article in today's Wall Street Journal about the UK's booze culture, it is absolutely worth the read. Until I moved here, I had no idea how truly pervasive alcohol abuse was throughout British society. No doubt none of you need me to launch into all the other problems that are linked to/caused by/a reflection of a society riddled with alcoholism.

The U.K. is struggling with a rise in alcohol consumption that many people contend is fueling public disorder and violence. Alcohol abuse and "antisocial behavior" have become an issue in the run-up to the nation's general election, to be held May 6.

Antisocial behaviour and alcohol abuse are rampant. Rampant.

Per-capita consumption of alcohol in the U.K. rose 19% between 1980 and 2007, compared with a 13% decline for all 30 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, according to the most recent data. Average consumption over that period fell by about 17% in the U.S., 24% in Canada, 30% in Germany and 33% in France, according to the OECD.

Over one-quarter of England's population is "drinking at hazardous levels," according to a recent report by the Royal College of Physicians and the National Health Service Confederation. The report said treating alcohol-related conditions cost the state-run health service about £2.7 billion (about $4 billion) in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007, almost double the cost in 2001.

There is much speculation about how to reduce the drinking levels in the UK; suggestions vary from cutting back pub hours, to price regulations and heavier taxes. The truth is however that excessive drinking is not only completely acceptable in British society - it is expected. Until this changes there will be no reason for people to cut back their drinking. Shortly after I began my first job [at a large investment firm] in London, a colleauge of mine arrived at work completely hungover and clearly unable to work. The Director of his department approached him and asked if he was alright, suspecting he had the flu. After a brief conversation he let it slip that he was hungover (and no doubt still drunk!). The Director's response: Well good for you for coming into work. Can I get you anything? ?!?!?
At North American Christmas parties getting hammered is a big no-no. Every year magazines publish their 'Christmas Party Tips' which inevitably include some note about not getting too tipsy at the office Christmas party. This is not the case in the UK. Being drunk is du rigeur - as long as you don't molest a coworker and you can still walk you are pretty much in the clear. Some people of a certain social strata here would look down on you a little, but that is about it.

When you live in a city that sets up special Ambulance Tents in Central London during the Christmas season you realize that this country is catering to their drunks. Yes, you read that - they do actually set up special tents in London for drunk people to 'recover' or get treated as needed so that they do not clog up the ambulances. Where is the incentive to stop drinking??? How about making people PAY for their medical expenses relating to alcohol abuse?

Health experts say the availability of cheap alcohol is a major factor. U.K. supermarkets have long sold alcohol at a steep discount or even a loss to attract customers, and some market researchers say discounting appears to have intensified during the recession.

Booze is cheap here. At the grocery store the other day the big special was mix and match 3 cases of beer (45 cans/bottles) for 18GBP. Think of this as being able to get it for $18.00 in Canada or the States. It included brands like Stella Artois, Corona, Budweiser, Strongbow, Guiness, etc. One can see why people do not hesitate to buy alcohol here - but in the end it is not the prices making them drink. It is because it is an accepted social behaviour. People of a certain generation in the UK do not have friends, they have drinking buddies. This is a culture of booze.

To read the full WSJ article by Jeanne Whalen click here.

Kaffir Kanuck on Ignatieff...

If Iffy doesn’t know what to do with a military it is because in the Liberal’s reality, we don’t need one, probably because it takes too much money away from their social programs. On the fantastical Planet Liberal, “sovereignty” is an idea whose creation exists just by saying it. On Planet Reality, sovereignty is allowed to exist by spilling blood....

Thursday, 8 April 2010

It is interesting isn't it.....

What is interesting is how Palin’s traditional views have seen her cast as a dangerous rednecked fundamentalist dinosaur to be mocked at every turn, yet even though Obama shares some of her views he still gets cast as, like, the most amazing forward-thinking, messianically brilliant human being to ever live, like…ever!

Working moms who are awesome....

This is not a woman who dumps her kids on a nanny and feeds them a steady diet of sugar. This lady is awesome:

I wanted the doc to consider a condition that I think my kid has, but I got The Face.
Do you know The Face? It's when doctor's give you that split second look that says 'hey, lady-don't get too uppity with me'.
The doctor, who I really like, said-no it's not that-you know that's very rare.
So I just played dumb, but I was thinking to myself-yes, it is very rare unless......

