Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Who let the dogs out? Proposals to microchip all dogs in Britain

A nice distraction from the fact that crime has risen 44% under Labour.
There is a problem in the UK with gangs/thugs using violent dogs in crimes. Example: in certain South London neighbourhoods thugs have a 'crazy' dog on a leash and threaten to unleash it on their victim if they do not hand over their wallet, jewelry, Ipod, etc. Pretty handy tactic. SMW is always wary of thuggish looking types with dogs in tow.
What is the nanny state's solution for this? A gun registy for dogs. No, not a registry for dogs who have guns, but rather a registry for owners to microchip their dogs. Every single one of them.

They propose micro-chipping every dog in the land - at a cost of £30 a time to the dog's owner. The scheme would have the advantage of helping harmless dogs that are lost be reunited with their owners. Yet this would be a burden for the law-abiding majority of Britain's six million dog owners. And if we are realistic about this, wouldn't the yob dog owners just refuse to comply?

Uh huh. See Canada's failed gun registry.