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dieudonné to Perform in London *UPDATED*

Yeah because this city doesn't have enough anti-Semites.

Back in December 2009 SMW wrote about Dieudonné and the funding he received from the Iranian government to make anti-Zionist propoganda. Dieudonné is scheduled to perform in London, this Saturday April 10th at the Millenium Hotel/Conference Centre. According to Jonathan Hoffman 'Dieudonné is a French rabidly antisemitic 'comedian' who does not get bookings in Franceany more because of the antisemitic nature of his "act". Presumably that iswhy he is comIng to London and presumably the promoters of this event do not know that he is an antisemite.'

Well the organizers should fire up their seach engines, where they can read about what they might get from Dieudonné's 'performance.

Time Magazine:
In granting Faurisson a mock award for "unrespectability and insolence" based on the historian's repeated court convictions for denying the Holocaust ever took place, Dieudonné was clearly winking at his own record of anti-Semitic offenses. As part of his homage to Faurisson — and presumably to increase its offensiveness — Dieudonné arranged for an actor dressed as a Jewish concentration camp detainee to come on stage and deliver the decoration. On April 8, French prosecutors announced they would try Dieudonné on May 5 for inciting racial hatred.

He has been convicted for calling Jews "black slave traders"; for claiming that Jews exploit the Holocaust to avoid political criticism in what he called "memorial pornography"; and for slandering a popular French Jewish entertainer with allegations that he'd been a "secret donor of the child-murdering Israeli army."

So I am just wondering if Unite Against Facism will stage a violent protest outside the Millenium Hotel when Dieudonné is there like they did when Geert Wilders was in town? Oh wait, I know the answer: they are probably lining up to buy tickets.

UPDATE: The event has been cancelled.
After discovering that he was due to appear in London, campaigners including Zionist Federation co-vice chair Jonathan Hoffman urged the hotel to reject Dieudonné’s booking and cancel the event.
A spokesman for the Millennium Gloucester Hotel and Conference Centre said: “It’s not going to take place. We had an enquiry from someone representing Dieudonné and then recently we had some calls from the Jewish community, telling us what the situation is with him.
“We decided not to pursue the booking and now it will not happen.”

Interesting stuff.

Builders say 'green' standards slowing growth

Green jobs? Heh.

NEW building standards risk slowing down housing development in the Capital even further, an industry group said today.
The Scottish Government yesterday unveiled new rules that will come into force in October that will mean emissions of new buildings will have to be 30 per cent lower than 2007 standards.However, Edinburgh-based Homes For Scotland said that the rules will hit development. Jonathan Fair, the group's chief executive, said: "The home building industry remains fully supportive of the sustainability agenda and is already leading the way towards a low-carbon economy, but this momentum must be balanced against technical and affordability constraints. "At a time when our industry has already reduced the carbon emissions of new homes by 60 per cent from 1990 levels, the question is whether new home buyers are willing to incur premiums of up to £8,000 for low-carbon living or 'bolt-on renewables' which seem to offer little in the way of payback."

The emissions won't be reduced enough until we are all living in mud huts and living off nuts and berries.

Who's the cowboy now Obama?

Ok, I know, I really do know this is not a laughing matter. But when I saw this headline, I laughed. Out loud.

Iran derides Obama's "cowboy" nuclear stance


"American materialist politicians, whenever they are beaten by logic, immediately resort to their weapons like cowboys," Ahmadinejad said in a speech before a crowd of several thousand in northwestern Iran.
"Mr. Obama, you are a newcomer (to politics). Wait until your sweat dries and get some experience. Be careful not to read just any paper put in front of you or repeat any statement recommended," Ahmadinejad said in the speech, aired live on state TV.
Ahmadinejad said Obama "is under the pressure of capitalists and the Zionists" and vowed Iran would not be pushed around.
"(American officials) bigger than you, more bullying than you, couldn't do a damn thing, let alone you," he said, addressing Obama.

Hope and Change lovers, Hope and Change. See how well it works?

Polygamy - the new human right?

Closet Conservative writes:

If polygamy goes unchallenged, mark my words-it will just be a matter of time before people make the case that they should be allowed to marry their pets and immediate family members, no matter how perverted it seems.
Their "rights", they will argue, are being infringed upon.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Now about the US military killing Reuters reporters...

It's called a smear job.

Everything you need to know about this story/pack of lies is at the Jawa Report. Go and read it. You need to read this and not let off the cuff comments about America's military 'murdering' civilians slide - Jawa has the info you need to respond.

Support the troops.

Do it!

Retire Ronald McDonald? Are you kidding me??


Stacey Folsom, national spokesperson for Corporate Accountability International, which launched the Retire Ronald campaign, blames the clown for the rise of childhood obesity in the U.S.
“McDonald’s, and its iconic clown, is not only the face of the epidemic: it is the engine behind it. No corporation has done more to hook kids on unhealthy food, influencing brand loyalties and eating habits that can last a lifetime,” Folsom said in a statement.

Ronald McDonald is responsible for the rise of obesity in the US? Can nobody accept responsibility for anything anymore? Who is buying these kids their Happy Meals 7 nights a week? McDonald's isn't free you know. McDonald's is a fun place to go when you're a kid. I had a birthday party there 20+ years ago and I thought it was pretty cool. McDonald's is not the engine behind the 'obesity epidemic.' Maybe if more moms stayed at home (instead of working jobs where they barely take home any money just so they can feel good about themselves) and actually COOKED healthy meals for their kids they wouldn't be shoving fries in their mouths and guzzling pop every night. Hey, can we blame feminism for the obesity epidemic???

I know there are many working moms who have to work and who do awesome jobs at taking care of their kids - but there alot of women out there who put career ahead of family in the name of equality, and their children suffer accordingly. We can't talk about that though, it's not politically correct.

Anyway I don't want to see Ronald go. SMW might be a health nut but you will pry that McDonald's cheeseburger and my Ronald McDonald action figure out of my cold, dead hands.

McDonald's, however, has defended its mascot and has no intention of retiring him.
“Ronald McDonald is a beloved brand ambassador for McDonald's. He is the heart and soul of Ronald McDonald House Charities, which lends a helping hand to families in their time of need, particularly when families need to be near their critically-ill children in hospitals,” the company said in a statement to QMI Agency.
“Ronald also helps deliver messages to families on many important subjects such as safety, literacy, and the importance of physical activity and making balanced food choices. That's what Ronald McDonald is all about, which our customers know and appreciate.”

Christian Nurse Loses Tribunal

Sadly this is not surprising, as the country formerly known as "Great Britain" continues to show that only one religion is welcome here (and it ain't Judaism or Christianity).

Wearing the old uniform, the cross was visible and she wore it safely for 30 years, Mrs Chaplin said.
When a new-style uniform was introduced, there were still no issues until she was asked to remove the necklace last summer
It was suggested she pin the crucifix inside her uniform but Mrs Chaplin could not accept that.
She explained: ''I was being asked to hide my religion and my faith. I found it disrespectful.''
In September a request to keep the cross pinned outside her uniform was turned down, she said.
This answer ''confirmed to me that they simply wanted to remove the visibility of the crucifix'', she said.

Meanwhile female muslim doctors allowed to wear disposable sleeves for 'modesty':
Staff in several hospitals had reportedly refused to expose their arms for hand washing and 'scrubbing in' procedures before surgery.
New guidance from the Department of Health said staff can wear disposable sleeves which are elasticated at the wrist and elbow when in contact with patients.
The guidance also states that using alcohol gel to cleanse hands between treating patients does not contravene strict Muslim rules on alcohol.
The guidance was drawn up following meetings between the Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the NHS group and Islamic scholars, chaplains, multi-faith representatives and infection control experts.

Consider it a Happy Easter greeting from the NHS and the British legal system.

I have never worn a crucifix, but this story has me seriously considering it.

Palestine House: You Need Another Holocaust Part Two

Star Journalism here folks.

I could rehash the events but that seems like a waste of time when I can just give you this link: Our MSM at work: Racist Jews Protest Against Palestine House - Denise Balkissoon Toronto Star

Palestine House: You Need Another Holocaust Part One

Welcome Jawa Readers!

For those of you who are not familiar with Palestine House you can find background info here, here and here. Now for today's story....

On Friday the JDL (Jewish Defense League) in Canada gathered outside Palestine House (located in a Toronto suburb) to protest many aspects of this organization - including their invited guest Abdul Bari Atwan (the London [UK] based journalist' who said that 'if the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight' and who runs Al Quds al-Arabi).

Palestine House planned their own little 'counter protest' which provided great physical evidence of the true nature of this anti-Canadian, anti-semitic Hate House funded with Canadian tax dollars (more on that below).

BlazingCatFur reports on one of the exchanges that took place:
JDL Guy: "No more jihad."
Palestine House Guy: "We love jihad. We love killing you."
JDL Guy: "Peace, education, not jihad. No more jihad -- stop it!"
Palestine House Guy: "We love it. No, we love it. We love killing dogs... your bitches with you."JDL Guy: "We like the Palestinians only we hate the terrorists."
Palestine House Guy: "What do your women taste like?"

Video here: These videos are from Lumpy Grumpy and Frumpy. She is awesome and SMW highly recommends a visit to her site for full coverage of the protest.

"You guys need another Holocaust"

In this video Palestine House groupies shout at Jews, calling them monkeys and making sexually explicit gestures. One guy even unzips his pants (watch the man on the left of the video - this is not some twenty something just acting like a complete loser).

'You guys need another holocaust, you would love it'

"Bye gypsies, bye Jews, go steal something you are all thieves."
"I will f*ck you tonight."

There are other videos from Friday, these are but a few.
And YES, Palestine House (and therefore the video you see above) are funded with Canadian tax dollars. I have written to several Canadian politicans about this Islamist front group which promotes terrorism and anti-Canadian, anti Jewish activities.

Here is an excerpt in response to a letter to the Honorable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism:
The PHECC is one of over 270 service-providing organizations in Ontario that have contribution agreements with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for the delivery of settlement services aimed at assisting newcomers to successfully integrate into Canadian society. Our funding of PHECC is solely for that purpose.

The Department performs regular activity and financial monitoring of its agreements with all service providers, including the PHECC, to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the agreements. You can be assured that CIC staff will take appropriate action should their monitoring detect that taxpayers’ funds are not being used to provide the settlement services for which they are intended.

Really? Do the above videos show a group 'aimed at assiting newcomers to successfully integrate into Canadian society?'
Jason Kenney
Or your local MP.

Bonus video from BCF:

A hummer flying an Israeli flag = AWESOME.

"No one told face is a part" of eye contact....

You can't make this stuff up. Blazing Cat Fur has directed my attention to a letter written by Waleed AboZiad, the husband of a Québec CEGEP student at the centre of the 'ban the niqab' controversy. If I could sum it up in on word: wow.

This is worth reading for such gems as: "This is a big mistake as clothes, especially in the west, is not stable; it change every day, and if we consider clothes are affecting the cultural this mean that the cultural change each day so it is not a cultural then."

This was my favourite part:
They always teach us that eye contact is important in giving a speech, no one told that face is a part. A lot of people communicate by phone, through chat, as long as they hear each other it could happen, even by just hand movement it could be done.

Yes, 'hand movements' are always an effective method of communication. Now waiting for a campaign to allow niqab wearing students to give presentations in sign language.....

Great News: Entire families leaving Germany to train for jihad

German intelligence is warning of a new breed of terrorist - whole family groups travelling to training camps on the Afghan-Pakistan border where they learn how to use explosives and raise funds.
Parents travelling with children have in the past raised less suspicion than single men or women travelling to and from Germany.
Now officials have the names of 100 suspects they believe may be radicalised and ready to strike.
Germany is braced for a terror attack after repeated threats because of its involvement in Afghanistan.
Authorities say the new breed of terrorist - including Germans who have converted to Islam - even travel with babies to the 'bandit country' of Waziristan.

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